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The Sunset Vale Saga

By Brian Flood

Chapter 17 - A Welcome Sight

Along the Uldoon Trail

Within the Reaching Woods, The Sunset Vale

Early Evening, 25th Day of Eleint; Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)

Darius calls Cyzicus over and talks privately with him, “We need to heal these two. The wounds will take too long to heal naturally.  Use all but one spell on Alric, if he needs it, and I'll do the same for Alani.”


Darius then goes to Alani,  “Let me help you with the healing, now that we are relatively safe.”   He lays hands on Alani's head, and chants slowly to Silvanus, requesting healing for his friend.


A soft green glow surrounds Darius’ hands and gradually covers the wounds on the side of Alani's head.  As the druid watches, the torn tissue mends completely, leaving only a small, pinkish area of scar tissue -- the lasting result of the natural healing that took place before the magical aid.


Nearby to where Darius administers to Alani, Cyzicus aids Alric.  The diminutive priest places one hand over the wound in Alric’s side and grasps his silver holy symbol with the other.  A faint silver radiance spreads from his hand to cover the torn flesh.  Slowly, the edges of the wound heal, leaving a smaller wound.  Cyzicus repeats the process and succeeds in healing the wound a bit further. 


Sitting back on his haunches, Cy rests for a moment and inspects the remaining area of damage.  He diagnoses the wound is serious but at least it is better than before he began his casting.


In the evening after dinner, but before the people start to sleep, Darius gathers Tomar, Ori, and the rest of the group to the campfire that Dolak has started.  ”Sylvia and Dolak, please watch for a moment, but listen up.”

Then to all gathered, the druid says, “We were lucky several nights ago in that no one died.  Now that we have a better watch, there is something that I would like to know also, that will help in our survival on this journey.  It appears that Cyzicus and I are the only two that are able to cast divine spells, as opposed to the spell casting of the arcane.  If this is wrong, now is the time to speak up.”

Darius pauses at this point to see if anyone speaks up and then continues,  “Also, is anyone trained in the binding of wounds and healing or knows which herbs are good for wounds?  As for myself, I know of herbs and almost have a grasp of the healing arts.”

The druid pauses again, listening for any responses.


Dolak, Kyrian, Tomar, and Ori all shake their heads in a negative response to Darius' query.


 “I, too, know a little about herbs and their uses,” replies Kjira, “though I have had rare occasion to use them.  I carry bandages and wound packing, though my skill with them may be rudimentary at best...” she adds.  “Hopefully we will be able to pull our wounded through this mess without undue trauma.  Perhaps next time we will be better prepared for the combat and won't suffer as much damage.”


“I do basic healing, once a day calling on my god, Tyr  But I'd rather concentrate on fighting.  Also, I can detect evil in one direction.....” mumbles Alric.


Lucas addresses Darius.  “I too share your interests in herbs and can aid  you in finding those which can aid in the healing arts.” 


In the silence that follows, Tomar speaks up.  “I would like to make something clear,” the merchant says.  “In the future, if we should come across a person --or...err...any being for that matter -- in duress, I will NOT be disagreeable to assisting.  After all,” the merchant continues, “as Kjira pointed out, we ourselves may have accepted outside assistance with that dreadful assistance a few nights back.”


“So that makes two, Lucas and Kjira,” replies Darius, pondering.  Then, turning to Tomar, the druid says, “Thank you for the dispensation, but you do realize that this may put you and your cargo at risk if we go off to help someone?”


Tomar nods solemnly.  “Yes, I do,” he replies.  “But as long as the task is short and some of you remain to watch me and my cargo, I do not see that a diversion to help those in need would be harmful.”


“I must agree with Tomar,” Cyzicus says firmly.  “We cannot ignore pleas of help from those in need.  No cargo is worth the lives of good folks.


“Fair enough, but I would rather not see more injuries, so I will detect evil first.....I would prefer not to have injuries at all, and only fight when necessary.....” mentions Alric, staring into the fire.

Slyvia nods her head at the merchant's words.  “I would have liked a chance to help Cecil, I guess I just don't like bullies.”  She pauses and looks at the others, “If we are to stay together and develop a reputation, maybe it would be a good idea to come up with some type of identity.”

The other party members nod their head in assent, but on one appears to have a ready suggestion for a title for the small band.  The meager meal continues on until it is once again time to settle in for the evening.  The watch resumes that evening, with Alric, now partially healed, rejoining Alani and Lucas for the first shift.  Dolak, Darius and Slyvia take the second watch.  The trio of Kryian, Cyzicus, and Slyvia man the final watch.


* * * * *


Morning, 26th Day of Eleint


Just after first light, the members of the first watch wake the slumbering companions.  The spellcasters complete their daily rituals, a small breakfast is taken, and the march continues.


The day proceeds much like the previous one.  A light drizzle coats the party as they make along the Uldoon Trail as it winds through the hardy stands of maples, elms, and beeches that comprise this portion of the Reaching Woods.  The party cannot help but feel a sense of peace and serenity emanating from the surrounding glades, despite the perils that undoubtedly lurk within.


The party makes camp within the Woods once again that evening.  Darius and Cyzicus use their priestly powers to magically heal the remainder of Alric’s wounds.  The paladin sighs at the relief from the nagging wounds.  The light scarring on his chest and the damaged portion of his chain mail, however, will serve as lasting reminders of his brush with Kelemvor’s realm.


The dinner meal passes quietly as the companions huddle around a small fire in their perpetually damp clothing.  The sputtering flames offer little comfort, however, to the persistent drizzle that refuses to cease its soaking of the party. 


* * * * *


Morning, 27th Day of Eleint


After another – thankfully – uneventful evening, the party conducts its morning routine.  A few hours later, they resume their easterly march and soon thereafter exit the last vestiges of the Reaching Woods.  The vast grasslands of the Sunset Vale stretch out before the party and to the horizon. 


The afternoon drags on, and the drizzle continues to dampen the party’s clothing and spirits.  Some small solace is gained by a slight increase in the air temperature, despite the ever-dreary cloudbanks that blanket the sky. 


* * * * *


Along the Uldoon Trail

East of the Reaching Woods, The Sunset Vale

Late Afternoon, 27th Day of Eleint; Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)


As the afternoon turns late, the lead scouts -- Alani and Darius -- spy a welcome sight.  About one half mile ahead, just off the right – south – side of the road lies a single, large stone building.  A slow stream of smoke, as if from a cooking chimney, wafts upward from the structure.  Approaching to within one-quarter mile, the two scouts can discern a wooden sign posted near the road directly to the front of the stone structure.  They also catch a flash of sunlight reflecting off of a metal object on the building’s roof.


“Alani, lets go look at the sign before the group catches up,” the druid says.  He also tries to discern what the metal object on the roof is but is unable to do so from his current distance.


The two scouts increase their pace in order to get a closer look at the building and then return to the party.  At a distance of about two hundred yards, they determine that the source of the glint on the roof is a human-sized form that slowly moves back and forth.  From this distance, Alani is also able to discern that the sign depicts two or three words and a pictograph of some sort of animal.  She is unable to further identify the writing or the picture from this distance.


“I think we better head back and get the rest of the group,” says the druid.


* * * * *


Suddenly, Darius, Alani, and Soft Fang appear from the brush on the side of the road, looking as if they had jogged a short distance.  Darius holds his hands up for the group to halt.  Walking back to Tomar, the druid tells him, “There is a stone building ahead.  Do you know what it is and is it expected to be here?  There's a sign with an animal and several words in front of the building, and on the roof there is a glint of metal from what looks to be a human sized form.”  The scouts then wait for Tomar's response.


Tomar’s eyes narrow as he considers the information.  “From the sounds of it and if my memory serves me right, it would appear to be a roadside inn.  I seem to recall stopping here once before, although I can’t be sure.  Finally,” sighs Tomar, eyeing the lonely reststop.  “Finally, a real meal and a warm bed.” 


“So,” the merchant concludes, “if you are ready, Master Darius, I think we should see if my guess is correct.”

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