Campaign Logs

The Jeweled Edge

By Walker Perkins

Session 3

Campaign: Mysteries of the Moonsea
11/10/06 Start Time 7:30pm
Module: The Laws of Phlan: "Neither Beginnings, nor Endings"
Campaign Date Marpenoth 19-21

-Having survived the horrors of Sokol Keep, the companions awaits extraction

-Bartolous investigates the Ruins and discovers some interesting properties that point towards an ancient past

-The extraction boat arrives. Inside are the bodies of four dead guardsmen, killed by the Wolf's Heart

-Fearing to return to Phlan, the as-yet-unnamed band of adventurers commandeers the boat, and rows toward the eastern shore.

-Bartolous leaves a note scrawled on the body of Franc Orelson

-The companions, now outaws, march through the night toward Melvaunt, making camp near a plinth with a background

-Before the sunrise, the companions are assaulted by wild wolves who prove to be cunning opponents

-Continuing their long march to Melvaunt, the companions encounter two victims of banditry, who plead with them to recover heirlooms from their attackers

-Having accepted the job, the companions track the bandits to their lair, and discover it to be virtually impregnable

-Angorn and Davram limit the possibilities of retrieval by refusing to negotiate with bandits

-The companions ponder strategies for slaughtering the outlaw band


NPC Listing

Franc Orelson - of the Phlan City Guard, a childhood friend, deceased
Gordryn and Kara Chemlosk - expatriate Melvauntan merchants, recently accosted by bandits

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