Campaign Logs

The Sunset Vale Saga

By Brian Flood

Chapter 33 - Exoneration

The House of the Suffering God

Asbravn, The Sunset Vale

Late Afternoon, 30th Day of Eleint; Year of the Tankard (1370 DR)

“Well then,” Asgar announces, “I believe you all are free to go.  If you want to leave your injured companions with us, we will gladly ease their suffering for the remainder of today.  After Ilmater grants his healing graces to us, tomorrow, they should be able to return to you – fit to travel, I would guess.”


In response, Tomar finally speaks.  “My thanks, Abject Supplicant.  With your leave, I will be returning to my camp outside the town limits.  I have much to do to prepare for the open market tomorrow.  With all the travelers, there is sure to be much information and knowledge to be exchanged.”


Asgar smiles in return.  “Fare thee well, Loremaster.  I look forward to having more discussions with you on your next visit.”


“My pleasure,” replies Tomar in return.  Turning his attention to the party, he addresses the gathered group of adventurers.


“Well, well,” he says with chagrin, “it looks like you’ve already found something to do in town, eh?  Heh, heh – if only the would-be highwaymen along the road ahead of us found out about your doings, we would have nothing to worry about!  Its only too bad that you have not yet decided on a group name – it helps one’s reputation if one has a common identity to which to attribute one’s accomplishments.”


“Now then,” he continues, turning somewhat less jovial, “the question remains as to what exactly you all plan to do for the remainder of today and, of course, tomorrow.  As I said before, I plan on continuing our journey on the morning after Harvestfest.  Tomorrow, on the actual day of celebration, I will set up to display my wares for the much-anticipated crowds.  On the way here, I stopped at the Board Laid Bare – that’s the local inn.  It would seem they are all filled, as I expected.  So, those of you that care to may return with me to the camp to spend the night.  I plan to stop by the Tankard and Sheaf on the way back for a drink or two.”


“Tomorrow,” the bookseller explains, “I will need only the assistance of Ori.  If some of you wish to assist at the stall, the help would be welcome, of course, but I think the Red Cloaks will provide sufficient security for the day.  So, I will not need your specific services until the morning after next, when we depart this town.  I plan to leave just after the crack of dawn, so please get yourselves back to the camp by then.”


“Aye, sounds good ta me!” exclaims Kryian.  “I think I’ll be spendin’ some time in the market meself.  That four-legged land whale tore me shirt up bloody well and good.  And THEN I think I’ll be lookin’ for a lass or two that’s interested in spendin’ the night with a certified hero!”


Alric sighs at Kryian’s mention of debauchery.  “I will stay here at the temple,” he announces, “so that I can assist the priests in their care of the two injured mages.  I also mean to talk to the Supplicant to gather some more details on this Zhentarim activity he mentions.”


Tomar’s eyebrows rise at the mention of the Zhentarim.  “The Black Network, you say?  Aye, trouble indeed, that bunch.”


Turning to the rest of the group, he asks, “And what about you others, what are your plans for the remainder of this day and the morrow?”  Tomar waits expectantly for the adventurers’ decisions.


“I'm not sure about everyone else,” announces Alani, “but I’m going to go to the market place and
see what’s happening over there.  But afterward, I think I’m going to have a drink!  Anybody wanna join me?” asks Alani.


“Excellent!” Tomar exclaims.  “I imagine our two wounded spellcasters will have to spend the day recuperating.  Again, I thank you for that offer, Supplicant,” he says, acknowledging the head priest.”

“That would leave you four,” Tomar says, directing his words to Dolak, Slyvia, Darius, and Cyzicus.  “What do YOU plan to do with the rest of this late day and with the morrow?”

The remaining four members express their desires, in turn.  Dolak intends to set up his forge as part of the market booths and then earn some extra gold by doing simple repairs, etc.  Cyzicus plans to spend the day browsing the market, as does Slyvia.  Lastly, Darius expresses his desire to study the four-legged behemoth that the party encountered in the marketplace.


“Well then,” announces Tomar, “let us go and pursue our desires, shall we?”


Without any further adieu, the party bids returns Kjira and Lucas to the infirmary and places them back in the care of the temple’s priests.  Leaving their injured comrades behind, the uninjured adventurers leave the temple and head to the Tankard and Sheaf Tavern to celebrate their recent accomplishments.

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