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The Sunset Vale Saga

By Brian Flood

Chapter 27 - Good Samaritans

Asbravn, The Sunset Vale

Mid-Afternoon, 30th Day of Eleint; Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)

The small band makes their way across the crowded market to the broken wagon.  As they do, they note that the buildings ringing the marketplace are all of similar construction to the barns that lined the trail into town.  An eight to ten foot high span of stone is topped by an equal amount of wooden planks.  Most of the buildings are two stories.  The only two exceptions to this rule are The Board Laid Bare (which stands four stories high) and the House of the Suffering God (which is made completely of stone and stands three stories tall).  Most of the buildings are in good repair.  The Goldcoin House, which stands nearby the broken wagon has serious fire damage to its wooden portions and is apparently abandoned; the House of the Suffering God has evidence of disrepair, but is apparently still functioning as a temple of sorts. 


Darius approaches the man struggling with the large wheel.  “Can I be off assistance, sir?” the druid asks the man with the cart.


The man sets the heavy wheel down with a short sigh of relief.  “I would be most thankful if you could,” he replies to Darius.  Then he winces at the continued tirade pouring from the angry merchant.


Darius turns to Dolak and Alric, “Let us help this man move the cart to the side so it's at least out of the way, and perhaps you can look at the axle Dolak and make a suggestion on how best to repair it.”


Dolak nods to Darius, “Aye, I'll give ye a hand with the cart.  Perhaps someone else would care to try to calm down the merchant while we work on the cart?  Alric, we may end up breakin' out the forge again.  Good practice for both o' us.”

Alric looks down at the wagon and then back to the large, run-down building with the symbol of two bound human hands on its placard.  “Yes, it would be good practice,” he says, finally.  But then he adds, “However, if you all would excuse me, I will go now to that house of Ilmater and pay my respects.  I shall return shortly.”


The paladin walks slowly away from the broken wagon and toward the large temple.


As Alric walks away, Dolak bends down close to examine the axle and the joining pieces looking for the problem. He quickly sees that the axle has shattered about two feet in from the wheel.  Judging from the remaining length of axle, it will be impossible to replace the wheel until a new axle can be obtained and mounted.


Standing at the back of the party, watching the action around the damaged wagon, Kryian turn to Cyzicus.   He reaches into a purse and withdraws ten gold coins.  “These 'ere should bring us to rights,” the mariner explains to the halfling.


“Hey, friend!” Alani says sternly to the merchant, hands on hips.  “That cart isn't going anywhere until the axle's mended or replaced.  Yelling about it won’t fix it.  We may try to move it, so the way may be clear soon. If ‘soon’ isn’t good enough, and you're not going to help move it, find another road.”

Ignoring the merchant's response, she turns to Dolak and asks, “Would it be easier to buy a new axle from somewhere in town?  How much do such things cost?  There's an establishment called the Rolling Wheels Wagon across the square.  I'll go see what I can find.  Shall we, Dolak?” she says, inviting the dwarf to follow.

“I am going to stay 'ere with the wagon until we get it fixed, then meet ya fer a draft or two,” replies Dolak.  Just t' mention a’fore we get started drinkin’, did anyone notice Alric walk off t' the House of the Suffering God?  I didna bring me axe, so I hope he is just checking the stalls in front of the building...”

 “Alani,” Cyzicus calls as he begins to follow the elf, “We don't need anyone walking about by themselves, although I’ve no doubt you are quite able to protect yourself.  Probably don't want to be dragging around any wagon parts anyway,” the halfling finishes as he catches up with Alani.


Lucas remains silent as he watches the broken wagon axle saga.  Deciding that repairing wagons is not his forte, the red robed mage turns towards those in the party with a more arcane interest.  “Shall we look about to see what else may interest us?” asks Lucas of the others not partaking of the broken wagon discussion. 


“And shall we all meet up at a prescribed time to meet later?”  The mage waits a moment to see who wishes to check the local out with him. 


Alani pauses mid-stride on her way to the wagoneer.  “We should all meet at the Inn in an hour for a drink!  I'm sure we would have finished helping this man with the wagon and gotten him on his way by then.”  She grins prettily, “It IS a fesitval after all.  We've just been paid, and so after all this time on the road, let's ENJOY it!  Will you inquiring into room availability, Lucas?” the elf finishes.

“I just hope we can find some place to get a hot bath and a decent meal,” Kjira calls out as she tries to catch up with Lucas  “Though I don't think we should worry about checking on rooms.  Tomar kind of hinted none too subtly that he'd rather we stay with him and the wagon outside the city...”

“I too, will go with Lucas and Kjira to find the inn,” announces Slyvia.  The half-elven archer bows her head briefly in farewell before turning to catch up with the two mages.

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