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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

Zargoth and the Hullack Forest
Spring 1365DR

Having met Hrek and Harmoth while in the service of Gilbert of Thond, Tyros found his way from Tilverton to Arabel in their company. It was here that they hooked up with the fast-talking Corwin of Arabel, who fancied himself a historian and tomb-raider.

This Corwin led them on a couple of successful tomb-plundering expeditions in Tilver's Gap. Thus it came to pass that, through their success, not to mention Corwin's mistreatment of a certain youthful street urchin named Olivust, they came to the attention of one Drexle Hlanstad, the head of 1000 Shields Trading's Arabellian operations. He had a couple of his men track the band down and bring them to him with promises of wealth.

And so the band met with the merchant and were subsequently hired to track down an ex-employee who had stolen a number of costly items when he left 1000 Shields. This man's name was Zargoth, and in the course of their investigation the band learned that he was no mere thief but a necromancer. And also that he had a tower secluded in the eastern reaches of the Hulluck Forest.

Accompanied by Drexle's "new age" assistant, the charismatic and easy-going Bry'th, and the newly hired diviner Hector, they ventured out to said tower and there fought a great battle against Zargoth and his undead minions. When all was said and done, Zargoth was dead and the band stood victorious. The tower was then looted, with Bry'th claiming one or two artsy objects and a number of manuscripts, and the band claiming all else. They then returned to Arabel.

But a week after their return, Hector was summoned to Drexle's lavish abode. The elderly, hawk nosed merchant engaged the aspiring diviner in chit-chat, offered him such luxuries as Chondathan wine, a puff or two on the lotus pipe, and then got around to offering him and "his" band a mission. It seemed that some of the objects they sought were still missing, but might have been stashed by Zargoth in another tower of his. According to the manuscripts Bry'th had collected, this tower sat in a valley immediately south of the Farsea Marsh, and only accessible through the marsh. With the promise of great rewards and impressive pay, Hector accepted the mission. And despite some moaning and complaining on Corwin's behalf, regarding the leadership of the band, his fellows were all in agreement.

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