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The work contained on this page has been collated by Scott Kujawa from various Forgotten Realms products and WotC\TSR publications.

NPC's of the Realms

- Crusader -

Name Level Gender and Race Alignment Deity Information Sourcebook
Hatemaster and Captain Cvaal Daoran 8th Male Human NE Iyachtu Xvim Member of the Zhentarim. Commander of the Brothers of the Black Fist at the Citadel of the Raven Cloak & Dagger
Nuvian Eyes-Ashen 9th Male Elf NG Sehanine Moonbow Resides in Rucien Xan in the Vilhon Reach/Shining Plains. Member of the Moonstars Cloak & Dagger
Vanguard Shellidar 13th Male Human CG Torm Speaker of the Janessar Empires of the Shining Sea
Kedrak Gilbane 15th Male Human LE Tiamat Lord High Marshal of the Knights of the Five-Thorned Rose. Titular commander of the Serpent Guards Cult of the Dragon

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