Campaign Logs

Twilight Dawn

By Jaap-Peter Hazelhoff

Chapter 5 - A Letter from a Lady

Berdusk, 1371 DR, Eleint, 8th day, late morning

Going through a stack of administrative documents, Matteo glances up as a soft knock sounds. “Enter.” He says as he closes the book in front of him. The door to his office opens and Jastra steps in. Lady Angruatil’s personal assistant enters. “I have a letter for you saer.” She walks up to his desk handing over a sealed scroll. “Thank you Jastra.” Matteo says as he breaks the seal with his thumb. With a small curtsey, Jastra turns around and leaves the office. Unrolling the scroll Matteo sits up straight, left hand stroking his smooth chin as he reads the missive.

The name Tharkas Lhun rings a bell; a wiry man, known for his riding skills. He often accompanies Lady Angruatil’s caravan as an outrider.

Having read Lady Angruatil’s scroll, Matteo quickly scans through it again to ensure he has all pertinent details committed to memory before leaning back in his chair for a moment, eyes half-closed in thought.

After a moment, the young man reaches for quill and parchment and begins writing a brief missive. A bemused grin, quickly gone, crosses his features as he recalls that not so long ago it was he issuing such requests back in Saerloon.

Having finished his letter, Matteo rises to his feet, stretching his arms to work out a kink in his shoulders. Buckling on his rapier, he goes looking for a messenger to deliver his letter to Lady Angruatil, giving the young man a silver piece, before heading down towards the docks to enquire about just when the next caravan from Amn, via Iriaebor, is due in.

The harbor is busy with the usual mercantile activities, though it is evident that the season is running towards the end. Matteo learns from some of the dockhands that two boats from Iriaebor are due this afternoon. Any next boats expected only the next day. Shortly after returning to his office, the elderly household servant of house Angruatil, Rohr, knocks on your door and enters. “A young lady wishes to see you Milord.”


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