Campaign Logs

The Chronicles of Grace Faylne

Kevin Vastavel & Cathy Naulaerts

Appendix 1 - Excerpt from Jergal's Prophecy

And write to the angel of death.
So speaks He who carries the sword,
the sharp and double-edged:
I know where you live:
There where the throne of the Dead lies
Still you honor My name,
you have not lost faith in Me.
In days which shall come,
when faithful witnesses shall die.
4 times will the elements be heard.
From nothing, fire will arise.
A fire as pure as a young virgin.
As a dragon with flaming eyes
and who's feet like brass.
The fire shall destroy all.
And bring forth the first step to oblivion.


I know your deeds.
See, I have opened a door for you
which none can close.
Even though your power wanes,
you kept true to My word
and My name was not abandoned.
So you shall announce My name
and bear witness to the second stage of non-existence.
There where false gods turned fake and became whores.
Where death and disease met in an orgy of suffering.
Water shall sow pureness there.
The cursed ground will be purified by the Purest Water.
And those who die open up the second step to Oblivion.


I know your deeds: you are neither cold nor hot.
Would you rather be cold or hot.
Because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold
shall I regurgitate you.
You say: “I am rich,
because I made myself rich and lack nothing
– and realise that you are
miserable and pitiful,
a blind and naked beggar.
Follow My advice and buy My gold,
blackened in fire, to become rich,
and white clothes to dress yourself and
cover the shame of your nudity,
and salve.
Salve to put on your eyes,
so you can see again.
Because she you shall when
you want to stop the third element.
There where the godless fought our own.
There where the godless ran from our own
and many perished.
There where the dead were burned
and they were taken into the heavens

and where those who lived a bad life were regurgitated
into the deepest pits of hell.
There where those who didn't believe have doomed themselves
to be stuck for eternity
in the walls of My Keep.
There where the purest earth shall strike.


And there appears a sign in the heavens:
a virgin being
dressed in the sun,
the moon at her feet
and a crown of thirteen stars on her head.
She is pregnant and cries in her contractions and labor.
Still another sign appears in the heavens.
A big black monster.
It has nine heads and eighteen horns,
each head topped with a coronet.
Its tail will spread death and destruction
among human children.
And so from clean air ….
So the last element appears of doom and suffering.


And a loud voice will call Oblivion from My temple.
And False Gods disguised as My radiance shall rule.
A Prophet who wears the mark of the False God
will pour his bowl in the sea,
and blood will clot like wax.
So shall each sea creature perish.
And the False Prophet will empty the bowl in rivers,
the sources shall turn to blood.
Those who fought for the False God
will be bound at their feet
be dumped in a fiery pool
which glows with sulfur.
Because the False God's hunger for power is so large
he will devour himself.

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