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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Dash Sunsteel

Note: This character profile is being posted as it was given to me in an unedited format. This is due in part to capture to player's original intent, and in part because I'm too lazy to go through and fix the problems with them. Understand, however that the inaccuracies presented here have been corrected in person.

Dash Sunsteel
Human Male
Fighter 4

6' 7'' tall
210 lbs
Brown eyes
Very short jet black hair, very well tanned
19 years old

Hailing from Shadow dale, Dash was bathed into adulthood at the early age of 5. At that age, Dash's father was attacked in their home. Fending off the attackers, his father did not notice the man sneaking up behind. Dash held in his hands a short sword and ran the man through. His father was proud; his mother understood, but she was not happy. Dash knew he was justified so he never had second thoughts. His mother tried to lead him to anything that would keep him out of becoming a solider like his father, Roland. Roland was never at home. She tried but too many times she was finding her son defending one person or another with bloodshed. Dash often found himself in courts defending him with most outcomes ending with justice served. In one instance, however, a noble man's son attempted to rape a poor young maiden, Catherine. After showing the young man the error of his ways, Dash found himself in the courts again. Justice was not found that day. Dash could not understand the world of politics or how this could have happened. He was to be sent to jail at the young age of eleven. A man stood up, smiled kindly at Dash and told Dash this would not happen in a military court. The man turned to the courts and said the boy was to be enlisted into the ranks in stead of spending the time in jail.

Dash's time in the ranks was tough on him. Being sometimes six or seven years younger that most recruits, he was hazed a lot. The hazing was worse when his skills surpassed those older than he. While most went off to stop some of the invasions from Zhentil Keep, Dash was often left on guard duty being so young Dash took pride in his work, and never became bored with his orders. One night, he was walking his route when he saw several torch lights approaching fast toward his post. He quickly sounded the alarm. Several of the guards were drunk and stumbled out drawing swords out with some staying in the sheaths. Dash always being battle ready quickly readied his javelin. As the first black horse came into light, and he saw the markings of Zhentil Keep his javelin flew true striking down the horse and causing a break in formation. He readied another javelin and let it fly. It glanced a second horse. He ducked as he saw the crossbows targeted in his area. He jumped down from the small outlooking tower and drew his long sword. He barked some orders to two guards near him knocking them out of their fear. They followed Dash. The enemy was inside the gates. He cursed the guards that did not do their job. He thought we three against thirty plus men would not do so well, but why are they here. He quickly thought of possible reasons, as the two guards leaped from their shadow to attack an easy target. Their target dead did not help them from the two horse riders. He overheard one of the riders asking another rider if they had found the scroll. Dash knew what they were after. As much as he wanted haste, he carefully snuck back into the small quarters of his captain. Two men rushed in after him. He felled the two men in an epic battle (he is twelve after all). He quickly found a scroll case hidden in the fake wall. The battle sounds were getting faint. Dash moved out wounded and wanting to stay alive. He moved to a dark spot and waited for the right time to try to escape. He jumped the wall and ran to a near stockpile of barrels and climbed into one. His wounds were worse than he thought and all went black. He awoke to the stern eyes of his captain and his sergeant as they pulled him from the barrel. The sergeant did not seem happy. He told Dash that no one was alive but him. He could not believe that the men drank and lost their lives as well as the possibility of many others. Dash moaned as he was dropped to the ground and the scroll case rolled out of his hands. The sergeant quickly grabbed the scroll case opened it and seemed hugely relieved. The sergeant told Dash he had just saved many lives. For two more years, he was under the command of the sergeant fighting battles against Zhentil Keep. A group a griffon riders assisted one such battle, and a new time in his life began.

Dash told his sergeant he wanted, more than anything, to be a griffon rider. After some diplomacy, Dash was off to Deepingdale. His first experience with elves was pleasant to him. He knew they were none to happy of him being there, and reminded him several times that he was here on a favor. Dash took it upon himself to start learning Elvish. As always he was picked on; most would never have any pleasant words to tell him. He learned to control horses first; he did well causing more disdain from those around him. He finally was able to begin griffon riding training. Dash loved it, and was quickly out flying new recruits. At the age of fifteen, Dash had finished his elven studies and felt proud that he could answer his instructors in their own language. He finished his training but not being elven kept him from achieving any position in their ranks. One of the elders felt moved by this, and awarded Dash in private a belt that had healing powers. Saddened, Dash left Deepingdale.

Dash happened to read a flyer wanting brave souls to help the purple dragons fight off the scourge of demons. He did not feel right about returning home so he ‘ventured into Cormyr at the age of sixteen. The training was more formal here. He was still young, but he wasn’t hazed as much. Dash stayed to his duties and his off time was used to perfect skills. His first battle was a raid on a keep. Orcs flooded the battle field. Dash was part of a flank that rushed the orcs left side. The orcs were well trained and defended their left. Dash was thrown from his horse and impaled with a spear. He was left for dead. This was not the end as Dash used his elven gift and was healed. He made it back to head quarters. The purple dragons had lost the battle and he alone had come back. Many branded him a coward, and at the next battle he was sent in first with others that had fled battles. Those fell, but he stayed his ground fending off orc after orc. He turned and saw an orc flank decimate his captain’s position, and rode to another. Dash turned again to see his first demon. It smiled at him as he finished off a piece of a deserter (no pun intended). Dash attacked, and after a long battle he felled the demon. Again, he made it back to head quarters. This time he came back with a demon’s head to show, but, again, the only one to come back.

Dash was sent into another battle, and again, with a group of less trained purple dragons.

He found himself alone again. He couldn’t come back alone again. Dash ran into a group of elite orcs taking down some purple dragon riders. He killed a couple of unsuspecting orcs as another purple dragon emerged from the other bodies. He smiled at Dash and thanked him for the assistance. He then asked Dash to accompany him and his two men on a special mission. They moved quickly to the keep, avoiding any fights they could. They infiltrated the keep and acquired some item in a box. They were found. Dash and the man in charge left as the other two soldiers held off the incoming battle. The man explained that the two men would not becoming back, and he was too young to make this sacrifice. Saddened, Dash left the men to their fate. One looked back and winked asking Dash to make sure their leader made it back with the item. Dash honored the two men and fought as hard as he ever did. After they arrived to a safe place, the man explained that their mission was a secret mission and not to be discussed with anyone. So Dash stood, again, alone at head quarters trying to explain why he was the only one left again. A man came in and explained that Dash was to be moved to a new order of Purple Dragons. They were called the Steel Dragons. Dash went o his room and found several items lying about along with a letter.

Dash Sunsteel,

I know I have caused you great hardships, but you are a good solider. These are gifts I give you as part of your new commission.

Dash quickly tried on the new armor. It felt good. Dash smiled as he gathered his things.

He raised a glass of ale and shouted,” For Cormyr, and the Steel Dragons.”

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