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And Dragons Shall Rule...

By Jamey Martin

The Quest
Summer 1369DR

Having been summoned into the presence of High Commander Ambrosis Truesilver of the Crimson Fortress, Tyros and Hector found themselves joined by the Reacher and a handful of others.... each a powerful hero in their own right. The High Commander went over the history of the conflict to date, adding that the recent troubles in Cormyr might also be tied into this. Tyros suggested that this was likely as he and a friend had seen Tiamat lead the destruction of Tilverton with their own eyes.

When all was said and down Ambrosis offered Tyros and Hector a goodly reward (much coin, plus a fair magical tome for Hector) if they would guide the assembled band back to the pond they had used to escape the Darkhold. The two agreed, and after Tyros hired a messenger to ride to Hap and inform Corwin of the situation, the lot of them departed. When they at last arrived however, they found that an ambush had been set at the pond. As the CoT was clearly aware of the tunnel, the secret entrance had suddenly lost its value. Nevertheless, the band had been equipped with a couple of rings capable of teleportation, so no sooner had the ambush been sprung, then the good guys made good their escape.

Arriving, not in the Crimson Fortress, but in the city-state of Berdusk, Hector and Tyros were invited to take part in a council session being held in Twilight Hall. There was much talk and discussion of the CoT, the CotD, the undead horde that spread through the Sunset Vale, the black wyrm that reportedly helped breach the walls of Hluthvar on behalf of the undead horde, the fall of the Darkhold, the death of King Azoun the Elder at the jaws of a red wyrm, the sacking of Arabel by that red wyrm's minions, the destruction of Tilverton by a host of draconic hybrids reportedly led by this "Tiamat" herself, the raid on Iriaebor which included 3 dragons, and the prophecies of Maglas.

Most folk agreed that if the various cells of the CotD were too mass and unite, and if their draconic might and vision was further bolstered by the presence of a draconic deity, the fulfillment of the prophecy of Maglas was a strong possibility, perhaps even an eventuality.

As such, the gathered folk decided that the call must go out, and a great muster begin. With all due haste would Hluthvar have to be regained, to be used as a launching point into the Far Hills. And at all cost, the well nigh impregnable Darkhold would have to fall, and the power of Tiamat and her minions be broken.

Of course, the enemy was largely winged, and the worst of them were nestled behind one of the most impregnable structures known to man or dwarf. If the Darkhold were an easy nut to crack, it would have fallen long ago. And yet those who have held it, have always held it for a very long time ... and always made it's conquerors sell their lives dearly in it's taking. With its current guardians, who outmatched the giants and undead hordes and legions of Zhentarim by a long shot, the task might be well night impossible.

Of course, everything is impossible ... until it isn't. And some folk, perhaps wiser than others, spoke of an ancient time unknown to most men. A time when men still lived in caves and the culture of the elfinkind was yet young and innocent. A time when dragons, far more numerous and powerful than even the mightiest known today, ruled over all the lands unchallenged. And yet while it might have seemed an impossible task at the time, the elves eventually rose up to throw off the yoke of the wyrmkind. It is whispered that they were aided in this task by their high god, who bequeathed upon them either one, or perhaps five orbs capable of challenging, and even taming, the dreaded wyrms ... the Orb/s of Dragonkind.

At length it was decided that, even as the Allies prepared for all out war, five bands would be formed to ride out on a quest for these Orb/s of Dragonkind. If all else failed, and these orbs did exist, they could make a significant difference in the final reckoning.

And so it was that Tyros and Hector found themselves caught up in the quest, and placed into some right powerful company.

There was Vandril Scatterstar of Iriaebor, a middle-aged man of average height and build, with long brown hair, combed back, and goatee. He was the son of a well-to-do merchant, and had long since grown into a powerful mage, with a very strong work ethic. While a sober and tolerant man, Vandril has little taste for lazy beggars or their high born counterparts.

There was Brutus of Waterdeep, a heavily muscled Northman of some 30 years with long blonde hair, goatee, and icy blue eyes. He was the son of a seafaring merchant from Waterdeep, who didn't take to the water as much as other of his kind, and so involved himself more in overland trade (and adventure). He settled in Berdusk some 5 years ago and has a vested interest in the well being of the area. Brutus is a friendly and outgoing soul, so long as he is not crossed, and prefers to wield a war hammer.

Outstripping even Brutus in size and strength was Baldred of Berdusk, a kind and merciful warrior with brown hair and some 37 years. Sworn to the service of Helm, the warrior dressed in platemail and wielded a great two-handed sword.

Next there was Voldreena of Berdusk, a noblewoman of haughty disposition, refined tastes, and sharp intellect. She had brown hair and eyes, was about 30 years old, and was renowned for her skill as a tomb raider.

At Voldreena's side stood a man of slender build dressed in the solid grays of a priest of Ilmater. His name was Landrian. He had been raised as an orphan in Ilmater's former Abbey in Asbravn, and had grown in the service of Ilmater. Carrying some 39 years beneath his belt, the priest had long been a friend and companion of the Lady Voldreena.

Finally, to Voldreena's other side stood a knightly figure of strong build, dark hair and moustache, and some 30 odd winters. His name was Heudeen, a proud and brave Berduskan, who, like Voldreena, was of noble birth.

Having been given the task of locating the Green Orb, the newly formed fellowship spoke muchly about where to begin their quest. At length it was decided that they would begin with Myth Drannor. And so the lot of them were teleported to the area around Essembra, where they purchased provisions before moving onto Hap. Hopefully they would find Corwin still there, for he had put a good deal of study into Myth Drannor since his first journey to the fabled elfin ruin.

When they at last arrived in Hap the questing band was introduced to Corwin, Melvarin, and Lacander ... who had been preparing to set on the morrow for Iriaebor. There was an immediate friction between Corwin and Voldreena, who considered the presumptuous peasant a mere grave robber. And while she did not hold Tyros in the same slight regard as his "good friend" -- save for the fact that he was yet another big smelly brute -- her good friend, the Disciple Landrian of Ilmater most certainly did. Having taken an immediate liking to the suffering Hector, the priest's line of questioning eventually led into a deal of information regarding Tyros, most specifically regarding his brutal ways. Thus, while the man of mercy did his best to contain his self-righteous disdain, it was hardly absent in the eyes of the greater world.

In any event, after introductions were though, Tyros informed his friend of the Orb/s of Dragonkind, the quest that they were on, and how they were hoping that Myth Drannor might hold some clue of them. For his own part, Corwin recalled reading of a great building within Myth Drannor, called Uvaeren's Legacy, which was said to have stood empty of scroll or tome, and yet to have been a storehouse of lore unequalled in all the fabled city. It is said that the lore of Uvaeren's Legacy was somehow magically encoded into the structure itself, and released by using the right combinations of such things as sounds, scents, and/or lights at the appropriate places. Of course, few if any folk alive today had any inkling of what the precise "keys" might be or where in the building they might "fit" ... if the building still even stood.

There were however two chambers that Corwin had read of that held promise. The first was called something like the Lorespirits room. It was said to somehow "contain" the dead spirits of numerous dead scholars, and these could be channelled and questioned. However, according to legend these spirits were at times inclined to keep the body they were inhabiting in order to recommence with their earthly lives. The second chamber was said to be a towering room, the walls of which were covered with crystals. At the centre sat a great chair, and apparently elves were able to sit in this chair and both send and receive memories into the various crystals. Unfortunately, any non-elf that attempts to access these crystals risks insanity.

As it was, Silas and Sillania overheard the plight of their friends, and told them that, while most of the elves had long since left Faerun for the West, a number of communities still existed in the northern reaches of the woods ... which the locals call Tangled Trees. Sillania had herself studied magic under the tutelage of the elves of the community known as Seven Oaks, about a week's travel from Hap.

After much discussion, it was decided that Sillania would lead this goodly band of adventurers to Seven Oaks, where they might be speech the elves for their assistance.

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