Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 9

Date: 12th day of the 2nd tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Morning to Evening
Location: On the Moonsea.
Weather: Temperate and clear.

One of the nature deities must have taken pity on this part of the Moonsea since the rain had left during the night and sunlight shone down.

Addoc tried his hand in cooking for the members of the Wyrms. However, the honey-cakes he tried to make for dawnfry were burned and the slices of ham were overcooked and rubbery.

Luie left the covered wagon and he stepped out into the early morning sunlight, “When did the weather get crappy?” he asked to no one in particular. When he smelled Addocs’ cooking, he immediately went to the large man. When Luie got some of the meal, he removed the burnt part of the honey-cakes with his blade before he folded it over the ham and the halfling would eat anything, it seemed, and so he returned to thirds.

Caerlin, after she helped Addoc clean up and put things way, rode off to scout while the other scout circled the wagons at a distance and every so often they met up, exchanged words, and rode off again.

Those that were with the caravan checked up on some things. Auy looked at the twenty different paintings the mage made of the items on the obelisk and she didn’t know what all of them were in reference to, but she knew of the few that she learned or guessed at.

Ragnar kept to his place in the caravan. He played his flute as he rode and occasionally he took a break to join Auy in looking at the paintings. As he looked at the twenty or more scenes, he tried to etch them into his memory as well as the songs he normally sang to help bring in coins.

Addoc worked with those that keep the wagons from breaking down so that there wouldn’t have to be long stops for repairs. Luie hovered near the rear of the caravan where he kept watch.

After Aris prayed to Azuth and he had his dawnfry, he asked for a tome about the Moonsea from the female caravan master. Instead, she pointed him towards Kynnelee, a female human descended from Illuskan blood, since she was born in the Moonsea area and she has spent her whole life here. He asked her some questions like what kind of monsters and beasties they might encounter, some geographical information, the recent history, and legends.

“Zhentarim, orcs, undead, animals both dire and normal, dragons of various colors, halflings near the settlements, lizardman in the swamps and marshes, goblins, will-o’-wisps, and around the Moonsea, different creatures like water trolls, pirates, hags, and naga. Some of the major cities are Phlan, Zhentil Keep, Hillsfar on the southern shore, the Sorcerer’s Isle north of Phlan, Dragonspine Mountains even further north, and many scattered ruins and the like from old settlements and those who thought they could rule the land they claimed as their own. Zhent’s attack the dales and the eastern settlements of the Moonsea all the time. Phlan is still rebuilding from being destroyed in the last dragon rage, a group of adventurers cleared the Sorcerer’s Isle not that long ago. The Graveyard near Phlan is still haunted with undead even though the clerics have been tying to clear it for years. Legends tell of the Bell of the Deep in the Moonsea and many claim to hear it ringing at various times. Others, who have been in old Phlan, have said they’ve found valuables in ruins.”

Surprisingly that day passed without any attack or encounters and the day was peaceful. It seemed that maybe the deities were looking out for their followers.

The large man tried his hand at cooking the eveningfest meal and it wasn’t as bad as his dawnfry. It was edible, at least, because he used some left over chicken that the merc cooks had already cooked. He added the chicken to last news sausage and vegetables and reheated the left over bread.

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