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Mistledale Campaign

By Jared Rascher

Eleint 9th - Highharvestide 1372DR

With Mourn still wandering, presumably with his father, and Emen traveling back to Elturel, Stilgar, Meriden, and Grim set out to find the Fey Crossroads that Grim has located in Rollivard's Book of Fey Crossroads, that will lead them to the Moonwood just north of Silverymoon.  Before they set out on their trip, the adventurers cash in some of their gold for trade bars and platinum so that they might be able to take some of their riches with them to Silverymoon.  They store the rest safely back at the White Hart Inn, under Holfast's watchful eye, and set out on their trip.

Traveling to the south, close to the Dark Road, Grim is especially careful not to get lost and wander into the Vale of Lost Voices.  By the afternoon of the 28th, they are traveling through the wilderness when a massive disturbance catches their attention.  A horrid creature, spherical, with a central eye and six eye stalks, floats toward them.  Its hide is carved with symbols in Infernal and with holy symbols of Bane.  Meriden recognizes the beast as a Gauth, a beholder-kin, and thus a creature he is sworn to destroy.

Meriden strikes the creature with the power of Helm, calling down a pillar of flame.  The creature is staggered, but not killed.  Stilgar charges the creature, but suddenly feels greatly weakened upon getting close to the liberation. He still manages to strike the creature, but without the power that he can normally bring to bear.   The creature strikes Meriden with a ray from its eyes, causing wounds to open up on his body, and fires several rays at Grim as well.  Stilgar looks into the creatures central eye, and is paralyzed.  Grim shifts form into a bear, and Meriden falls prey to the creature's paralyzing gaze.  Despite the fact that his friends are now incapacitated, Grim manages to seriously maul the beholder-kin, tearing off its eye stalks and striking a killing blow to the unholy beast.

By Eleint 30th, they reach the spot where the fey crossroads should open, and Grim calls out to  Zhanghritehl, a hulking specimen of fey guardian, who demands to know what they have done in the cause of good.  After recounting some of their adventures and the enemies that they have made, Zhanghritehl allows them to pass through. 

The adventurers set up camp upon arriving in the Moonwood, within a day of making the Hunter's Gate of Silverymoon.

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