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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Morn Dundragon

Note: This character profile is being posted as it was given to me in an unedited format. This is due in part to capture to player's original intent, and in part because I'm too lazy to go through and fix the problems with them. Understand, however that the inaccuracies presented here have been corrected in person.

Morn Dundragon
1/2 Elf Male
Ranger of Mystra 2/Rogue 2

Well met to all. I am Morn Dandragon of Eveningstar in Cormyr.

Before you stands this Half-elf, 5 foot 5, 138 pounds, dusky skined, brown haired, with blue eyes, and about 25 years old.

He wears a Travellers outfit, a little worn but still useable. He has a Mithral Chain Shirt on. His weapons are a Mighty Long Composite Bow +2 (or a Musket), a quiver with 20 arrows on his back(40 more on his Mule), a Masterwork Scimitar on his left hip, a Masterwork Light Pick on his right hip, and a Masterwork Longspear in his hand. He has a Masterwork Potion Belt with 8 magical potions: 5 Cure Light Wounds, 2 Hide from Undead, and one Cat's Grace. He also wears a Masterwork Bandoleer with: Alchemical Sleeping Gas, 2 Acid, 2 Alchemist Fire, 2 Holy Water, 1 empty flask, 1 oil flask, 2 pitons, and an Antitoxin. In his Belt pouch there are 2 candles, flint and steel, a small metal mirror, a signal whistle, and a whetstone. Off his belt are: a scroll or map case, 50 feet of silk rope, 2 empty sacks, a tanglefoot bag, a thunderstone, and a set of masterwork thieves tools. His money is in a belt pouch and it includes: A gem (blue Quartz) worth 10gp, 40 gps, 1 sp, and 6 cps. He carries a waterskin and a silver holy symbol of Melikiki.

He leads a Light War Horse (Zepher) with Bit and Bridle, saddle bags, and Masterwork Studded Leather Barding as well as a military saddle. By his side is a war dog (Percephnie) she also has Masterwork Studded Leather Barding. And bring up the rear is a Mule (Vulcan) he has bit and bridle, and a pack saddle with: a backpack, a bucket, a bedroll, a winter blanket, block and tackle, 8 candles, a map or scroll case, a crowbar, 25 foot fishing net, 2 empty flask, a grappling hook, a hammer, a hooded lantern, 9 flask of oil, a Miners' pick, 8 pitons, 10 days of trail rations, 2 sets of 50 foot hemp rope, 8 empty sacks, a sledge hammer, 2 pounds of soap, 2 shovels, a tent, 10 torches, a waterskin, 2 Acid, 2 alchemist fire, 5 antitoxin, 2 sun rods, 10 tinder twigs, a healer's kit, one set of masterwork thieves tools, an extra explorer's outfit, a hammock, and finally insect netting.(these are not counting those Morn carries on his person, there are extra) Zepher is trained for combat riding (attack, come, defend, down, guard, and heel) Percephnie is trained as well (attack, defend, down, guard, stay, and fetch) Vulcan training consist of (come, work, stay, heel, and guard)

Morn's stats are: Str 15, Dex 18, Con 17, Int 18, Wis 15, and Cha 14
HP 44, BA +3, Fort +8, Ref +9, Wil +4
AC 18, Move 30, Init +4

Morn's Languages are: Chondathan, Elven, Damaran, Turmic, Goblin, and Hin(Halfling)

Being Half-Elf Morn gets: Immune to sleep, +2 vs. Enchantment spells or abilities, Low-light Vision, +1 to Listen, +1 to Search, +1 to Spot, +2 to Diplomacy, and +2 to Gather Information

The feats Morn chose were: Discipline (reg or 1st), Point Blank Shot (1st fighter), Percise Shot (3rd level), Track (1st ranger), Rapid Shot (2nd ranger)[if ok for muskeet then Two Waepon Fighting Style]

Morn's classes are: Rogue 1(3)/ Fighter 1(12)/ Ranger 2(3)/ Sorcerer 0(2)

Special ablities are: Sneak attack +1d6, Trapfinding, Favored enemy (Goblinoids), Wild Empathy, Combat style (archery--unless muskeet oked then Two weapon fighting)

Skills that Morn chose to put ranks in are: Balance 2, Craft(Boywer) 2, Climb 2, Disable Device 4, Handle Animal 3, Hide 7, Jump 7, Know (local) 2, Know (nat) 4, Listen 4, Move Silently 7, Open Lock 7, Ride 3, Search 7, Sense Motive 2, Spot 4, Survival 1, Swim 2 and, Tumble 7

Morn's Past:

The only son of a Tethyrian/Cormyrian woman and a Moon Elf male Morn had to put up with the abuse that comes with being a half breed. To top this off his father went off to war when he was a child. To protect the world from the Tuigan he was told. His father died in the servie of the Crown and he fought well with King Azon IV. His mother has the medal to prove his father's valor. As a young man he always wanted to prove he could do it himself, so he set out on his own. Morn soon found that the world is tough and decided to join the Purple Dragons. To make sure he could do it and not get favrable teatment from his uppers he used his mother's name not his father's. Morn knows his father is looking down upon him from the Heavens, and helps when the gods allow. Morn's mother still weaves in Morningstar and helps the Crown by making cloth for export. She worries as any good mother would, but will not stand in the way of her son's destiny.

Morn's Present:

Morn now is attached to the Steel Dragons, his only friends in the world.
His superiors and friends know of his father, but he made the Steel Dragons on his own merit. Morn worships Melikiki and Tymora.

Morn's Future:

Morn wants to listen to the Sorcerer abilities in his heart, as well as keep up his ranger skills and get to be the best with his weapon (hopefully the Musket). He hopes it is on the wings of Steel Dragons that his fortune lie.

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