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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Orson Yano, the Marred of Berdusk

Note: This character profile is being posted as it was given to me in an unedited format. This is due in part to capture to player's original intent, and in part because I'm too lazy to go through and fix the problems with them. Understand, however that the inaccuracies presented here have been corrected in person.

Orson Yano, the Marred of Berdusk

Male human
ge 31 years
3rd Cleric/1st wizard

Orson grew up in Bardusk of a relatively reputable family who was closely affiliated with an arcane order.

Orson's older brother, Fana had gone off to enlist in the local militia and never saw his second battle, as he was greviously injured in his first. Without a cleric around for healing, Fana had to heal naturally and lost the use of one arm and both of his legs. Orson spent many hours as a young teen between his religous studies and caring for his disabled brother.

Dispite his parents encouragement into arcane studies, and military involvment; Orson decided to dedicate his career to the mystrian faith. In his 2nd year as a Lay Cleric (1st level) the town of Bardusk was the sceene of a minor border skirmish involving the Tungin's and Cormerians . Even though this skirmish was minor by comparison to others, the church of Mystra suffered some fire damage. In the burning, Orson's closest friend, Kato, was caught in the fire and died as a result. Orson attempted to save his fellow cleric from the inferno and suffered severe burns on the right side of his face, to this day he still bears the scars that he refers to as Kato's Mark. He spent a half year recovering from his injuries and another half year attempting to service his congregation in peace (taking him to 2nd lvl). It was obvious to all that his anger at the Tungins was consuming him and he was released from service to his congregation.

Before leaving Orson was advised to either let the past go, or chanel his anger into something productive. In his typical Orsonian style, he chose to chanel his anger; in an extreme sense. He went and enlisted with the Purple Dragons as a healer and combatant, hoping to fight the Tungian forces and prevnt the kind of lasting injuries, that his brother suffered.

This he did for several years (taking him to 3rd lvl cleric) and earned a name for himself as an eager warior for Cormyr and a skilled healer.

However he garnered the opportunity to study magic with the Council of Mages through the Purple Dragons with a new found respect and desire for the arcane to satify his inner anger and blood lust. He has since commited himself to the study of all magic, Divine and Arcane.

After a few years of arcane study in practice, one of Orson's many uncles appeared to him expressing his satisfaction in Orson's Arcane Studies. He began to regail him with a Ancestorial Tale of a great Gem Mage 8 generations dead. Telling him of his unique study in gem magic and applications there of. Before departing, his uncle gave to him an arcane tome/spell book; with a few starter spells and extensive information on gem magic, in application and use; particularly in war situations (including some various Gem Atonment Feats that Orson may take later as he progresses in level <my thoughts and hopes are to make this charcter a Toril reputed Gem Mage in the long run. Dia Soloth had his poery, Orson's got his Gems.>). Orson took the tome, along with a small collection of Gems (all attuned gems are now spent, and he has 12 gems remaining that he has attuned himself).

Many nights, around the warriors fire there were wispered rummors about Orson's addiction to magic. While he seemed a dedicated warior (not a fighter in the class sense) some of his peers feared what Orson might be capable of if pushed too far, especially once he were capable of more agressive magics. This opnion/fear has not been held by all of Orson's military superiors, though atleast one has expressed such openly.

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