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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Rescue of Hector Sirus
Summer 1372DR

Passing through the portal into the cell, Tyros first roused and then alerted Hector to what was up, before using the picks he got from Corwin to open the cell door. Once out, Tyros quickly began to clue into the fact that he was in the dungeon of the Darkhold, and began to recall something that Orgauth had once told him ... about a "secret" tunnel in the depths of the dungeon that, supposedly, could be used as an exit.

With the help of a guard, a former Zhent who, along with numerous other Zhentarim, had bowed down to Tiamat upon her conquest of the Darkhold, Tyros located this tunnel. And though the tunnels' end was filled with water, the trio rolled the dice, dove in, and ultimately found themselves emerging in a slime-covered pond beyond the perimeter of the castle. Well, Tyros and Hector did anyway. Neither knew the fate of their Zhentarim guide.

From there, Tyros managed to requisition some horses and supplies from one of the many orc camps that surrounded the Darkhold, and despite some troubles along the "road", the two ultimately made it to the Crimson Fortress, newly erected on the remains of Asbravn. Following their questioning at the gate, the duo was quickly separated and forced to undergo what was, at least for Tyros, a gruelling interrogation ... mostly thanks to the Z tattoo he sported on his left shoulder.

As for Hector, he eventually made passing mention of the Brothers of Doom, Stradidar and the Reacher of the mighty clans of Moray, and as luck would have it, not only were these legendary heroes active in the Vale, but the Reacher just happened to be right there in the Fortress as they spoke. Thence was the Reacher brought in to identify and vouch for the Wheloonian, who enjoyed delicate and courteous treatment from that point until his final release.

Needless to say perhaps, as things began to go well for Hector, so to did they begin to lighten for Tyros. Having told the Allies of pond that they escaped from, with Hector relating much more besides, the two were released onto the Fortress grounds, but told not to leave.

They met again at the Sunrise Inn, where Hector was already having some drinks with the Reacher. Apparently, Stradidar was currently off leading some kind of search and destroy mission, but as fate would have it, the Reacher immediately took a strong disliking to Tyros. And so, after numerous insults, and despite Hector's pleas for peace, as well as Tyros' own better judgement, the ex-Zhentilar had at last had enough. He attacked the Reacher. And while he did get in a couple of good blows, one of which even staggered the short, stocky Morayan, in the end he was out matched and pummelled right and bloody.

As the Reacher basked in the glory heaped upon him by the common soldiers that filled the inn's taproom, Hector helped Tyros to a table. And the Calauntan took the gesture for what it was worth ... grudgingly.

The following day, Tyros and Hector were summoned to the prescience of High Commander Ambrosis Truesilver....

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