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 [3.5e] Revised Deities: Myrkul, Lord of the Dead
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Posted - 16 Jun 2024 :  07:39:00  Show Profile Send LordofBones a Private Message  Reply with Quote  Delete Topic
Lord of the Dead, Lord of Bones, the Reaper, Old Lord Skull, Lord of Death, the Deathless Lord of Death
Greater Power of the Gray Waste
A white human skull face-on against a black field or a reaching white skeletal hand in white on a black field, (in recent years, either symbol usually shown on an inverted black shield with a continuous border of white, stylized human fingerbones)
Realm Bone Castle (Hades/Oinos)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Aliases N’asr (among the Bedine)
Superior none (AO)
Allies Bane, Bhaal, Kiaransalee, Shar, Talona
Foes Chauntea, Lathander, Labelas Enoreth, Mielikki, Segojan Earthcaller, Sehanine Moonbow, Urogalan
Servants Jergal (seneschal); Akachi the Betrayer (former Chosen), Araman, the Horned Harbingers
Servitor Creatures allips, angels of decay, bhuts, blasphemes, bloodhulks, boneclaws, bonedrinkers, boneyards, corpse creatures, corrupted creatures, crawling apocalypses, crows (normal and fiendish), cursts, deathbringers, deathshriekers, death knights, dreads, entropic reapers, ghosts, gravewyrms, grimweirds, hellhounds, leopards (normal and fiendish, always black), liches (normal and demiliches), night riders, nighthaunts (all types), nightmares, panthers (normal and fiendish, always black), ravens (normal and fiendish), serpentirs, skeletons, shadows, shadows of the void, skull lords, spectres (often carrying scythes), winterwights, worms that walk, wraiths (normal and dread, often carrying scythes), zombies (normal and juju)
Manifestations a swooping human skull with blazing lights for eyes; a disembodied flying skeletal arm that can point, gesture or wield a scimitar
Signs of Favor deepest red roses that look black and crumble into dust when touched; jet, obsidian, onyx
Worshipers the bereaved, embalmers, the elderly, gravediggers, intelligent undead, morticians, mourners, necromancers, pale masters, relatives of the recently deceased, those who desire power beyond death, those who fear the afterlife, those who revere the cycle of dawn and dusk, true necromancers
Cleric Alignments LE, NE, CE
Specialty Priests Gray One
Holy Days Day the Dead are Most With Us
Important Ceremonies Dusking, Flagons of the Fallen
Portfolio the dead, decay, wasting, corruption, parasites, old age, exhaustion, dusk, autumn
Domains Corruption, Death, Decay, Evil, Fate, Pestilence, Suffering, Time
Favored Weapon Reaper’s Smile (scythe)

Male Cleric 16, Necromancer 25, True Necromancer 14, Master Necromancer 10
NE Medium Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar)
Divine Rank 17
Init 46, Supreme Initiative; Senses 17-mile-radius; Listen 90, Spot 90; remote sensing (20 locations), portfolio sense
Aura divine aura (Will DC 78), major zone of desecration (140 ft); Languages can communicate with any living creature; Dark Speech

AC 94, touch 64, flat-footed 76 (+19 deflection, +18 Dex, +17 divine, +30 natural); improved uncanny dodge; can never be caught surprised or flat-footed
hp 1,522 (16d8 + 35d4 + 14d6 plus 1,170), divine shield 21/day (170 hp); DR 40/epic, good and cold iron
Immune ability damage, ability drain, antimagic, banishment, cold, critical hits, death effects, disease, disintegration, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, fire, imprisonment, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects), paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation, and turning; healed by negative energy
Resist electricity 37, sonic 37; SR 81
Fort 88 Ref 83 Will 94

Speed 60 ft. (12 squares), fly 60 ft. (perfect)
Melee Reaper’s smile 108/108/103/98 (62 plus 18 cold plus 14 against living plus 12 against good outsiders plus 2 physical ability score drain plus 8 negative levels/19-20/x4 plus 72 cold plus 30 negative energy plus 60 against good outsiders plus 8 physical ability score drain plus 10 negative levels) or
Melee unarmed strike 92/87/82/77 (72 divine plus 72 unholy plus fleshrot [Fort DC 78]/20/x2) or
Melee spell 92 or
Ranged spell 91
Base Atk 58; Grp 77
Atk Options Battlecaster Offense, Cleave, Great Cleave, Holy Potency, Improved Combat Reflexes, Power Attack; corruption touch 17/day (ignore the hardness of any object during an attack), death touch 17/day (kill a creature with less than 390 hit points as a melee touch), decay touch 17/day (1d4 Con damage to a living creature or 77 damage to undead, objects or constructs), suffering touch 17/day (-2 to Str and Dex as a melee touch attack)
Special Actions alter reality, divine blast (420 damage) 21/day, major school esoterica 3/day, rebuke evil outsiders, undead and unnaturally long-lived creatures 21/day as a 69th level cleric (turning check 64, turning damage 100); Negative Energy Burst, Zone of Animation
Combat Gear reaper’s smile

Divine Spell-like Abilities (CL 65th or 69th for necromancy spells; +1 evil spells, +4 necromancy spells, +8 [death] spells)
At will – animate dead, antilife shell, augury, bane (DC 46), bear’s endurance, befoul, bestow curse (DC 48), blasphemy (DC 52), blight (DC 50), blindness/deafness (DC 47), cause fear (DC 46), contagion (DC 48), contingency, create greater undead, create undead, curse of lycanthropy (DC 51), death knell (DC 55), death ward, desecrate, despoil (DC 54), destruction (DC 60), dispel good (DC 50), doom (DC 46), energy drain (DC 54), enervation, eyebite (DC 52), feeblemind (DC 50), foresight, geas/quest, gentle repose, greater teleport, harm (DC 51), haste, horrid wilting (DC 54), freedom of movement, insanity (DC 52), magic circle against good, mark of justice, mind blank, moment of prescience, morality undone (DC 49), otyugh swarm, permanency, plague of rats, plane shift (DC 50), poison (DC 49), pox (DC 51), protection from good, ray of enfeeblement, scourge (DC 52), slay living (DC 58), status, summon monster IX (evil creatures only), summon swarm, symbol of pain (DC 53), time stop, true strike, unholy aura (DC 53), unholy blight (DC 49), vision, wail of the banshee (DC 62), withering palm (DC 52).

True Necromancer Spell-like Abilities (CL 69th)
1/day – horrid wilting (DC 37), wail of the banshee (DC 38).
2/day – create greater undead, create undead.

Cleric Spells per Day (CL 30th or 71st for necromancy spells; 47th vs SR or 88th for necromancy spells; +1 evil spells, +8 [death] spells; 3 quickened spells/round; all spells are maximized and quickened; all necromancy spells are intensified and reaping)
21st (3+1/day) – chained heightened destruction (x2) (DC 89), enhanced chained heightened greater harm (DC 77), chained heightened feeblemind (DC 70) (D).
20th (3+1/day) – heightened imprison soul (DC 85), chained heightened insanity (DC 69) (D), heightened smiting withering palm (x2) (DC 82).
19th (3+1/day) – heightened blasphemy (DC 73) (D), chained heightened bodak’s glare (x2) (DC 89), heightened repeated ravage (DC 81).
18th (3+1/day) – empowered enervated heightened repeated greater harm (x3) (DC 74), empowered enervated heightened repeated pox (DC 76) (D).
17th (4+1/day) – heightened destruction (x2) (DC 88), heightened scourge (DC 80) (D), heightened smiting slay living (x2) (DC 87).
16th (4+1/day) – repeated twinned energy drain (x2) (DC 72), enervated intensified mass flesh to salt (DC 59), heightened repeated pox (DC 79) (D), fell draining intensified wretched blight (DC 61).
15th (4+1/day) – heightened repeated blood to water (x2) (DC 75), enervated heightened reached smiting harm (D) (DC 74) (x2), enhanced repeated heat drain (DC 71).
14th (4+1/day) – heightened reached death by thorns (DC 75), heightened familiar geas (DC 66), heightened insanity (DC 66) (D), chained twinned soul scour (x2) (DC 68).
13th (5+1/day) – twinned energy drain (x2) (DC 72), enhanced enervated ravage (x2) (DC 72), heightened scourge (DC 76) (D), intensified weight of sin (DC 60).
12th (5+1/day) – intensified boreal wind (DC 57), chained heightened eyebite (DC 74) (D), heightened sarcophagus of stone (x2) (DC 64), heightened snare astral traveler (x2) (DC 64).
11th (5+1/day) – enhanced extended blade barrier (DC 58), fell draining repeated cometfall (DC 58), heightened condemnation (DC 63), reaching twinned harm (x2) (DC 69) (D), enervated storm of vengeance (DC 61).
10th (5+1/day) – intensified flesh ripper, empowered extended greater aura of cold, enhanced harm (x2) (DC 69) (D), chained leech undeath (DC 70), empowered mass inflict critical wounds (DC 73).
9th (8+1/day) – anathema, despoil (DC 63), energy drain (DC 72), gate, implosion (DC 61), imprison soul (DC 74), foresight (D), plague of undead, storm of vengeance (DC 61).
8th (8+1/day) – bodak’s glare (DC 81), dimensional lock, extended greater consumptive field (DC 80), heat drain (DC 71), mass inflict critical wounds (x2) (DC 71), pestilence (DC 73), extended ravenous darkness (DC 70), unholy aura (D) (DC 62).
7th (8+1/day) – blood to water (DC 70), greater harm (DC 70), mark of the unfaithful, plague (DC 72), planar bubble, withering palm (x2) (D) (DC 70), wretched blight (x2) (DC 61).
6th(8+1/day) – antilife shell (D), energy immunity, ghost trap, harm (x2) (DC 69), mass frostburn (DC 69), mass make manifest, thousand needles (DC 60), wind walk.
5th (10+1/day) – bewildering mischance (DC 57), bleed (DC 68), charnel fire (DC 70), divine retribution (DC 57), door of decay, manifest death (x2), manifest life, mass contagion (DC 72), slay living (D) (DC 76), soul scour (DC 68).
4th (10+1/day) – alliance undone, consumptive field (DC 77), discern lies (DC 56), divine power, frostburn (x2) (DC 67), morality undone (DC 58) (D), pronouncement of fate (DC 67), wall of pain (DC 69), wrack (x2) (DC 69).
3rd (10+1/day) – attune form, bestow curse (DC 55) (D), black sand (DC 67), briar web (DC 55), circle of nausea (DC 57), darkfire, invisibility purge, know vulnerabilities, mantle of evil, slashing darkness (x2).
2nd (10+1/day) – avoid planar effects, black karma curse (DC 54), boneblast (DC 62), curse of petty failing (DC 62), death knell (DC 70) (D), divine interdiction (DC 54), execration (DC 62), mark of judgement (DC 62), protection from positive energy, rigor mortis (DC 62) (x2).
1st (11+1/day) – angry ache (DC 61) (x2), bane (DC 53) (D), curse water, deathwatch (x2), dispel ward, divine favor, entropic shield, glimpse of fear (DC 53), painless death, protection from good.
Orisons (6/day) – guidance, inflict minor wounds (x2) (DC 63), no light, slash tongue (x2) (DC 54).
*D = Domain spell

Necromancer Spells per Day (CL 49th or 71st for necromancy spells, 66th vs SR or 88th for necromancy spells; +1 evil spells, +8 [death] spells; 3 quickened spells/round; all spells are maximized and quickened; all necromancy spells are intensified and reaping)
21st (4/day) – chained heightened moilian heartfreeze (DC 81), heightened necrotic termination (DC 86), chained heightened touch of death (DC 89), heightened wail of the banshee (DC 92).
20th (4/day) – enhanced intensified burst of glacial wrath (x2) (DC 61), enervated heightened moilian horrid wilting (x2) (DC 81).
19th (4/day) – heightened moilian avascular mass (DC 92), fell draining heightened moilian avasculate (DC 90), enervated fell draining intensified polar ray (x2).
18th (4/day) – enhanced enervated heightened moilian horrid wilting (DC 75), heightened trap the soul (DC 70), heightened soul bind (DC 81), heightened wish (DC 70).
17th (5/day) – empowered enervated fell draining repeated blackfire (x2) (DC 73), extended heightened karmic curse (DC 68), heightened mind rape (DC 71), heightened necrotic tumor (DC 82).
16th (5/day) – intensified burst of glacial wrath (DC 61), chained enhanced heightened fleshshiver (DC 72), chained heightened reaching mummify (x2) (DC 75), intensified time stop.
15th (5/day) – repeated twinned avasculate (x2) (DC 80), chained heightened gutwrench (DC 85), chained heightened solipsism (DC 64), heightened twinned stun ray (DC 63).
14th (5/day) – chained repeated flensing (x2) (DC 63), enhanced empowered moilian horrid wilting (DC 71), heightened steal life (DC 79), empowered enervated heightened smiting touch of the graveborn (DC 72).
13th (6/day) – extended heightened entomb (x2) (DC 64), chained twinned heartfreeze (DC 69), heightened necrotic eruption (DC 78), twinned wail of the banshee (DC 80).
12th (6/day) – heightened avasculate (x2) (DC 85), intensified cloudkill (DC 57), intensified cone of cold (DC 57), enhanced horrid wilting (DC 71), enhanced zajimarn’s field of icy razors (DC 60).
11th (6/day) – heightened bestow greater curse (DC 74), twinned energy ebb (x2), chained heightened necrotic burst (DC 73), chained heightened reaching rotting curse of urfestra (DC 61), empowered time stop.
10th (6/day) – enervated moilian blackfire (x2) (DC 73), enhanced chain lightning (x2) (DC 56), chained finger of death (DC 78), chained heightened reaching necrotic cyst (DC 71).
9th (9/day) – binding chain of fate (DC 61), extended blackfire (DC 73), imprisonment (DC 61), mordenkainen’s disjunction, extended necrotic empowerment, reaving dispel, extended superior invisibility, time stop, utterdark.
8th (9/day) – desert binding (DC 60), fell draining freezing fog, gutwrench (DC 81), flensing (DC 62), chained gelid blood (DC 68), greater celerity, hasten the end (DC 73), empowered moilian smiting night’s caress (DC 68), moilian touch of the graveborn (DC 71).
7th (9/day) – antimagic ray (DC 59), bigby’s grasping hand, choking cobwebs (DC 59), energy absorption, finger of death (DC 78), ghost trap, necrotic curse, spell turning, waves of exhaustion.
6th (9/day) – moilian ashen union (DC 69), freezing fog (DC 58), freezing glance (DC 58), moilian ghoul gauntlet (DC 79), greater anticipate teleportation, heartfreeze (DC 69), chained reaching necrotic cyst (x2) (DC 67), smiting touch of years (DC 67).
5th (10/day) – antifire sphere, ball lightning (DC 57), blackwater tentacle (DC 59), channeled lifetheft, choking sands (DC 68), fever dream (DC 57), greater blink, miasma of entropy (DC 68), orb of dancing death, fell draining shivering touch.
4th (10/day) – backlash (DC 56), bleakness, bloodstar (DC 56), crushing despair (DC 56), damning darkness (DC 58), enervation (x2), evil glare (DC 69), ice storm, touch of years (DC 67).
3rd (10/day) – arctic haze (DC 55), bedevil, crown of the grave, curse of the putrid husk (x2) (DC 57), greater mage armor, haste, fell draining magic missile, slow (DC 55), moilian vampiric touch (DC 66).
2nd (10/day) – ashstar (DC 56), cloud of bewilderment (DC 54), curse of impending blades, darkbolt (DC 54), moilian desiccating bubble (DC 65), ghoul touch (DC 65), ice darts, infernal wound, moilian kelgore’s grave mist, moilian tvash-prull’s bonefiddle (DC 65).
1st (11/day) – ancient knowledge, bestow wound (DC 53), bone rattle (DC 53), moilian chill touch (DC 64), death’s call (DC 64), forcewave (DC 53), inhibit (DC 53), moilian negative energy ray (x2) (DC 64), nerveskitter, shield.
Cantrips (4/day) – message, prestidigitation, read magic, touch of fatigue (DC 63).

Epic Spells per Day 6 arcane and 6 divine, up to Spellcraft DC 137 or 142 for necromancy spells; Epic Spells Known animus blast, animus blizzard, crown of vermin, eclipse, epic mage armor, epic spell reflection, gathering of maggots, greater ruin, hellball, horrendous desiccation, horrible army of the dead, let go of me, momento mori, mummy dust, necromantic singularity, pestilence, ruin, tolodine’s killing wind. Myrkul has additionally devised many unique epic spells that allow him to spread corruption of the body and soul, death and decay.

Abilities Str 48, Dex 46, Con -, Int 52, Wis 52, Cha 48
SQ avatar, caster level increase (necromancy) +2, divinity, immediate magic (cursed glance), immortality, minor school esoterica (10 rounds), moderate school esoterica (1 round/spell level), necromantic prowess +4
Feats Battlecaster Offense, Black Lore of Moil, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Chain Spell, Cleave, Dark Speech (B), Empower Spell, Enervate Spell, Extend Spell, Fell Drain, Great Cleave, Greater Spell Focus (necromancy) (B), Heighten Spell, Holy Potency, Improved Critical (scythe), Improved Initiative (B), Improved Unarmed Strike, Malign Spell Focus, Maximize Spell (B), Mother Cyst, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Reach Spell, Repeat Spell, Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (B), Spell Focus (necromancy), Smiting Spell, Theurgic Specialist (necromancy), Twin Spell, Weapon Focus (scythe)
Epic Feats Enhance Spell, Epic Spellcasting (B), Epic Spell Focus (necromancy), Epic Weapon Focus (scythe), Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Heighten Spell, Intensify Spell, Multispell (x2), Negative Energy Burst, Planar Turning, Superior Initiative, Zone of Animation
Salient Divine Abilities Annihilating Strike (Fort DC 86 or die; destroy 17,000 ft of matter), Arcane Mastery, Ashes to Ashes (unique salient divine ability), Automatic Metamagic (quicken spell), Divine Recall (death), Divine Spellcasting, Divine Spell Focus (necromancy), Divine Weapon Focus (scythe), Divine Weapon Specialization (scythe), Energy Storm (170 ft, 17 negative energy, 17 unholy), Frightful Presence (gaze; Will DC 78), Hand of Death (Fort DC 86 or die, 162 damage on a successful save), Irresistible Blows (Fort DC 78), Know Death, Lay Curse (Will DC 78), Life and Death (Fort DC 86 or die, 340 damage on a successful save), Life Drain (Will DC 86 or die, cloud 170 ft wide), Lord of Bones (unique salient divine ability), Mass Life and Death (any number of creatures no more than 17 miles apart, Fort DC 86 or die, 340 damage on a successful save), Supreme Initiative, The Reaper (unique salient divine ability), Undead Mastery (17 creatures), Undead Qualities
Skills Appraise 73 (81 alchemical compounds, books and scrollwork), Balance 73, Bluff 81, Concentration 124, Craft (alchemy) 126, Craft (bookbinding) 126, Decipher Script 126, Diplomacy 130, Forgery 90, Gather Information 84, Heal 124, Intimidate 92, Knowledge (arcana) 126, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) 126, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +126, Knowledge (geography) 126, Knowledge (history) 126, Knowledge (local) 126, Knowledge (nature) 126, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) 126, Knowledge (religion) 126, Knowledge (the planes) 126, Listen 90, Profession (judge) 112, Search 126 (134 secret doors and compartments), Sense Motive 90, Spellcraft 137 (139 scrolls and necromancy spells, 142 necromancy epic spell seeds), Spot 90, Survival 70 (78 above ground, avoid getting lost, avoid hazards, extraplanar, tracking and underground), Use Magic Device 68 (84 scrolls)
Possessions black robe of the reaper, reaper’s smile

Ashes to Ashes (unique salient divine ability) Myrkul’s hideous skeletal arms bear a dreadful malediction that rots away at body and soul and drives even the hardiest to madness. Any creature that Myrkul touches or strikes with an unarmed strike suffers 17d8 points of damage (half of which is divine and half of which is negative energy damage) and must additionally succeed at a Fortitude save at DC 78 or contract a fearsome supernatural disease that is a far more powerful variant of mummy rot (2d8 Con and 2d8 Str damage; incubation period 1d6 rounds). This fleshrot affects beings normally immune to disease and ability score damage, and healing spells cast on the victim must succeed at a caster level check against Myrkul’s necromantic caster level (71st) or only function at 50% normal effectiveness. Any creature that dies rises as a juju zombie under Myrkul’s control. A living being suffering fleshrot sees all living things slowly rotting away and decaying into undead creatures and must succeed at a Will save at DC 78 or be driven to insanity by the horrific sight.

Fleshrot can only be cured by a deity with the Gift of Life or Hand of Death salient divine abilities, or by an epic spell using the Life seed that must succeed at a caster level check against Myrkul’s necromantic caster level. Myrkul can channel Ashes to Ashes through any weapon he wields and through his natural attacks.

In addition, Myrkul can also wither away both living and dead, forcing them to withstand the ennui of time. 17 times per day, the Lord of Bones can create a field of billowing shadows from the Gray Waste measuring 85 feet wide and 85 feet high. The shadows wither away at their victims’ lifeforce, forcing every creature within radius to succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 78) every round or age beyond their years, suffering 4 points of Strength, Dexterity and Constitution drain and be aged to the next age category for every round they remain within the cloud. Any creature that ages beyond venerable age dies as its body withers away into gray sand, while its spirit is reanimated as a dread wraith under Myrkul’s control. Undead and constructs suffer Charisma drain instead of Constitution. Creatures that normally increase in power as they age, such as dragons, or are immune to aging, are treated as middle-aged for the purposes of Ashes to Ashes.

Cursed Glance (Sp) When a visible enemy within 60 feet targets Myrkul with an attack or spell, he can respond with a curse. If the enemy fails a Will save (DC 41), it takes a -2 penalty to AC and on saving throws. Myrkul has traded away his ability to summon a familiar for this ability.

Divinity Myrkul is an embodiment of ancient divine power. As such, reality is his to shape as he sees fit.
Alter Reality: Myrkul may alter reality within the bounds of his portfolio. This functions as a wish spell that requires no XP or material cost. The limits of this ability are fully described in Deities and Demigods. He can additionally alter his size from Fine to Colossal and may additionally alter up to 100 pounds of objects in the same manner.
Avatar: Myrkul can have up to twenty avatars at any given time. Myrkul’s avatar typically appears as a four-armed skeletal monstrosity with black, cracked lips and sunken eyes gleaming with a cold, evil light, clad in a billowing black cowled robe. The avatar’s visible skin is scaly and wrinkled and covered with knobby lesions, and the bones of his lower torso are covered by withered sinews and wasted flesh. Myrkul’s avatar always carries reaper’s smile.
Divine Blast: Myrkul can create a ray of divine power that extends for up to 17 miles, dealing up to 420 points of damage, as a ranged touch attack with no saving throw. Myrkul can unleash a divine blast 21 times per day, and alter the visual, auditory and sensation-based qualities of his divine blast as he desires. Myrkul’s divine blasts generally take the form of grasping skeletal hands made of gray-black fire.
Divine Shield: As a free action 21 times per day, Myrkul can create a shield that lasts 10 minutes and stops 170 points of damage from attacks. Once the shield stops that much damage, it collapses. Any damage Myrkul is naturally immune to does not count towards the shield’s limits.

Lord of Bones (unique salient divine ability) As the power that governs the dead of Abeir-Toril, Myrkul’s dominion extends to the undead as well. He uses his character level to determine his effective level for the purpose of rebuking undead, and undead do not apply their turn resistance against Myrkul’s rebuke attempts. Myrkul always commands undead he would normally rebuke. Any creature that has extended its lifespan beyond the maximum allowed by its race, whether by magic or undeath or through the Extended Lifespan feat, is considered undead for the purpose of Myrkul’s rebuke attempts.

In addition, Myrkul can both create and destroy undead by touch. By touching his hand to a corpse, Myrkul can reanimate it as an undead creature of his choice. Conversely, he can force any undead creature he touches to succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 78) or be disrupted, turning to dust even he cannot reanimate. Undead with 17 Intelligence or less are under his absolute control, while intelligent undead with 18 Intelligence or higher must perform a single service and are then free-willed. Undead animated in such a manner do not count against his limits for controlling and creating undead.

Finally, Old Lord Skull shares many qualities with the eldest of his undead servants. He uses his Charisma in place of Constitution to determine his bonus hit points.

Major School Esoterica (Ex) Three times per day, whenever Myrkul casts a necromancy spell, undead allies within 60 feet gain fast healing 10 for 5 rounds.

Minor School Esoterica (Ex) When Old Lord Skull casts a necromancy spell, undead allies within 60 feet gain +10 turn resistance and a +10 bonus on saves for 10 rounds.

Moderate School Esoterica (Ex) When Myrkul casts a necromancy spell, he gains immunity to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, and negative levels for a number of rounds equal to the spell’s level.

Necromantic Prowess (Ex) Myrkul has unsurpassed power over death. When he rebukes undead, casts a necromancy spell, or uses a spell-like ability that mimics a necromancy spell, his effective caster level increases by +4.

The Reaper (unique salient divine ability) Myrkul is the cold inevitability of death. Death cannot be stopped and comes for all, such that even those who claim to be eternal and undying are worn away by its inexplicable approach. Myrkul is the Reaper, the finality of life. No door can bar his way, no guardian can withstand him. This dreadful boon manifests in the following manners:

Death Magic: The taint of death infuses Myrkul’s necromantic spells and drives his death magic to new heights. Any spell or spell-like ability from the school of necromancy cast by Myrkul is automatically intensified and reaping. Any spell or spell-like ability with the [death] descriptor or salient divine ability that brings instant death cast by Myrkul gains a +8 bonus to the caster level and saving throw DC, which stacks with any existing bonuses.

Death’s Advance: All creatures within 1,700 ft of Myrkul feel the cold grasp of death clawing at them, forcing them to succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 78) to avoid suppressing all forms of fast healing, natural healing, or regeneration, as well as immunity to death effects, fatigue, exhaustion, disease, negative levels, ability damage and ability drain for 24 hours. On a successful saving throw, creatures instead only suffer the effects for as long as they remain within Myrkul’s presence. Spells and effects within the area that restore hit point or ability score damage, remove diseases or negative levels, or raise the dead must succeed at a caster level check against Myrkul, who is treated as an 82nd level caster for the purpose of this effect, or fail utterly.

My Hand is Everywhere: No door can stop death, and no guardian can withstand it. Myrkul can never be surprised or caught flat-footed.

Reaper’s Gaze: Even Myrkul’s gaze is a reminder to mortal and immortal alike that he awaits their coming. As a standard action, Myrkul may level his gaze at any creature within the radius of his divine aura or that has been affected by his Frightful Presence salient divine ability, forcing them succeed at a Will save (DC 78) or suffer a -17 penalty to ability checks, attack rolls, Armor Class, skills and saving throws made against him for 24 hours. On a successful save, the penalty is halved.

Zone of Desecration (Su) Myrkul is wreathed in a supernatural aura of negative energy identical to the effects of the desecrate spell in a 140 ft. radius except that it affects only allied undead.


Reaper’s smile, Myrkul’s staff of office, is an infamous and terrifying symbol of the inevitability that eventually claims the living, divine and undead alike. Reaper’s smile is a +9 ghost strike speed souldrinking adamantine scythe of icy blast, consumptive and profane burst. Reaper’s smile can cut into both the astral and ethereal planes, allowing Myrkul to strike creatures existing on both planes as well as instantaneously severing the silver cord of any astrally-projecting creature, and can additionally cut through any creature in gaseous form or under similar effects.

As a full round action usable once per minute, and only when held by Old Lord Skull, reaper’s smile can immediately attempt to harvest the souls of all creatures within range by sweeping through the air to create an effect analogous to the ephemeral storm shadowcaster mystery that otherwise functions as a necromantic [death] effect of the highest spell level cast by the wielder (Fort DC 92). Any creature slain by reaper’s smile immediately has its soul hurled to the Castle of Bones to await Myrkul’s judgement.

The scythe’s intricate and morbidly wrought staff is made of ebony, and its flawless gleaming blade always bears a faint cold-blue tint. Strikes by reaper’s smile always inflict 2 points of physical ability score damage. When held by Myrkul, reaper’s smile also functions as a mace of ruin and a souldrinker. (CL 65th)

Myrkul always wears the black robe of the reaper. When worn, it allows him to fly at his land speed with perfect maneuverability. In addition, it also allows him and his equipment to become ethereal at will for as long as he desires while allowing him to attack and cast spells normally. Any melee or ranged weapon that strikes the wearer of the robe must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 78) or wither away into dust. Any creature that strikes the wearer with an unarmed strike or touch attack suffers 2 negative levels. (CL 65th)

Other Divine Powers
As a greater deity, Myrkul automatically receives the best possible result on any die roll he makes (including attack rolls, damage, checks, and saves). He treats a 1 on an attack roll or saving throw normally and not as an automatic failure. He is immortal.
Senses Myrkul can see (using normal vision or darkvision), hear, touch, and smell at a distance of 17 miles. As a standard action, he can perceive anything within 17 miles of his worshippers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of his titles or name was spoken in the last hour. He can extend his senses to up to 20 locations at once. He can block the sensing power of deities of his rank or lower at up to two remote locations at once for 17 hours.
Portfolio Sense Myrkul is aware of any act involving death and the dead, any act done under the cover of dusk or during autumn, and any act of physical and spiritual corruption regardless of the number of people involved up to 17 weeks in the past and 17 weeks in the future.
Automatic Actions Myrkul can use any skill related to his portfolio as a free action if the DC for the task is 30 or lower. He can perform up to twenty such free actions each round.
Create Magic Items Myrkul can craft any magical item that associated with the school of necromancy, death and the dead, decay, corruption, dusk or autumn, including artifacts.

Touch of Death [Rokugan: Bloodspeakers]
Necromancy [Death]
Level: Maho-Tsukai 6, Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. / 2 levels)
Target: One living creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude partial
Spell Resistance: Yes

The character can age anyone living creature within range. The subject is entitled to a Fortitude saving throw to avoid most of the attack. Should the victim fail the save, he instantly ages 2d20 years plus 1/level of the caster. If the save is successful, it instead ages only 2d6 years and its hair instantly (and permanently) turns white.

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Master Necromancer is the Master Specialist from Complete Mage, correct? I know the 3.5 True Necromancer is featured in Libris Mortis.

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Originally posted by Galuf the Dwarf

Master Necromancer is the Master Specialist from Complete Mage, correct? I know the 3.5 True Necromancer is featured in Libris Mortis.


I'm using the RPGA Living Greyhawk module CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons True Necromancer, which is exactly the same as the LM True Necromancer, only it gives full spellcasting progression. Just knock off two caster levels from both Myrkul's wizard and cleric casting if you want the LM version.
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Originally posted by LordofBones


I'm using the RPGA Living Greyhawk module CORS4-02 Here There Be Dragons True Necromancer, which is exactly the same as the LM True Necromancer, only it gives full spellcasting progression. Just knock off two caster levels from both Myrkul's wizard and cleric casting if you want the LM version.


That's more or less the character stats I could see the Lord of Bones (Myrkul, not you ) having.

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2E Forgotten Realms Adventures described "Myrkul's Hands" ... which I don't see here.

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The Hand of Myrkul is a power exclusive to his most powerful Gray Ones, but the god himself doesn't have it in avatar form as seen in Faiths and Avatars.

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