Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Elsanoth New Moon


5’8” tall and 130 pounds, you are of average height and weight for a Moon Elf. Your black hair and gold-flecked blue eyes make you seem exotic to the humans in whose city you live.



Moon elves are more impulsive than other elves and dislike remaining in one place for any significant amount of time. Most Moon elves are happiest when traveling, especially across the expanses of untrodden wilderness that still survive in Faerûn. This is probably the single greatest reason why they are so much more friendly and accommodating than other elves. Moon elves are drawn to adventure through sheer wanderlust. They desire to see and do everything possible during their long lives. Like their allies the Harpers, moon elves believe that a single person of good heart who stands up to injustice or evil can make a big difference. Moon elves are much less solemn and serious in their ways and actions than Sun elves. Their songs and poems are lighter and often humorous; tragedies have their place but the moon elves prefer to balance such things with light hearted and often bawdy tales and songs. They also enjoy a wide variety of art styles including painting and sculpture.

Moon elves are fond of games of chance and gambling. Drinking, feasting, and reveling are all a strong part of their society. Moon elves gather in loose bands, composed of a dozen or so extended families. Leadership is democratic; all elves of the band have a say in important decisions, although the voices of one or two of the wiser and more experienced family heads tend to carry the day. In times of danger, the band chooses and elder or war-leader to see them through the peril. Moon elves travel light and travel often, rarely staying in the same place for more than a few seasons before moving on.



Born 120 years ago in the Moonsea village of Elven Tree, you grew up as the chief trickster of a band populated with tricksters and rogues. You were wily and quick of mind and body. When you reached your majority (around 110) you traveled to the town of Hillsfar in disguise (Hillsfar is well renowned for their anti-demihuman policies). You found the constant danger of living in that town to be exhilarating; to be sure, you had your share of close calls. You developed a cool head under pressure and an indomitable spirit. Your associates in the thieves’ guild of Hillsfar came to think that you could stare a dragon in the eye without flinching. You were never accepted into the Thieves’ Guild (accepting a demihuman would be too much trouble for the leaders), but you were close with a few members. Certainly you excelled in the arts of stealth, but you took greater pleasure in confidence games and general roguery. When things got a little hot in Hillsfar, you moved on to the town of Phlan on the shores of the northern Moonsea. Phlan is neither as busy nor exciting as Hillsfar, but you manage to find excitement whether in the city or in the surrounding wilds. You’ve been carrying on an affair with a woman (Sonya) and living in her house for the past two years. This is especially satisfying because her husband is a Hillsfaran captain who only comes back to Phlan for two weeks a year. You’ve stayed here longer than you’d care to (nearly six years) because you have a hidden responsibility.


Relations with others:

People see you alternately as a wanderer, a gambler, or a rogue and that suits you fine. Most of the local population flat out discounts you because of your elven heritage, which often puts you in a position to take advantage of them. In private, you are particularly popular with the ladies of the town who must scorn you to your face to keep up appearances.

You see Bartolous as a particularly worthwhile human, and you are glad that he is getting the Arcane education that he deserves. This kid needs to learn to have some fun though. The Art is a good exercise for the mind, but the mind is wasted if it is wholly dedicated to the Art.

Now Davram knows how to have fun, he just has to be shown where it is from time to time. He would definitely make a good traveling companion and his stout sword arm would make the travel safe. If he could get over his “fated to fight, fated to die” mentality, he could be a great war-captain and a smash with the ladies.

You never thought that you could have anything in common with a dwarf, but Angorn is steadily breaking that prejudice. This dwarf wants to live, and not just in a cave blackened by the smoke of forges. Still, he is a dwarf and can be a little judgmental from time to time.

Ah, Esvelle, the only truly beautiful thing in the town (to say nothing of the region). Her star seems destined to rise, as she continues in a nearly elven education focusing on singing, dancing, musical instruments, tales, and ballads. In another place she would be a high lady, or even a queen.

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