Campaign Logs

Champions of the Silver Wyrm

By Scott Kujawa

Part 11

Date: 14th day of the 2nd tenday of Mirtul in the year 1375 - The Year of Risen Elfkin
Time: Morning to Evening
Location: On the Moonsea.
Weather: Temperate and raining.

With a growl, Addoc began to think he wasn’t cut out for cooking dawnfry as he burned another dawnfry. This time the biscuits were hard and the beef sausage was raw. Aris woke, ate his dawnfry, and prayed to Azuth.

For a moment Luie thought he had chipped a tooth on the biscuits and for a brief moment he thought that he might sneak one into his bullet pouch but he decided against it. When he noticed Addocs’ frustration, the halfling gave the Gondsmith some praise for taking the time to cook for everyone and once again Luie finished everything. Ragnar kept silent and he picked at the poor fare, reminding himself to introduce his mother to Addoc if the group ever visited Waterdeep.

"Aye, well... I figured that until I could find an innkeeper that would travel with me, it's best if I tried my hand at keepin' my stomach full of somethin' other'n dried meat an' hardtack," the giant rumbled. He paused a moment before he tried to bounce one of the biscuits off a nearby tree and it chipped some of the bark before the biscuit hit the ground with a thud. "Have to apologize to ya, though. Most of the time when an Gondsman experiments, the only folk who get hurt are other Gondsmen."

Caer smiled at Addoc. "It's alright. I've heard it just takes practice," she shrugged. "At least that's what my father would tell me every time I burned meals, which was most of the time." Caerlin helped Addoc clean up again before she rode off to scout.

Finally the caravan made it to the north shore of the Moonsea. As they loaded the wagons onto the barges that were waiting there, Addoc helped since his strength helped the loading go faster.

Ragnar found a Red Shield, named Aulezzur, that was at home on the water and the male human started to teach Ragnar some of the fighting techniques and skills to be a swashbuckler.

The follower of Gond smiled once he finished another meal of baked ham with chives and sage, a pan of lentil soup that contained the remaining chick, beef sausages, and vegetables from the earlier meals.

The barges headed south across the Moonsea and after midnight passed, a shout of shark was the only cry that the lookouts called. Once it had been ascertained that no shark attack seemed imminent, Ragnar walked up and asked the lookout if he was certain that it was a shark he had seen considering how the Moonsea isn’t supposed to have any as far as the bard could recall.

“Aye, it was a shark alright. I’ve heard tales of what they look like and it looked like what those tales say they look like.”

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