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Steel Dragons

By Walker Perkins

Stedd huntsilver

Note: This character profile is being posted as it was given to me in an unedited format. This is due in part to capture to player's original intent, and in part because I'm too lazy to go through and fix the problems with them. Understand, however that the inaccuracies presented here have been corrected in person.

Stedd Huntsilver
Male Lesser Aasimar
Ranger 4 of Mystra

Stedd's approx 6' tall, 210 lbs, mid 20's. Athletic build, piercing green eyes and silvery-white hair. Commanding presence, but still very familiar. As both a Ranger of Mystra and a Lionar in the Purple Dragons he values very greatly a well structured organization, and believes everyone should know and perform his or her role in that organization to the best of their ability. He has no tolerance for half-cocked individuals, but as long as you are doing what you're supposed to he is very amicable. This is not to say that he has no patience with those that are learning or unsure of what they are supposed to be doing, quite the contrary he is a patient instructor, willing to go over something time and again until the student gets it right. As well, he rightly understands the maxim, "No plan survives the first contact intact" and is adaptable on and off the battlefield. He is understanding of different personality types as well, and works well with all, as long as they are commited to being a team player.

He is not given to violent outbursts, nor much revelry. However when his ire is earned it is not extinguished easily, nor does he quickly forget a deliberate slight against him or his Dragons and may turn a blind eye to the retributive actions of his Dragons in such cases, within reason. Morale is very important to him and he genuinely cares about each Dragon under his command.

Here is a timeline of his branch of the Huntsilver family:

1241 Kira Huntsilver, a priestess of Mystra, is informed in a dream of a large cache of magical items in the Hullack forest. Traveling there to catalog the items, she is surprised by an unknown lich. Quickly overcome, she cries to Mystra for aid, and Alerax, an astral deva from Deomerheart appears in response to her cry. Alerax battles the lich, who chooses to flee. Smitten by the handsome outsider, Kira and Alerax consummate before Alerax returns to Deomerheart. Kira returns to the Huntsilver estate near the King’s Forest. Unable to confirm her story, the family sends her to live in the Huntsilver’s villa in Waterdeep to avoid scandal.

1242 Dorn Huntsilver is born in Waterdeep and largely avoids society.

1277 Kira Huntsilver dies, Dorn travels to Cormyr where despite his attempts to join society, he is rebuffed. The exception is Shandri Hawksong, the second daughter of the Hawksong patriarch, whom he weds. The two return to Waterdeep shortly thereafter.

1282 Helm Huntsilver is born.

1302 Helm Huntsilver returns to Cormyr. His celestial heritage is subdued enough to allow him to join Cormyrian society. He is welcomed back to the Huntsilvers, and joins the Purple Dragons.

1310 Helm Huntsilver marries Lureene Huntcrown, the 3rd daughter of the Huntcrown patriarch.

1316 Randal Huntsilver is born.

1321 Shandri Hawksong dies, Dorn Huntsilver retires to Candlekeep.

1340 Randal Huntsilver takes the oaths as a paladin of Azuth.

1346 Randal Huntsilver marries Esvele Winter, a War Wizard.

1347 Morn Huntsilver, 1st child of Randal and Esvele is born

1348 Stedd Huntsilver, 2nd child of Randal and Esvele is born.

1360 Randal Huntsilver and Esvele Winter travel with Azoun IV as part of the crusade against the Tugian Horde. Randal is grievously wounded but survives. The two return to Cormyr.

1361 Greydon Huntsilver, 3rd child of Randal and Esvele is born.

1369 Stedd Huntsilver takes the oaths as a paladin of Mystra. Morn Huntsilver joins the Purple Dragons.

1370 Stedd Huntsilver joins the Purple Dragons, and is granted a commision as Swordcaptain, Lurenne Huntcrown dies.

1371 The War against the Devil Dragon. Morn Huntsilver dies facing the ghazneths. Despite his age Helm Huntsilver once again dons his armor and later falls in battle beside Azoun V. Stedd Huntsilver is one of the few survivors of the successful rescue of Alusair Nacacia.

1372 Kerri Morler, a war wizard, and betrothed of Stedd Huntsilver, is slain by the shades during the destruction of Tilverton.

1372-1373 Stedd Huntsilver volunteers to lead every suicidal mission he can volunteer for, all of which end in success. Because of this he gains great favor with the crown and is promoted to Lionar as well as gifted with a Commanders Ring, one of only a handful of officers in the history of Cormyr to be given one at that rank. Stedd Huntsilver is visited by Alerax, who after explaining who he is, issues a warning to Stedd, “The shadow grows, beware it grows not in your heart, for your light is needed to combat it”. After which he embraces his great-great grandson and grants him peace. He then departs.

1374 Stedd Huntsilver is given command of a new unit as part of Operation: Steel Dragon. The new group is aptly named the Steel Dragons.

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