Campaign Logs

The Xullrae Logs

By Xullrae Zauvir

Chapter 1 - Meetings and Acquaintances (part 13)

Xull'rae had not been given much time to herself, for within minutes of the meeting's end, a mental summons had come to her, from the human, Cogliostro. Knowing she would protest and tell him to fuck off in most cases, he mentioned a vague reference concerning Vesz'aun and Chessintra to her. Hopefully, that would work.

Meanwhile, his form sat at its usual seat atop the second story deck, within the Inn, his gaze drifting lazily about the two taprooms below, a snifter full of amber liquid resting idly within his grasp. Across from him sat a half-dazed drow male, who sported a large, intricate blue tattoo of a wasp upon his chest. The Bladesinger, known as Vesz'aun.

Frowning slightly, a bit frustrated with recent events, Cogliostro impatiently awaited the drowess' arrival.

Drazoul made his way back into the inn again at this time. Much was on his mind, his encounter with his connection and all the things he told him but he was careful to not to think about it once he got inside of the inn for fear Cogliostro might hear his thoughts.

Meanwhile in the Tower of the Masked Mage Xull'rae rolled her eyes at the 'summons', without retort she complied to the humans request, because she knew never to leave a twit in the company of a fool, because with that you would get a complete idiotic mess. She murmured to her handsome drow companion that she was needed elsewhere. She winked at him and then excused herself. Solufein looked slightly disppointed but nodded. His mouth twitched, verging on a frown but not quite making it. She bit back a sigh, she WAS attracted to him, but duties called her, a pact must be kept. She hoped the human wasn't frivilous.

So with a towel wrapped around her wet body she went to Horock's room. Without knocking, she walked right in, not caring what he was doing and told him to get ready, they were going to the inn. Whether he followed or not, she did not know because she left him abruptly to get dressed and leave..and leave without him at that if he wasn't ready by the time she was done.

As soon as she barged into his room, he looked up with a glazed expression in his eyes as he had just woken up. He had barely napped, but he did feel a little refreshed. He stumbled after her and waited outside of her room so that he could follow her to the Inn. He was groggy enough to blink several times, Xull'rae barged in his room in just a towel? Waiting out there, he realized he was not quite ready for all of this but, do this he must. He wished he could have been more awake to admire her with a towel and wet skin.

Horock had to stay sharp to keep up with Xull'rae, simply because when she came out of her room she was covered head to foot in her piwafwi and moving quite fast without seeming hurried in the least. Confident she strode and within ten minutes she had gone from the dark fortress to now the inn..strolling past the bouncers knowing exactly where the human would be and abruptly stood a foot behind him waiting in utter silence.

The stupor in which Vesz'aun now resided in, served to keep his sarcastic remarks in check for the moment, as well any futile attempts at gutting the human. It wasn't that his thoughts were not on such endeavors at the moment, rather that his body would not comply.

Scowling inwardly, his glazed over pools of crimson never left the impudent human's form. Having some semblance of intelligence, despite what most think of him, he ascertained that this was the human Xull'rae had mentioned earlier. The one forcing her into servitude. For that alone, if nothing else, the human would suffer. Sometime. Currently, however, his thoughts only strayed to the situation brought about by the events at that flying fortress they had just escaped. Idiotic as he could be at times, he realized all too well the peril that Chessintra and her minions could represent, and some small part of him wished that he had acted differently, for Xull'rae's sake. Only a small part of him.

The human had given a surly reassurance that the situation was under control, but he wasn't' one to trust a human, especially one that currently had him ensorcelled.

Drazoul's reappearance at the inn had caused some small ruckus among the crowd, hushed whispers being exchanged along with wary glances. The human had taken note of Drazoul's entrance as well, and figured the Halfblood would be coming to see him soon enough, as they had unfinished business.

When the drowess, pulling Horock in tow, arrived at the Inn as well, Cogliostro figured that the now exposed Yuan-ti would definitely be joining them. Sighing at the prospect of having to deal with them all at once, he allowed a contentedly resigned expression to fall over his being, as despite that, the drowess had actually answered his summons.

Sending out a simple command to one of the tenders, that drinks be brought for all who were to arrive, he then gazed lazily into his snifter, and waited. When finally the drowess came to rest behind his chair, he took a long draught of that amber liquid, and motioned to the empty seats nearby.

"Please, make yourself comfortable, we have matters to discuss." His gaze pointedly settled upon the Bladesinger at that point, whereupon he found it necessary to strengthen the sorcerous compulsions to keep said drow male in check. It seemed that indeed the Bladesinger had a certain zeal when it came to the redheaded drowess.

Xull'rae wasn't being difficult deliberately, but she declined a seat, to remain standing crossing her covered arms. She stood simply because body language was easy to pick up by observers who were watching. She knew that no matter how hard she tried she could not sit like a man and didn't want at this moment to seem like a woman.

Drazoul found the lady who had served him earlier and asked her, "where might I find Cogliostro?"

Busy as the waitress was, a smile, and a simple motion towards the deck were all the response that Drazoul was given. He smiled back and said his thank you and went towards the direction she pointed to and took a seat beside Horock.

Horock plopped down away from the human and Xull'rae, looking at the human with anger evident in his blue eyes. That is why I was woken up from my nap? To Talk? Xull'rae shouldn't cover up so much... Oh well, what could he do? Pushing the drowess out of his mind he just sat there and let his angry eyes look around the inn with suspicion as always. His gaze locked on Vesz'aun and frowned. Was this someone to add on? Judging from his look and dress he was a pretty boy and no doubt a priestess lapdog. Maybe he was the human's spy. He looked back at Cogliostro though, this one was more deserving of his anger.

"Mm, I'm glad to see you brought your companion with you, drowess." That oak brown gaze now drifted towards Horock. "Part of this conversation will apply to you as well. The Halfblood will be joining us shortly, I believe."

A new presence made itself known shortly after Cogliostro made his statement. Sszordrin never did simply walk onto a scene, not with all these shadows presenting themselves in every nook and cranny. So on that note, his figure might of been seen stepping forth into the said area, his garbs seemingly made from the same darkness in whence he came. Robes fell around his frame, swallowing, almost dimming the light around him, giving it an inky appearance. As always, crimson orbs were the first noticeable sign, peering over the others here with an arched, stark white brow. He didn't really get invited, but didn't see the need for invitations, not when he could waltz right in.

Detecting another presence, which had sallied forth from the shadows, a decided frown settled upon Cogliostro's countenance, causing a small pause, as he was about to begin discussing the matters at hand. Allowing for a small glance in the disguised Malaugrym's direction, he managed to speak in a civil and even enough tone. "My my, what impeccable timing. Please do come join us, Saer Xarann." Of course, there was that ever-present tinge of sarcasm within his voice. "Now, Xull'rae, aside from the Halfblood, are any more of your entourage going to join us?" His gaze now shifted to the cloaked woman his gaze annoyed.

Xull'rae snapped her tone full of venom. "Don't blame the mage's appearance on my ass Rivven! I have to bring the Newbie under orders. This shadowy cryptic thing," Waving her arm in the Malaugrym's direction, "is nothing of MY doing. If you have problems with him being here, then you have problems with the church take it up with the fucking Shadow Sorcerer..I don't feel like being here but I am. So I suggest you damn well dare push my buttons right now. That way I have cause to make a scene! Her tone dropped to a soft ominous pitch as the last part was spoken.

"Eloquently spoken as ever...." Cogliostro's bass voice had more than a hint of weariness to it. "Very well...and if you won't take a seat, at least have the decency to stand where I may view you."

Xull'rae snorted and retorted her tone icy now, "if you had better eyes you could. Trust me I can hear you quite well, and don't worry I won't kill you. I can't right now so I'll stay here so I don't have to look at your offensive face right now."

Cogliostro took a long moment to keep his anger in check, he managed to leave it at a simple sigh of resignation. "A lady you will never be. Have it your way, for now.

Xull'rae muttered in reply, "yes Drow never are. Not even those Dark Maiden bitches, though they do try."

Ignoring her latest comment, lest he allow his anger to slip, Cogliostro awaited for the others to gather round.

Drazoul stood closer to six feet then five he was very large and even though his body was full of muscle he did not look like a brute. He had a very fine and wiry look, one of speed and agility which might be overlooked by his large form. His body was covered by green scales with black intricate markings. He did not look to have much equipment on him but in truth was armed to the tooth. He had a snake head and the rest of his form was that of a very built human. He was calm and waited for the meeting to begin in silence.
Horock got up to only pull up another chair and sit down at the table. He glares at Cogliostro, and thinks to himself, What an idiot. Lets just get this over with. He then puts his elbows on the table and looks at the bald human with glazed over eyes, just in case the human decided to read him.

Xull'rae's irritated voice spoke up once more from the shadows, "will you just on with your important talk..instead of arguing with me..things WOULD go faster!"

The human wanted too much from her, she was here wasn't she? She did take note of Drazoul's new form but offered no comment at this time, it did prove her point that he was not drow.

"My, my...what a splendidly receptive audience." Offering a minor scowl to on one in particular, Cogliostro shrugged off the drowess' words as before, and quirked a brow in Drazoul's direction. After a moment, it dawned on him that one of their number actually had some semblance of manners. A smallest of polite, thin lipped smiles was given to the Yaun-ti. He motioned to one of the empty chairs at the table. "By all means, Saer Drazoul, do join us."

Now he spun that glance slowly to the others gathered, allowing that gaze to rest upon Vesz'aun's nearly inert form when done. "In case you were not yet aware, drowess, Chessintra was in the city. I'm sure you can figure out the why of the matter. And as you can see, your Bladesinging cohort has arrived as well." His gaze swept over everyone again making sure he had their attention before he continued. "Now, to expedite this conversation, there was a small, hm, incident between Chessintra and Vesz'aun. In the aftermath of said incident, I was forced to eliminate one of Chessintra's cohorts, and had to take her into my custody for a time. I would say that I've taken her prisoner, but that's such a, hm, derogatory word." He stood slowly now, casual of manner, and strolled towards the railing of the deck, turning finally to gaze upon Xull'rae. "Now, as it is your concern more than any here, I wish to know what you want done with Chessintra, and about the whole situation of her being here. I have taken the liberty of removing some of her memories already and have her wandering the Braeryn streets of Menzo."

Xull'rae giggled in a girlish a way that could only be described as delighted, still laughing she replied, "I would just kill her but I know you have a problem with that..and I'd be pinned for it I'm sure." She starts laughing again, "just send her back to her House in a daze. Confused and in complete bliss. With the thought that Vesz'aun here, screwed her seven ways till daylight, so that way she'll like him again and she'll get punished for not returning with what she was supposed to.

Drazoul nodded to the human and took a seat as the Xull'rae was speaking.

Cogliostro was slightly amused by the humor the drowess presented, he then offered up another of the polite smiles, though not one of any great mirth. "Mm, on the contrary, I have no objection to YOU killing her. However, I will comply with the second option if you so wish, as that would further delay the efforts of those in Menzo who are concerned with this matter."

Xull'rae nodded. "Indeed and it'd be fun!

Cogliostro's twin pools of oak brown then fell upon the dazed Bladesinger. "And what of him?"

Horock beginning to be impatient, decided to try to butt in politely. He raises his hand, and waves it in the air with a look of pure adolesence on his face and does so until Cogliostro acknowledges him.

"Yes, Saer Horock?" He indeed allowed for the intrusion, cutting off the drowess' response.

Horock realized his venture was a foolish one when he finally took notice he was possibly interrupting his teacher. He gave Xull'rae an apologetic and pleading look. When she nodded he spoke, "I was wondering, you said this concerns me, but how does it?" He asked this without a hint of sarcasm in his voice, as he really did want to know and was very curious as to why he was really here with all of these people in the room when it didn't appear to concern anyone other then his mistress Xull'rae.

Cogliostro's polite smile then did broaden a bit as he replied to Horock. "Whatever concerns the drowess now concerns you, if you have forgotten. But that aside, it does have a more personal note for you. The place where the incident between Chessintra and Vesz'aun occurred, is the very same where you will see that shadow daemon, if you so choose to hunt him down. And, in my humble opinion, you should set about doing just that." He pauses for a moment, his gaze traveling to the taproom behind and beneath Horock for but a heartbeat, then he looks upon the Drow male once more and continues, "As it stands, the demon has not reported to his, hm, 'employers', that you have been found. Whatever bargain had been struck, it is in said demon's best interest that he carry the task out himself. If he were to announce that you were found, but not captured, then, hm, competition could arrive upon the scene. I think you can figure out what I have left unsaid on your own."

Now thoroughly pissed off, Horock glares around the room in more suspicion. He looked at Drazoul, knowing this was not his family. Who then could the employers be? All this turning about in his mind and he was thinking so fast that he could not possibly analyze all that the thoughts floating around in his brain. Nevertheless, showing an unusual amount of restraint, he attempts to ask Cogliostro, "where would this place be? I suppose that I must take care of this demon. By myself if need be, but I would appreciate any assistance that you could provide Cogliostro." As he says this, he continues to look around the room, looking for anything that might seem unnatural at this minute. The memories of that fight, the coldness that had swept through his claws as he had hit the demon, returned to him, and for the first time in many years, he actually began to feel afraid.

He didn't know how he would take this beast on by himself, but he knew that he would if necessary. He thought that he could count on Drazoul, but he knew that in the Underdark, you never trust anyone fully, and the Yuan-ti may have something of his own to do.

Xull'rae took the time now to reply to Cogliostro about the Bladesinger before it was completely forgotten. Hmmm....let Vesz'aun retain full memory of what happened so he'll be careful around Chess next time..let him also know what you did to her. He's not extremely stupid, he'll know not to mess this up cause he'll be in trouble and so will I."

Cogliostro took in the drowess' suggestion, and offered a simple nod to her, 'ere turning his attention back to Horock but the Yuan-ti finally spoke up before the bald mage could reply, "so tell me who are his employers Xull'rae implied last time. If it was my family, but I guarantee you they do not employ or use such magic's so who then sent this creature?" His voice cold.

"I said it could be our family you nit wit not that they were!" Retorted Xull'rae, speaking calmly but assuredly to the snake like being.

His first reply is offered to Drazoul, and the words seem sincere enough, "I would suppose that it would be his own family, but I had not enough time to delve deeply enough to find out the truth of the matter as of yet.

"And I'm glad you see the wisdom in eliminating this problem, Saer Horock. I will indeed give you any assistance you ask for, though I feel that the problem can be dealt with by you and your companions here. As for the location, I will specify that when you are ready to make your move." Taking note of the drow male's mannerisms, he then added in, "there is no reason to be wary here, lest you are wary of your companions. I assure you that no harm will come to you in these halls, nor can anyone enter without my knowing."

Drazoul turned to Horock seeing distress in his eyes. Though Drazoul was worried, it would not be the first time he had to kill things beyond his skill. "Horock I shall aid you in this fight as I always have." He then turned to the drowess, "many pardons drowess."

Xullrae sniffed in distaste and Drazoul held his glare in check, now was the time to raise her anger, especially here where he couldn't slit her throat.

Maybe he offered up help too readily, but Cogliostro felt it was time to nurture some sort of "relationship" with each of them, as they would perhaps be forced to work together for some time to come.

Looking up at Cogliostro, Horock knew that for some reason he could trust the human to help him, for now. He didn't know what he wanted, but he knew that he could not do this without the help of those around. "I thank you for your candor. I would really like to take care of this as soon as possible. If it was sent by my family, then I need to know it. Please, as soon as you know where for me to go, let me know." As he said this, he offered a nod of thanks to Drazoul for continuing his commitment to his friend.

"Very well, I will find out what I can, and, if you comply by readying yourselves by the morrow, I will take you to the location at that time. Do not rush the matter to the point that error of any sort on your part may set in, however."

Drazoul seemed irritated about something and when Cogliostro gestured for him to speak he did so with bitterness in his tone. "Cogliostro I personally care more for how I am to harm this creature. My weapons were rendered ineffective against the minions of the shadow daemon and more so against him any suggestions or shall I have to go to the library?"

Cogliostro nodded with a grin, "With the proper spell, your weapons can easily be rendered effective, as they were before, but that is a temporary fix. If you have the coin, this city is the single greatest place to find yourself a better means of offense, whether it be by arcane item or spell. If you have a distinct lack of coin at the moment, I will perhaps loan out something appropriate to you." He gave the Halfblood a pointed glance, indicating that he did not find it prudent at the moment that their little arrangement come to the fore.

Xull'rae remained silent for now, just listening. Though her hooded gaze turned to look upon the Shadow Sorcerer's spy, wondering if the disguised Malaugrym was going to speak soon.

And speak he did, "the demon is my concern as well." There was a slight pause afterwards as he began to move a bit closer to the group, more importantly, where the human was settled. "I suppose I can accompany the three." Nimble, ebony digits curled beneath his chin to offer a thoughtful rub. "I will, of course let them fight their own battles, I simply need to speak with the demon before its demise." He couldn't help but chuckle at the situation, shaking his head solemnly. "Then, we need to have a small discussion ... alone."

Lean shoulders would raise, then fall. He made it out like a suggestion, but he had planned on going either way. He found it best to learn more of the rest of the ragtag party thrown together, since he felt them to hold a certain significance in the future.

Three...guess that means I'll be going..hmmm..." Xull'rae resists the urge to sigh, though she did shake her head not going to like this venture one bit.

"My, how generous of you." This time, Cogliostro's polite smile was tainted with a touch of sarcasm, offered up to the disguised Malaugrym along with the comment. He took fair note of the other mage's point, of excluding him from their further musings. "So there you are, Saer Horock. A complete entourage for your endeavors. It should be ample enough to carry the day against said daemon."

Drazoul while an accomplished assassin, and despite his bloodline did not know much about magic so what the mage said was lost on him, so he asked, "Cogliostro what spell might that be?"

A brow is now arched in the Halfblood's direction, and a slightly amused, and partly intrigued, smile is offered. "Ah, someone in need of some magic's, I see. Cogliostro then pauses slightly, not meaning it to be overly rude. "I will have a scroll sent to you later this eve, with a few such spells that may aid you in this situation." Her turns to go, as if to leave them then but stops and faces Xull'rae, a suggestion coming to mind. "Oh, drowess, don't forget your beloved. Perhaps he should accompany you all as well." He referred now to the Bladesinger, whom still had not said a word, nor budged an inch, though the glazed crimson's were alight with some strong emotion or another.

"Are you sure that's wise?" Xull'rae sounded incredulous. She actually didn't mind bringing Vesz'aun. At least she'd have a companion she moderately trusted and one that could provide protection and entertainment.

Horock blinks upon hearing Cogliostro stating that the pretty male was Xull'rae's and Beloved? Drow did not love. Looking at his teacher though he could tell she did not, she talked about the male like he was not there and he could tell that it was not a facade.

Drazoul stares at the human a moment pondering more then glaring. He nods to the human. "Your help has been much obliged but I did join this job to work for you, what do you gain out of this?" A small grin found its way on his face.

Though half mocking of tone whilst bringing up the unasked question, there lay within genuine curiosity as to how well...or not, as the case may be...the entire lot of them would work together. Again, a polite, reassuring smile is offered up as he replies, "one can never be certain, but I see no reason that his blade should not be brought to bear in Horock's questing."

Horock nods in agreement. "I appreciate all your help," he says. "What should I do to prepare? I just need to know, because I need to talk to this demon, it will not be fun to have my parents knowing where I am."" As he says this, he realizes that Cogliostro would only tell him what he thought that he should know. He may not like it, but that is the way it was.

"Mm, I had kept that quiet for your own sake, Saer Drazoul, but now that you've lain it upon the being in my employ, that is...think of this as a test of your measure as such. I have a want to know the capabilities and weaknesses of those I take under my wing."

Xull'rae sighed and answered Horock's question, "bring weapons, spells and prayer idiot. You're going into battle and you don't know how to prepare? How did you manage to survive so long if you ask such questions?"

Drazoul's grin only widens he nods showing he understands the scope of the situation.

"Mm, all the sarcasm aside, tis as simple as the drowess states, Saer Horock. Take this night to sift through that which you would find most useful against such a foe. Though you know not the daemon's entire nature, you should be aware enough of the basics when confronting such things." Cogliostro pauses again, peering at the Malaugrym for a moment. "And if you wish to know more, perhaps would be best to consult with Saer Xarann, as he is more knowledgeable of the Shadows than I."

Horock glares at Xull'rae, his expression sour. "Very well. I will do what you suggest, oh great mistress," he says to her in his most sarcastic, yet mockingly respectful voice. "Is this conversation over? If so, I have a small war to prepare for," he says to all gathered.

"Mm, I for one am done relaying my messages. So unless anyone else has a point of business that needs be discussed at the moment, by all means, depart, and prepare." He waves them all off.

Xull'rae, now peered at Vesz'aun in contemplation, studying him, dismissing Horock with an absent wave of her hand.

"I will release him in a short time, drowess." Says Cogliostro as he takes note that she is now scrutinizing the Bladesinger. "There are a few small matters he and I must, hm, discuss first. He will be ushered to the Tower later this eve, if that is your wish."

Xull'rae looked up at Cogliostro and nodded, ."do so after Horock leaves..We both don't need him to get the wrong idea."

Cogliostro nodded in agreement. "mm, aye, indeed. Very well. And the matter of Chessintra will be dealt with 'ere the waterclock strikes night's full bloom."

Xull'rae nodded once more, amusement evident in her voice. "Hmmm better let me usher him to the temple unless you give my brethren fair warning you are imposing him on them. As for Chessintra..I believe you, do be creative in implanting her memories."

Drazoul bowed before both figures of Xull'rae and Cogliostro. "Thank you Cogliostro now I must leave to prepare, I need to practice some throwing I'm looking to collect a demon head!" A twisted grin curled on his scaled face.

"Mm, aye, that I will." Cogliostro replied to Xull'rae, he then offers a knowing smile to the drowess, then shifts his gaze to Drazoul, returning the grin with one of a similar likeness, a nod offered up as well, "the scroll will be sent to your room within the hour."

Horock was fuming over Xull'rae's dismissal of him to fawn over the idiot Vesz'aun, and his did his best to shrug it off as he offered a reply. "Thank you very much," he says in a sarcastic tone. "I appreciate your messages Cogliostro, and I thank you for letting me know this so I could take care of it. Draz, I am walking back to the tower if you care to accompany me." With that, he walks down and into the street, heading towards the tower, the place that he now called home. All the while, he pondered why he was so angry of Xull'rae and Vesz'aun. Xull'rae was teacher, but she was also very attractive. Would she notice him though if he attempted to vie for her attention? And what of Vesz'aun? Horock was uncertain of the other males skill. He had to think on furthering his line later. First he had to survive and that meant he had to remove a Shadow Demon first. There would be plenty of time to pursue the drowess afterward. They did work together afterall. He sighed as he realized he was acting like a brainless twit. Xull'rae was so distracting! Shoving the red head from his mind he concentrated on plans to confront his enemy.

Xull'rae meanwhile strides slowly to the handsome Bladesinger, having a seat across from him, simply waiting. Still studying him, kinda liking him being quiet that she barely notices Horock leave.

Drazoul decides perhaps he would find better targets along the street then he would in his quarters. He follows Horock into the streets his hands itching with an excitement only seen when a big kill is to take place.

Cogliostro allowed his gaze to follow the two males as they departed, then he turned it back upon those remaining, silence offered at the moment. Lost in thought more or less, though he was observant enough of the drowess' "interaction" with the Bladesinger.

She cupped her hooded face with one hand, while the other reached out with her fingers to slowly trace the interesting tattoo on his chest. More out of boredom and curiosity rather then a lusty action.

"Mm, young love, what a splendid thing." The words quite dry of tone, though slightly humored as well, came from Cogliostro as he then turns to gaze upon the Malaugrym. "I see you have dallied, Saer Xarann. Anything you wish to discuss, or comments you wish to render upon us? Perhaps you would partake of that drink I offered earlier?" That in mind, he strides now casually to his seat, though he merely lifts his glass from the table, savoring the aroma of that amber hued liquid a moment 'ere partaking of no small amount.

The Malaugrym offers no reply, he simply fades within the shadows in silence.

Xull'rae ignores the humans comment with an exasperated sigh as a reply to his comment, otherwise she continued on like he had not said a thing.

"You'll get no response from him at the moment, drowess, as the magic's cannot be undone right now." Came another comment from Cogliostro. It was of course a lie that it could not be undone, but he felt the need to speak with the Bladesinger in depth 'ere allowing the two drow to converse or otherwise engage themselves.

"Didn't want it undone at the moment..kinda like him quiet..and I don't bed him..yet so this..manner for him is good.." Came Xull'rae's soft reply.

"Mm," the bald mage allows the smallest of chuckles to escape his lips, despite himself. "Well then, enjoy it for a while longer, as I have a short matter of business elsewhere to attend." Turning to leave now, he pauses for a moment, "were I in your shoes, I would make it a point to return to your family estate sometime soon, lest more suspicions be aroused." Now once more his footfalls carried him towards his office across the deck. "Fair eve to you, drowess."

Xull'rae frowns rising as he leaves, knowing he was correct. So she collected herself, tugged on one of the bladesingers braids before departing for the temple. Under her piwafwi she was wearing her Lloth priestly robes as she already planned to go there right after she left the tower, but the humans summons interrupted her.

A glance had been given in the Malaugrym's direction on the way out, though Cogliostro already knew that said entity had abruptly disappeared a short while ago. The time would come for them to face off in one way or another soon enough.

A number of emotions had played within Vesz'aun's being during the entire gathering, not the least of which was rage born of frustration...and an odd mixture of lust, and something "softer", a thing no self respecting drow would ever admit to, as the drowess had bestowed her gentle ministrations upon him.

After Xull'rae had disappeared from his limited field of view, however, the rage took over completely. His crimson pools trained on the human who was just now disappearing from view as well. Oh yes, that one would suffer dearly for today's transgression. Suffering only those in the Nine Hells could ever relate to. As for Horock, he would deal with him after the bald mage. For now, he could do nothing but wait.

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