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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

Another Return to the Ruins of the Lost

And so it was in late spring that the band set out from Ordulin, making their way first to Arrabar by ship, and then moving on to Innarlith.

Once in that region, they immediately found themselves the "victims" of a number of revenge attacks launched by the Cult of Pazuzu against Tyros, Corwin, and Harmoth for their deeds the last time they were through this way. With the help of Mellisinder however, the source of these attacks was quickly tracked down and dealt with, following which the band enjoyed a brief, but relaxing stay in Innarlith. The councilman was very disappointed to hear of Yolandra's death in the House of Toil and Sweat, although no one let on the precise circumstances of her death, i.e.. At the hands of Hector. He also warned the band to be careful as they journeyed eastward as some unknown force at last claimed the life of the God-King Gilgeam and Unther now lay in chaos.

Pressing on to Hardcastle, the band came under the attack of the Sons of Jesuah as they prepared for their journey to the Ruins of the Lost. The righteous fanatics sought the death of the "Dark One", Hector Sirus, for his trespasses upon the Ruins of the Lost and the violation of the Sacred Commandments of Jesuah ... not to mention for the foul murder of their former leader Mosias and the lammasu Messanepadda.

Finally making their way out of Hardcastle, the band of Lathanderites and their allies braved many more dangers before at last coming to the spot where the ruin should have stood. What they found however was a sturdy tower surrounded by a collection of pavilions. Fortunately, most of this camp stood empty and it was a small matter for the band to gain entry into the tower, which Hector believed stood upon the lair of the Nameless Fiend. Within they found a room that appeared to be a trophy room, containing such items as the skull of a bronze dragon, along with a variety of other skulls, the battle standards of a number of Shaarite tribes, and the sword and severed wings of a Ninshubu. Also, a portrait hung on the wall, depicting a dark haired, heavily muscled warrior that bore a striking resemblance to Krelshaw of Hillsfar.

So, defeating the few defenders of the towers upper levels, they sought out and found an entrance leading ever downward, into the lair of the Nameless Fiend. As with Hector's last visit, the door sealed shut behind them as soon as the last person entered the lair's entry hall. And yet it was not the fiend that appeared in the room opposite the entry, but rather a short, hooded figure.

The figure drew its hood back to reveal the face of Delleah. And yet she had an uncharacteristic wantonness to her, which was hardly dispelled when she advanced upon Hector, dropped her robe, and all that. While the lass sought to seduce the mage back to the path of darkness, Hector nevertheless mustered the will to resist, prompting an attack. And so the battle raged until a well aimed blow caused Delleah to shatter apart into over a dozen 1' beings that looked like evil Hector's.

After much combat and the death of both Ohrorc and Draynor, the band at last defeated all of the demonic minions of the Fiend, penetrated the Scrollroom, and recovered the contract for Hector's soul. Before they could escape with it however, the room grew cold and the Nameless Fiend appeared. He mocked Hector for the witless and impulsive foul that he was, and told of how, forsooth, the Elders were glad to at last be rid of such worthless property as the Cormyrean's fickle soul. The souls of his friends however, well, that was another matter altogether, and the Fiend continued to speak ... of how the corruption of their purity would undoubtedly produce as sweet a nectar as had the corruption of young Delleah herself. The Morninglord Cuthbert sought to nay say the Fiend, but it merely accused the Lathanderite of arrogance, and assured him that if divinity itself could not resist the corrupting influence of the powers he served, then neither could a mere mortal.

And so the battle was joined and desperately waged, with first Hrek, and then Cuthbert, and finally Arellius falling to the Fiend, until at length, Tyros scored a righteous blow that caused the Fiend to vanish. Thence, with the contract they had come for, Tyros guided Lil, Corwin, Hector, Harmoth, and Salleece out of lair. Later that night however, the Fiend appeared in their camp and took Salleece. Her distant and agonized shrieks followed the survivors for the remainder of the night.

Having departed the ruin, Hector quickly destroyed the contract for his soul and made ready Hrek's severed head for travel. As they made their way west for Innarlith once more, the band took care to dress native and keep a low profile, so as to avoid any Shaarite assassins or demon cultists that might be on the look out for them. At last arriving, they once again enjoyed Mellisinder's hospitality and lingered for a time.

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