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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins


Note: This character profile is being posted as it was given to me in an unedited format. This is due in part to capture to player's original intent, and in part because I'm too lazy to go through and fix the problems with them. Understand, however that the inaccuracies presented here have been corrected in person.

Male Lesser Earth Genasi
Wizard 4

Grond was found as a child locked in a cage by a War Wizard investigating human smuggling in Marsember. The War Wizard, uncertain of Grond's race (and thus his disposition) brought him back to HQ for study. Much of Grond's early life was spent being studied by the Royal Wizards of War. By his early teens, it was thought that everything that could be known of him had already been found out.

A senior War Wizard took Grond under his wings to develop his natural intellectual abilities to perhaps forge a new War Wizard for the Forest Kingdom. While Grond was keen to learn magic, he found that he had no aptitude for the intrigues, misdirections, and paranoia of the War Wizards. His lack of aptitude in these fields were not un-noticed by his superiors.

Soon they came to the realization that Grond would never become a full fledged War Wizard, but neither could be dismissed from Cormyr's service (he was far too loyal to simply discard). After shopping around for a niche in which to place him. A mysterious requisition came to the College of War Wizards with Royal Authority requesting a trained and loyal wizard for special (and classified) services.

Grond was teleported to the cited destination within the hour with little explanation, and no preparation.

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