Campaign Logs

The Sunset Vale Saga

By Brian Flood

Chapter 7 - Night Watch and the Next Day

Along the Uldoon Trail

East of Berdusk, The Sunset Vale

Mid-Evening, 21st Day of Eleint, Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)

Ori guides the wagon to a stop and climbs down from the seat to begin tending to the draft horses.  Tomar stands and says, “It would appear there is little time left – I would say we need to quickly start a fire if we want to dry ourselves before we start the watch.  Then, maybe one of you can explain why we scouted the area and hunted BEFORE we found a suitable campsite?  And why exactly DID we bother to scout if the campsite was located three hundred meters BEYOND the area that was scouted?”

Cursing under his breath about wasted time, Dolak dismounts and secures his pack mule to the saddle of his pony.  Then, he begins dragging his booted feet over the ground.  After a few minutes, he has cleared a small area for a fire.  Next, he carefully piles a handful of long grass and other timber and strikes his flint and steel to start a fire.  Once the tinder begins burning, he uses the bellows from his travelling forge and additional scrub brush to stoke the flames into a medium-sized blaze.


“The rest of ye had better lay out your bedrolls.  It’d be getting’ dark in a short bit.” 


The others walk in about the area, collapsing the grass to create a clear area to camp.  Those party members with mounts use their leads to stake them to the ground around the perimeter of the small manmade clearing.  Finally, the party members carefully lay out their bedrolls near the smoldering fire, which, by now, is providing the only light.


Slyvia passes around her small harvest of berries to those gathered at the fire.  Then, the party members settle in for a bland meal of trail rations and water.  The mood around the fire is quite forlorn as the party members quietly reflect at their first attempt to establish a night rest location.


As the party members finish their meal, Alric says, “We can save our review of tonight’s activities for the road tomorrow.  For now, good night to all and may Tyr watch over you.”  With that, the paladin readies himself for bed by laying back, without bothering to remove his chain mail, and wrapping his cloak about him.  He rests his great sword in his chest with his hands on the pommel.  He then quickly falls into a deep slumber induced by the long day on the road.


The rest of the party readies itself for bed, as well.  Lucas takes a moment to murmur some words in a mystical tongue.  In an instant, his stained robes are clean and dry.  The other party members wrap themselves in their slightly damp cloaks and try to catch as much warmth from the fire as possible.  Kjira, Zell, Dolak and Cyzicus remain awake to man the first watch shift.


* * * * *


Morning, 22nd Day of Eleint


The morning finds the party fairly well rested after an uninterrupted evening.  The air is quite brisk this morning, more like late autumn than late summer.  The winds are now coming from the north, which may help to explain the drop in temperature.  Dolak and Alric, who slept their metal armor, are slightly stiff but otherwise they feel fine. 


After Darius has woken the other members, the priests spend some time devoting to their deities while the mages open their spellbooks to study their spells.  The others produce items from their trail rations for morningfeast, washing it down with water.  Before breaking camp, Darius and Alani gather up the party’s waterskins and fill them in the pond.


Two hours after waking, the party is ready to move again.  They reform into marching order and head to the road.  After twenty minutes, they reach the Uldoon trail.  Turning to the east, they continue their journey.  The temperature remains cool, and the sky is free of clouds.

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