Campaign Logs

And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

Spring 1372DR

He eventually came to rest in Tilverton. And there he ran into Corwin, who was on an intelligence-gathering mission for the Knights of Immeresk. The Arabellan adventurer related how Hector and Harmoth had been slain late last year. Before long however, the city found itself under attack by a host of abishai, a number of draconic hybrids, and what some survivors would report as being an immense five headed dracohydra.

In the end, Tyros and Corwin fought their way out of the doomed city, and made their way back to Arabel. As for Tilverton, it was laid to waste and largely reduced to rubble.

Neither Tyros nor Corwin lingered for very long in Arabel. After informing the Knights of Immeresk of the destruction of Tilverton, the duo wished the group luck in their ventures in the days to come and then struck out southward along Calantar's Way. And not long after their departure, the nobles and lords and knights of Immeresk firmly declared their independence from the Crown of Cormyr, along with their desire for continued peace and cooperation.

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