Campaign Journals

Adventures in Faerun


By Cthulu Ftaghn

Read the following passage to the players as they enter Kheldell:

The uneven rocky ground finally gives way and takes the form of a crushed gravel road. The town of Kheldell lies before you. This wide-open lumber community stands out in stark contrast to the winter mountain misery you've endured these past days. Spring flowers bloom from the grassy earth and birdsongs fill the air. The hot natural spring that runs beneath the ground and bubbles forth in Stone Pond gives this town the blessing of eternal summer. Kheldell is a warm and welcome sight for any bone-weary traveler

Kheldell The Stag at Rest Westwood Inn Open Air Market Town Hall Lumber Warehouse Cottage of Tchandrae Euinwood Ghelkyn's Magic Shoppe Thorkil & Fonkin's Multifaith Temple The Great Oak

Map Key
(click on a link below of a location on the map above)
    1. The Stag at Rest
    2. Westwood Inn
    3. Open Air Market
    4. Town Hall
    5. Lumber Warehouse and Trade Post
    6. Cottage of Tchandrae Euinwood
    7. Ghelkyn's Magic Shoppe
    8. Thorkil & Fonkin: Stone, Steel and Woodworks Galore
    9. Multifaith Temple
    10. The Great Oak
Unlabelled structures are either private residences or storage sheds. They contain little of value and should hold no interest for the adventuring party.

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