Campaign Logs

The Xullrae Logs

By Xullrae Zauvir

Chapter 2 - The Web Begins to Weave

As the group parted ways, Xull'rae was on Sshamath streets. Cloaked as she was, and hence not identifiable of any one of importance, her trip to the Web was a rather uneventful one, taking some two score minutes to complete for the grand entrance to said building came into view. As usual, save for times of besiegement, the large twin double doors upon the dais which served as the sole entrance to the place were open and as always, a guard was posted to each side of said doorways. A few folk meandered into and out of the building, appearing to be nothing more than a handful of the devoted lay worshipers.

Even in this city, where priestly magic is largely scorned, and Lolth takes second seat to the ruling wizard council, there could be found those whom pay homage to the Queen of Spiders. No one, and nothing, of particular interest or concern came to Xull'rae's vision as she approached.

Before reaching the doors she let down her hood and threw open her piwafwi to show unmistakable coppery hair pulled up now in a top knot ponytail and to show her priestly robes, whose garment barely covered her to say the least. Though it did leave some mystery as to what size her bosom really was and how ample her behind was, her legs though were the ones totally exposed due to the fact two slits ran up either side. Regardless of her clothes though she walked with pure confidence onward not even giving the guards the time of day keeping her cold amber colored gaze straight ahead.

As was befitting, the guards promptly snapped to attention, and lowered their gazes downward as the priestess passed by, though no lack of protection came from such endeavors, as sentries posted above said entrance, hidden from plain view, kept vigil 'ere any in the streets beyond may wish to make a move against the drowess.

Upon entering the main foyer, decked with finery of all sorts, be it furniture or tapestries, there came to view some handful of nobles milling about, conversing softly on this topic or that. A handful of exits would take one to various locations in the complex from said foyer, and it was within the frame of one such exit that a familiar figure now lingered, though not one which would bring her any sort of joy, to say the least.

Draped in robes of deepest purple, trimmed variously with black, her most unfavored brother, Valas, now stood, his long, flowing mane of snowy white shifting ever so slightly as he turned now towards her, the silvered half mask which concealed the left side of his countenance coming to the fore, leaving her no doubt as to the man's identity. When said figure had fully come about in her direction, the single crimson orb upon the right side of his visage was peering upon her with a most darkly humored tinge, matching the maliciously cold smile which crept into place but moments afterward. Apparently, the male harbored some thoughts or another which brought about that smile, as he never smiled, save when he could get one up on his female siblings.

Glancing over his shoulder for a moment, into the hidden recesses beyond that doorway, his lips could be seen moving, shaping a few small words, then his form garnered all its attentions on the drowess once more. Soft footfalls carrying the House Wizard across the plush carpets, which matched his robes color for color.

Xull'rae smiled too, though hers was more uncaring yet mysterious at the same time, that showed the smirking male, no matter what he had in store, she would be fine. It was all about esteem, something she had, except when it came to looks. "Why Valas by the look of you, I'd say Umrae choked on her own blood and turned inside out and finally died." She approached him in a most whimsical manner. That smile never left her lovely face.

Managing to keep his own smile in place, Valas offered a respectful inclination of his head to her, though it was obviously mocking to a degree. "If only, dearest sister, if only...but I dare ask, why could you not think it borne of my gladness to see you back in our grand home, safe and sound as when you were ushered off?" Yes, Xull'rae was sure now that the drow male obviously had some angle or another going on, as most times he was a surly, snippety ass, even to the highest ranking females of the temple.

By virtue of his birthright, position, and usefulness, he was able to get away with many transgressions that other males would most assuredly be tortured and surreptitiously slain for.

Xull'rae snickered in amusement her sharp eyes glinted with humor. "Because you'd like to see all women dead, that's why. So please be yourself and be the blunt annoying asshole that I know it suits you better." She replied, studying him closely before she continued on, "by the way you're acting I'd say I'm in trouble..yes?"

That smiled remained for a moment longer, only to be replaced by a frown of consternation, then once again shifting to show some form of resignation, and finally there came to rest his nearly ever-present scowl upon that masked visage. The voice that accompanied said scowl was no longer charming, either, holding it's normal bitter, sarcastic tone. "I would rather have all women kneeling before me, worshiping and servicing me as I see fit. And you very well could be, yes, if I felt it necessary to betray the fact you've dallied in the city for some long hours now, without reporting in, when your orders were specifically to come here with great haste upon your return from the spider city." That scowl holds true for a moment longer, then he once more attempts to replace it with a sourly sweet smile, failing for the most part. "However, if you would do me but a small favor, I shall find it in my heart not to report such," he let it trail off with a gleam in his remaining good eye.

"Then go open a brothel," was her dry response to his female worshipping comment. Before he could retort, she continued, "and I can't help I'm late, a male took my interest and, well you know, well okay maybe you don't. Go ahead and report it as I am not going to suck your dick too, but if you want I will get on my knees that's entirely up to you." She gets prepared to do so with a look of absolute seriousness.

Once more, Valas scowls, though from the glint in his one good eye, it is not from disgust at the thought of her offer, not entirely, at any rate. "As if I would allow a red headed, orphaned street urchin like yourself ever touch me, and all I'm asking is that you talk some sense into that damnable brother of ours, the prissy asshole never listens when I try to reason with him, but you, oh, you. You he fawns over, doing your every fucking bidding. Gods, but you two make me sick!" He was all but spewing forth venom by the time his rant was done.

"Oh yes I forgot we are truly not related," now it was her turn to have bitterness in her voice, "hmm well oh well, I still wasn't going to suck your dick. By the way, do you even have one?"

Xull'rae now couldn't help but roll her eyes when he asked her for a favor and didn't even bother to explain, what he wanted Lesaonar to do. "Oh Les what has he done now, make fun of your mask again? I'll see if I can get him to do what you ask, AFTER you tell me what it is..?" She was upset at the urchin reference but lashed out with humor as it seemed the best weapon against the wizard instead of trying to kill or cause physical harm.

If glares could kill, the one offered to the drowess would have slain her lineage some score of generations back. Ebony skin darkened by rage, that mask reference, and the unspoken story of what lay beneath, indeed striking a nerve, he took a deep breath, trembling visibly as he did his best to reign in that infamous temper. Through clenched teeth, he managed to actually make a legible reply. "It...doesn' Just bat your golden fucking eyes at him, and tell him to heed my council, and the stick-up-his-ass 'paladin' will carry out the task all the same."

Xull'rae looked doubtful and replied with a tentive whine, "I dunno about that, but I'll try just because you look so..scary. Anyway where is he?" She stood on her tippy toes smiling girlishly. Leaning closer to him, she peered at him reaching out to touch his mask.

Valas stepped abruptly backwards as she leaned in towards him, a mixture of something akin to fear and rage creased his countenance, the colorless orb shrouded within that metallic mask aflame with arcane energy, he nearly lashed out at her, a spell of smiting already half formed and intoned.

Growling in frustration, he then spun about and stormed off from whence he came, the harsh reply spat out as he nearly stumbled over a couch on the way, "if there ever comes a time when you are not mother's favored child," He left the threat unfinished as within the next moment he curses aloud some incomprehensible profane remark, and that once grand couch is transformed into a smoldering pile of ash.

A loud huff is given to no one in particular, then he begins to walk swiftly away once more, though he is a tad bit more composed now. "Find him yourself, it shouldn't be hard, as he's usually got his nose up your damnable ass!"

She called after him, not daring to laugh as he stumbled. She did respect him no matter what he thought of her, "at least you see me as a sister now eh?" The female was given no reply, though she could be assured that he heard her, and that it angered him again, by virtue of the long string of curses coming to her keen ears, issuing forth from the hallway into which he disappeared, and from the small retinue of manservant's who were hastening out of said area.

Xull'rae giggled then, in spite of herself, when she knew he was out of earshot. Then she composed herself and put on her best tantrum face stomped her foot hard on the carpeted floor. "I don't feel like looking for him...LESAONAR! Come to the FOYER...NOW," she demanded loudly enough for almost the entire Temple to hear.

As quickly as they had ushered into the room, those very same manservant's hastened out once again. Fearful of her wrath as well. Much as those who had been milling about the area had done at some point during the conversation between brother and sister, it seemed, by virtue of the fact she was quite alone at the moment.

After a few moments, it seemed as if it would stay that way, as no one came to her aid. Apparently, her temper, like Valas', was somewhat legendary in local lore.

Xull'rae paced the foyer seemingly upset knowing he'd would come soon enough, if Valas's words held true, though she herself never saw Lesaonar fawn over her nor followed her around, but then again Valas always twisted things. She continued to pace to keep up the appearance of her tantrum, it was not hard for she DID have a temper..and she didn't want to be here.

Finally she huffed after five minutes at waiting and headed for the kitchens. Hissing at servants as she went and snapping her snake whip for effect, paying no attention to the finery she passed along the way.

All she crossed paths with, made sure to hasten away, or otherwise try to avert her temper elsewhere. Upon rounding the next corner, the one leading to the kitchen's common doorway, there came to her vision another of her family members, and it came as no real surprise, as the slightly plump, by drow standards at least, Ginifae could be found rummaging the kitchen's quite often. Wrapped up in some delicacy or another as she was, the slightly elder Zauviir daughter had not heeded the coming of Xull'rae for the moment. Another of the reasons most viewed the female as worthless, behind her somewhat pretty back, of course.

Xull'rae nearly faltered in her tantrum phase as she saw her plump older sister eating..AGAIN as usual, instead of giggling she kept an irritated look on her face and huffed loudly in exasperation. "Gin have you seen Les? I swear all males are useless at times...know where he is? please say you do?" She let her voice get a little whine to it. She was the youngest and in drow years she WAS considered in her mid teens, so she knew this "mood swing" was not uncommon to use and it would give the older sister something to toy with. Xull'rae hating playing these games, but sometimes survival called for it.

Ginifae's mouth still half filled with pastry, some of the white glaze making stark contrast to the obsidian skin around her mouth by virtue of her being a messy eater, Ginifae turns a rather droll gaze in Xull'rae's direction, licking her thumb clean and chewing whilst she speaks, distorting the words a bit, " I see that you have survived the trip. How wonderful. Just for you, my dearest of sisters," her tone quite mocking and demeaning, as Ginifae, being the older, and of actual Zauviir blood, saw herself as superior to the adoptee, "I will tell you that I know where he is, even though I do not. So..I know where he is. There, happy? Now be a kind little tramp and go away." She waved a plump hand in dismissal.

Xull'rae sighed and replied in a sneering tone. "Joy..well then I guess I won't tell you that Valas destroyed your favorite couch, it's ashes in the foyer," she stuck out her tongue to further annoy the female. "Yes, I've returned. Was I not supposed to dear, sweet and slender sister...?" Asked Xull'rae, her tone now the one mocking.

Having stuffed the remaining half of her pastry into that trademark, pouty-lipped mouth, Ginifae could not respond at the moment. Trying desperately now to chew and swallow, she offered the most hateful of glares to Xull'rae. Her form now rising from where it had been leaning against the kitchen door frame.

"Keep that look up and you'll match Valas in a beauty contest," commented Xull'rae. Watching in disgust as the food rolled around in the females open mouth.

At that point, Ginifae nearly choked upon the pastry, sputtering in anger, her little hands clenching into fists. Bits of food coming out of her mouth whilst replying, "you..impudent...little bitch!" She takes a pause to swallow some more. "With that red hair of yours, you already match his 'beauty'. Go get a dye job, and leave me alone!"

While the conversation grew tense, the yuan-ti Drazoul had seen the whole scene and credited himself for not cracking up. He wondered if he should summon his trusted dog but he feared if Gin saw the dog she might try to eat it. He did grin with that thought for if indeed she would eat his dog he would repay her and eat her for he was rather hungry and enjoyed the taste of Drow flesh a time or two. To match that hunger was the need to use the bathroom he had to much to drink.

The conversation continued and it was Xull'rae who spoke, "as you wish oh great sputtering one, though you may want to say it and not spray it next time," she gave a meek appearance her tone still mocking though and began to resume her search for the weapon master, giving her sister an obscene gesture for the statement of her hair with a darkly humored smile.

Fuming with anger, Ginifae then abruptly reached out towards the silvered platter upon which a pile of the aforementioned pastries now rested, grabbing one up hastily, and tossing it at Xull'rae. However, lacking the requisite weapon skill to use such with any great accuracy, she of course missed by a long shot and in the process, her abruptness had caused the pastry platter to tip over. Sending many of them sprawling into the confines of the kitchen. The platter crashed loudly upon the floor. Which, of course, drew even more stares from those gathered in the dining hall nearby.

"You had better eat them off the floor before the servants come to clean it up, because you know they'll just throw them all away." Xull'rae called after her sister as she prepared to round the corner.

Turning quite a shade darker than normal, due to embarassment and rage, Ginifae then stormed off, much like Valas did, her whiny voice screaming out at the servants about the terrible pastries, in a feeble attempt to cover up her own ineptness.

Drazoul saw that Ginifae left and waited a few moments then resumed his course and followed Xull'rae, using the most silence and stealth he pocessed to get past the large drowess. If she spotted him he would exchange his dog for passage and what a scene it would make when she tried to cook the animal as it dissipated into a puff of smoke.

Xull'rae had gotten no response, and Drazoul had no need to worry about the plump one any longer, she having stormed away quite briskly.

To keep up appearances Xull'rae got "annoyed" again. Grabbing a nearby servant and slammed him against the wall, a look of murder on her attractive face. "Has no one here, heard me call for the damnable Weapon Master where in the ABYSS IS HE?"

The servant releases a soft cry of shock, followed by a quick grunt of pain upon being slammed summarily into that offending wall. Stammering, forgetting to look away for a moment, then servant then lowered his gaze quickly, and prayed inwardly that the drowess would not kill him as he answered. "I..I..forgive me, Jabress, I du..don't know."

Xull'rae brought the snake headed whip on him for emphasis it cutting into his scalp as she whacked him on the head with it. It most assuredly stung but it was not extremely painful. "THEN GO FIND OUT and I'll let you live, you blubbering fool. Now GO..I don't have all day and neither do you! Her tone did not leave room for any back talk, she drew back the whip, ready to strike again if he didn't move quickly.

Holding in a cry of pain, the now bleeding servant squirms away, leery that another blow will be struck 'ere he can get away from the enraged drowess. Xull'rae sighed, having nothing to do but wait now.

Having a twisted sense of humor at times, and a morbid curiosity, the human, Cogliostro decides that he will toss yet another random factor into the events at hand, his ageless visage currently scrying in upon the scene from his hidden sanctum.

Reaching out with his mind and magic's, it takes not much effort to whisk the comatose Horock upon the scene, placing that sleeping body in a position very close to the currently stealth oriented Halfblood.

Drazoul sees a snoring form and almost slips his dagger into the creature who he realizes is none other than Horock. His eyes grow wide but then he thinks to himself man I must really need to go to the bathroom. He was about to walk away but he decided to make sure so he took one of his daggers and took the side of it and lightly slapped it across the sleeping form.

Laying there in his comatose state, Horock didn't even budge, even as Drazoul bumped him, he could distinctly hear Horock mutter, ""No! No! Not the mushroom people!!! Keep them away!!! No!!!" After this, he rolled over and continued sleeping.

The Yuan-ti glared at the drow form, now knowing it was Horock, for only one drow in all of the Underdark would sleep when a dagger was right in his face. He decided to let Horock know that his true danger was not the mushroom men but the yuan-ti himself.

He cuffed Horock's mouth and nose and spoke before he delivered a not to soft punch to the stomach he spoke. "I'll give something worse then mushrooms you stupid drow! What are you doing here?" His voice a whisper.

Horock, barely able to contain himself, looks up at his friend, dazed and confused and in pain. "Huh? What are you talking about? I am in bed you dumb lizard."

He looks around and notices that he is actually NOT in his bed. Turning bleary eyes to look at Drazoul, he asks the question, "what am I doing here? Huh?" Slowly, he looked around, he didn't know where he was, and almost went back to sleep. What was he going to do now? Still half asleep, he attempts to get up, and actually falls over from the effort. Looking up at Drazoul, he asks, "where are we? Why am I looking at a face only a mother could love when I wake up?" Still too tired to realize what he was saying, he shakes his head, hoping to clear some of the cobwebs from his mind.

"Snake, elf not lizard." Drazoul delivers an evil grin, it would seem you were teleported here. We are in the Zauviir household, and I was following Xull'rae. Now get up and lets get to some mischief. For your information I was a big snake charmer back home." Slowly getting to his feet, he looks at Drazoul skeptically. "Puh. Yeah, I am really sure about that. And I am the matriarch of household De'ath. What did you have in mind oh mischievous one?"

Another thought entered Drazoul's mind as the drow made the insult about his appearance, perhaps he would set up Horock on a BLIND date with a certain chubby drow female if he wasn't careful. "Lets follow the Xull'rae further and see what happens," came his flippant reply as he tosses the drow two of his daggers and smiles maliciously. He used "the" like a title fror the drow female.

Looking at his friend stupidly, Horock asks, "why are we here again?" Being tired, he had a short attention span, but followed his friend anyway.

"I am here because I am following a certain drowess you are here because," he pauses a moment, "just be quiet and follow SILENTLY."

Looking wearily at his friend, he replies, "Oh, okay." and creeps along the corridor as quietly as his tired body would allow.

"You two are complete morons," Came Xull'rae's voice, when both looked around wildly, they spotted her with the snake whip in both hands holding it taunt..a few feet in front of them. How she snuck up on them, neither could guess. Drazoul cursed softly for allowing himself to be distracted by Horock.

"So how do you two want to die, dear spies..?" smiling maliciously, it made her oddly appealing.

Drazoul cursed again this time at his luck and decided perhaps this was one of those situations where running would be the best option. He prepared to make an escape if need be and fingered his onyx dog.

"Huh?" Horock asked looking right at her. He then looked over at Drazoul, he says "Why didn't you tell me we were following her? I just appear here, and this happens?" Looking over at Xull'rae, he sees her smile and smiles back. "Hmmm. Have I ever seen you angry before? Cause you look even prettier when you are angry..." His eyes were still half closed. All of this could be attributed to his being woken up from his deep sleep. As he began to regain conscience, he thought to himself, Oh by the gods. What did I just say?

Drazoul grumbles at hearing Horock and thinks of a second plan quickly, "Drowess I was sent by the human with a message.

But Xull'rae wasn't listening, she smiled all the more. "Have I told you what we females do to males..I'm guessing you have never had done the game called the Spider's kiss...mmm?" She looks at Drazoul in utter confusion then anger. She had to now put on stronger airs now that these idiots were here. "What human? and what are ugly thing...?"

Looking at her curiously, Horock replies, "No, I have not. What is this game? Care to explain?" He cursed inwardly again, he sounded stupid even to his own self. He would not be a simpering fool for this woman, no matter how beautiful she was. She wanted strong hard men, men she could respect. He would be one of them one day.

Drazoul does manage to produce a small smile, knowing very well about the "game" having to study about them in his guild. "You may save that pleasure for Horock as for who I am?" He displays his ring, knowing well the plan could and would most likely backfire but he could always run and no matter how fast the drowess was, he was sure he could out run her with his enchanted boots.

Xull'rae gave them a hateful and suspicious look. "Hmmm no. All I see are intruders." She cracked her scourge viciously, almost hitting the Yuan-ti, deliberately missing. Her voice boomed throughout the temple. "GUARDS SEIZE THEM!" At that sound, and the whip coming so close, Drazoul uses his extraordinary born speed with his magical boots and bolts in the other direction. Glad but smug that she missed him.

Being in a rather low security zone, there were no guards in the immediate vicinity, though a handful of kitchen servants, and others, rushed into the hall at her words, just in time to see the blur of movement disappearing round a corner, that blur being Drazoul and to see the slightly taken aback Horock.

As Xull'rae was speaking, Horock realizes she was serious and was going to cause them harm. He had to remind himself that she had to keep up a ruse. She was in Lolth garb so he must be in a Lolth temple. So she had every right to kill them both. She was a Masked Traitor, but would she kill in the name of Lolth to hide what she really was? He didn't think too long on it because if he didn't move it could his last thought and he didn't want to find out the intensity of her two conflicting faiths.

He begins a small prayer, and casts the priest spell expeditious retreat. Backing up rather quickly, he used his sword to keep all back and away from him. He keeps an eye on where he was going as he was backing away.

Drazoul, upon rounding that corner could do little to keep from slamming into a guard of sorts who happened to be on his way here, looking for Xull'rae. With a dull thud, which nearly caused him to stumble from his feet. Drazoul could do little but take note of the rather tall, armored drow male that he went crashing into. Whose snowy white hair was pulled into a single, concise braid. Said armored figure was taken completely by surprise, and as such did fall on his arse from the impact, though he rolled out of it readily enough, coming to rest on his feet in a crouching stance some heartbeat later. Twin longswords drawn at the defensive, crimson pools peering around erratically as he tries to find his assailant, it was probably round the next bend by now.

These two were complete idiots this was her home but a Temple of Lloth as well, Horock SHOULD KNOW my duty as a Masked Traitor and should have advised his companion to retreat long ago, she thought to herself. She on the other hand had a reputation and charade to uphold and went after the would be intruders in a furious rage.

The yuan-ti never looked back he merely kept his course up but did draw two daggers incase he ran into trouble he would let them fly with deadly accuracy.

"One is a drow male and the other seemed reptilian in nature," she said to a guard who asked for the descriptions of the intruders. She went jogging in the direction Drazoul went, but she wasn't speedy on purpose so they COULD have a chance to escape.

Horock, still waving his long swords at the people, also takes off down the corridor his friend just left, using the spell and his own natural athleticism to increase his speed to its full intention.

Drazoul had escaped the armored male's view readily enough...however, Horock rounded the corner just as Lesaonar, the armored warrior, had come to his feet. He too had his blades at the ready. However, taking note that this one too seemingly ran with the speed of the wind itself, Les didn't try to stand in the way, nor stop him. Instead, he lowered one of his blades to his chest, so that he could touch and activate one of the magical brooches which draped from the bit of cloak that rested upon his shoulder. It would take but moments to alert all the guardians of the complex.

Xull'rae spotted Lesaonar just standing there, she caught up with her brother and promptly cuffed him hard on the side of the head. "Where the fuck have you been?"

Horock meanwhile, sees a drow with two blades as he speeds by him and touches something on his chest. Thinking Oh shit, he stops after he rounds the nearest corner. He remembers looking at the other drow in this place, and remembers what they were wearing. Using one of his skills, Horock finds some guards clothes and disguises himself as one of the complex guards. Once this is complete, he uses his Change self priest spell to make himself look different so that no one in the Temple would be able to tell that it was him. He still remained a drow, but a little darker of skin, different colored eyes and hair. Not even Drazoul or Xull'rae would recognize him he knew. He walked down the corridor, looking like he was on duty. He would wander around for a bit until he found the exit.

Having turned his full attention upon the male running swiftly by, Lesaonar never saw Xull'rae coming, and hence was taken completely by surprise. The blow she delivered landing hard enough to make him flinch and reel back a step. Trained reflex aused his blades to come round, meaning to bear them against his foe, but the familiarity of the voice came to him readily enough, and he promptly lowered them, falling to one knee in a form of submission and apology. "Forgive me, sis-- Priestess," Lesaonar was ready to be punished, as was appropriate.

Upon winding his way briskly towards the exit, Drazoul was rather pleased by the results of such swiftness, none able or willing to stop him thus far. However, as the main entry foyer came into view, he saw some dozen guards with weapons drawn, all standing wait, intent on stopping the infiltrator. Horock's plan, while taking a bit longer, nevertheless seemed to be working for the moment, as none questioned him.

Xull'rae giggled then promptly cleared her throat to cover it. "Get up..intruders are here but I think the guards and other priestesses can handle it, I actually need to speak with you. Come lets head to the foyer as we converse."

The both walked quickly towards the foyer as to not be seen as slacking by simply taking their time.

Drazoul summoned his dog which he ordered to attack the middle most guard while the guard would fend off the dog he would let two daggers fly to the nearest guards thus creating a small enough opening to get past.

Walking along, Horock notices his friend killing two guards, and running through their ranks. As soon, as he got through, Horock ran past the guards past the guards saying "I will catch him!! Get the other guy!! I heard that he was coming down this hall too!!" Running after him, Horock got outside into the nearest allyway and catches his breath. He takes off the disguise, turns the spell off, and goes home to bed. Once, in bed, he dreamt of those damn mushroom people again... Why wouldn't they leave him alone?

The rather off-kilter escape plan that they carried off served its purpose, carrying them both to the relative safety of the street beyond, their enhanced speeds whisking them from arrow range within seconds. For now, they were safe..but one never knew when such an occurrence as tonight would come back to haunt them.

Xull'rae of course lingered behind the escapee's, she strolled along, for that was what her pace was, strolling she looked upon her taller male sibling, I actually did not need you, I actually just wanted to speak with you." Upon seeing his quizzical expression she smiled in irony and seduction as shook her head, now don't get mad at me. I'm being blackmailed by Valas, he said he would report that I was late getting back. In exchange I told him I would talk to you to try and convince you that whatever Valas said to you is the smarter, better way. He said you disagreed. So you see..thats my situation and now I'm done 'convincing' you." Her sultry smile turned smug at the thought of Valas. She never promised that Les would ever agree, she just said she'd try to convince him, not make him do what Valas wanted.

A long stare was offered to her through it all, then a single white brow arched in query as he turned away, his crimson orbs narrowing a bit, and a slight frown forming upon his visage, as he contemplates the matter. Then, with a slight shake of his head, he turns to regard her once again, his gaze lowering to the floor soon after, as if he had forgotten once more about the obeisance, due to the fact of how "friendly" she tended to act around him. "Very well, Priestess, my gratitude for passing such along."

Xull'rae was curious so she nudged him and asked, "so..what did he say to you anyway? kill us all off?"

Silently he signaled out an order to the guards gathered at the foyer, which was now just coming into view. He responded without looking her way, "though that would not be out of the question with him, that was not it. Tis nothing worth speaking on at the moment," a slight pause was given as he considers the situation at hand. "Hm, two dead, looks like another one or two wounded. I have ordered our best tracker to hound them down for us, it will only be a matter of hours till we have the transgressors," he assures her in complete confidence and seriousness.

"Who cares? I was just pissy they commented on my hair, for all I know they were probably servants..though I swear I would have remembered us hiring a snake man." Xull'rae frowned in irritation yet puzzlement and shrugged.

"Mm, so that was a Yuant-ti. Yes, that would be something none of us would forget about, to be sure." Now Lesaonar turns to regard her diminutive form, staring at her breasts more so than her feet, by virtue that he is a male after all. "Now, shall I escort you to the family chambers? No need to seek out the Matron at this time. She is away on business until the day after tomorrow. Another reason to despise that wretched cur Valas even more."

Xull'rae actually was oblivious to his staring at her bosom barely noticing the downward glance, taking it as submissiveness and looking at her feet, she chewed her pinky finger thoughtfully, a yuan-ti? Aren't they unsociable? Why would they come here..? Her aloud thoughts were interrupted as Lesaonar spoke, so she replied absently, "hmm? Family chambers..? Yeah I do need a bath, I do so hate travelers and their smells one thing I hate about this city and going out of the temple." Her face turned pouty and continued on, "as for Valas I'm just thankful he incinerate the couch instead of me...he's so testy." She shook her head, perhaps in disappointment, maybe relief.

"Perish the thought that you smell malodorous, Priestess, far from the truth that is," Spoke up the Weapon Master. He giving a slight cough as he then turns, facing the direction of the Zauviir Estate proper, waiting for her. "And yes, testy would be the kindest way of putting it...."

Xull'rae snickered then, "did you know he wants all women to bow to him, but when I tried to, he changed his mind..he's more finicky than mother I swear!" She shrugged her small shoulders snickering some more, "I'd bow before him before I would my sisters anyday..." She once again strode in the direction of the family chambers with such graceful confidence then, her thick pony tail flowing behind her.

"Do we have any new bath oils yet? Or did fat rothe girl use them all?" She was of course, referring to Ginifae to a rothe.

Despite himself, he cracked a most humored smile, though he hoped no one saw. Clearing his throat, he then answered, still unable to keep the humor out. "The, hm, hefty Priestess did not use the ENTIRE store of oils, no..." Xull'rae snorted and laughed lightly, " are TOO generous Les..just for your obedience and generosity you can help wash my hair." She nudged him with an approving smile.

One could almost say Lesaonar blushed, though what exactly caused such an occurrence could only be put up for conjecture at the moment. " My, my, you do reward generosity well, Priestess." Traces of a smile were offered up, and the banter continued on into the eve.

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