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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

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Late 1366DR

And so it was that Hector and Hrek passed nearly a month in the Dawn Tower, studying the Dawn Scriptures, performing daily devotionals, and engaging in much meditation and silent introspection. As ordered from on high, the Dawnpriest Drallus further began to work with Hector to produce a detailed account of what the mage knew of the CoT.

Before this latter work could go very far however, Hector was asked if he could lead a mission back to Myth Drannor and retrieve a couple of pages that were missing from the Testament of Jade. Accepting, Hector and Hrek make their way to the Six Candles to draft Tyros and company, and all there were happy to see that Hrek was all hale and whole once more. As a result, they agreed to accompany the Lathanderites on their mission. Moreover, Corwin produced one of the two missing pages soon after the conversation, explaining that he had found in one of the tomes he carried out of one of the crypts in the Polyandrium.

It was a cool and dreary morning, late in the year, when the band at last left Ordulin. Once again they made their way through Darnarest's Wood, an easy ride northwest of the Hub, and passed through the gate formerly controlled by the CotD. Fighting their way past a zombified black dragon that had been hidden under the winter snows, the band made their way to the Polyandrium and was shocked to find it filled with the impaled corpses of numerous CotD warriors and other personnel. After a brief examination of the corpses and the upturned burial ground, Drallus determined they had been slain by vampires. Luckily, it did not take too long for the band to dispatch a number of hellhounds and track the other missing page down. And so, with at least an hour of light still in the sky, the band made good their escape from the ruins.

Arriving back in Ordulin, the band was well rewarded by the Church of Lathander for its success. Both Hector and Hrek remained at the temple for another week to complete their studies, but then the mage decided it was time to return to his own home. And so, after hiring on Hrek as his chief bodyguard, making room for the warrior at his house, and then providing him with the money to hire on a few more men, the mage returned to home.

For a short time all went well, with Hector and Hrek visiting often with Tyros, Corwin and company, and enjoying the wealth they presently had at their disposal. On one occasion the ever more flamboyant Hector instigated a decadent, if not unclean, and mostly harmless, orgy in his home. Within the week however, Hector received an urgent notice from Tyros to gather Hrek and meet him at the ruin in Darnarest's Wood immediately.

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