Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 1

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
10/27/06 Start Time 8:15pm
Module: The Laws of Phlan: "No Life Wasted"

-All things began at the Laughing Goblin Inn, where the group had assembled prior to sunset. In addition to the regular crowd, several crewmen from The Bitch-Queen's Fury, were in the main tap room. Davram disarmed them, and their Lieutenant, "Skie."

-After sunset, several "Welcomers" also attended the tap room, contrary to their typical custom.

-A Welcomer was caught picking the pocket of a crewman, and a brawl ensued.

-An un-named adventuring companion of the First Councilor was apparently murdered by Esvelle.

-Elsanoth got himself arrested so that he could watch over Esvelle in the jail, but she was later moved to solitary confinement.

-Something strange and powerful occured to Esvelle within solitary confinement that scared the guards.

-Angorn the Black readied his equipment for a quick getaway, and proceeded with Davram to confront the guards, whereupon they were rebuffed.

-Ragan Dvorak, Fifth Councilor, has allready made contact with his fellow councilors and knows that the votes will go against his adopted daughter


NPC Listing

Ragan Dvorak - Propietor of the Laughing Goblin Inn, Father to Davram, Esvelle, and Bartolous.
Analise Dvorak - Ragan's oldest daughter
Luguder Dvorak - Ragan's oldest son; a failure.
Ernst - a clothier on the north end of town.
Ana - Ernst's daughter who is interested in Bartolous
Skie - Lieutenant of The Bitch Queen's Fury
Reynauld Starr - Sembian captain of the Bitch Queen's Fury
Un-named - Skie's female paramour
Matteo - a blacksmith formerly of Melvaunt, Angorn's employer
Nag Homorrah - 1/2 orc female, adventurer, First Councilor of the City of Phlan
The Wolf's Heart - Nag Homorrah's adventuring band
The Welcomers - Phlan's native Thieves Guild

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