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Candlekeep is a web site devoted to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game produced by Wizards of the Coast.
The site's mission is to provide a resource of material and reference for fans and enthusiasts of this extensive and detailed campaign world, for all editions from 1st through 5th.

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BIG thanks for keeping the forums maintained and the site updated!
Alaundo, The Sage, Wooly Rupert
'An Introduction to Candlekeep' especially written for the site. (here)
Ed Greenwood
Novel interviews and input into the forums
Paul S Kemp, Dave Gross, Voronica Whitney-Robinson, Thomas M Reid, Edward Bolme, Ed Greenwood, James Lowder, Elaine Cunningham, Bob Salvatore, Richard Lee Byers, Richard Baker, Don Bassingthwaite, Kameron M Franklin, Murray Leeder, Steven Schend, Eric L Boyd Lisa Smedman, Sean K Reynolds, Ed Bonny, Wil Upchurch
'The Candlekeep Compendium' (here)
Alaundo, Bob Grant, Jaap-Peter Hazelhoff, Chris Jameson, Scott Kujawa, George Krashos, Alex Leighton, Kevin Liss, Jamey Martin, Michael Mueller, Lee J Nelson, Daniel Rosenquist, Bradley Russo, Yack Tundra, Gray Richardson, Tyson Howard
Candlekeep logo
Andrew Stanbro
Fellaren-Krae material
See the Fellaren-Krae Credits page
Characters in the 'Hall of Heroes'
Thanks to all who have submitted characters to the 'Hall of Heroes' (your credits are in there)
Reviews of novels and products in 'Tethtorils Bookshelf'.'
Thanks to all who have submitted reviews to the 'Scribes Desk' (credits in the Reviews Index page)
Kaylee-Loranis image
Drew Hayes
'Mountain Keep', 'The Summoning', 'Magical Tomes' and
'Sidhe Prince'
artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Jennifer J. Buck
'Imp in the Armory', 'Orc's and Faeries',
and 'VS Beholder' artwork in the 'Gallery' section.  
Master Leco
The Riders of Elvenflow adventuring party
Johnathan Detrick, Jim Griffith, Damon Kline
'The Trials of Unther', 'The Tale of Escrima Rusteen' and
'The Rise of Fenrys Andrea' in 'Campaign logs'.
Jim Griffith
'The Jade Letters' in 'Campaign logs'.
Beth Griese
'The Chronicles of Jeiroth Ulondarr' in 'Campaign logs' and 'The Book of The Cathshee.'.
Tyson Bell
'The Personal Diary of Harlyn Harrigan' in 'Campaign logs'.
Rob Davenport
'The Sunset Vale Saga'  and 'Rashid's Tale' in 'Campaign logs'.
Brian Flood
'The Huntsilver Chronicles', 'Hunters Moon'
and 'Ancient Lore' in 'Campaign logs'.
Carey Sauerbrun
'Melancholy Engagemen' and 'URB'  in 'Campaign logs'.
Carl R Cascone
'Horse Breeds of the Realms' and 'The Secret of the Elven Retreat'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Toby Mekelburg
'The Tower of Sen'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Jonathan G Charavalle
'Stars and Constellations' and 'Maztica Timeline' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'Sanctuary'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Christopher M Dwinell & Sheila Wherry
'The War Wizards of Cormyr'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Alessandro 'Master' Ruocco
'The Guide to Thieves Cant'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Shaun Hately
'The Pantheon of the Realms'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Michael Driver
'The Red Knights'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Paul Westermeyer
'The Book of Weeping Eyes'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Chris Kobbe
'Thieves Guild'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Marko Picek
'The Crown of Mystra'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Michael P Brock
'Netheril Timeline'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Bobby Nichols
'Alaundo's Prophecies', 'Dogs of the Realms' ,
'Saints of the Realms'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Frank Penca
'Faerie Lore of Rashemen'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Phillip Wallace
'Family Secrets'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Bill Sweeney
'Forgotten Realms Holy Days'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Eric Tunon
'Drow Poisons'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Susannah Redelfs
'Skills and Powers'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Donald Riggs
'Realms Fighting Styles'  in 'Travelers Notebooks'
John Lowell Goshorn
'War Wizards of Cormyr', 'Cormyrian Noble Houses',
'Landed Lords, Nobles, and Fiefdoms'  
in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Kris Metz
Providing product information for Kara-Tur modules
Ian R Malcomson
The Black Roses artwork in the 'Gallery of Faerûn' 
Tiziano Baracchi
The Black Roses adventuring party
Tiziano and Marina Baracchi
'Elven Dialects' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Robert Sullivan
'FR Travel Calculator' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Paul Young
'Forgotten Realms FAQ' in 'Realms Projects'
Tom Cullen
'Forgotten Realms Atlas FAQ' in 'Realms Projects'
Mark Oliva, Carl Neilson, Simon Rogers
'TSR FR Product Errata' in 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf'
Tom Cullen & Andrew Hackard
'The Raging Fools' adventuring party
Jason Niehaus
'Ecomancers' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Shea Silvermoon
Character sheets and 'Dead of Night' adventure module
Derek Chapman
'Plonix Battle Modificado' artwork in the 'Gallery' section.  
Character sheets in 'Wondrous Treasures' section.
Rich MacLeish
'Treewitch' and 'Unicorn' artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Nimrod "Rebel" Notea
'Forgotten Realms Compendium V3' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Perry Horner
'Curse You, Jaheira' in 'Campaign Logs'
The town of 'Kheldell' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Cthulu Ftaghn
Realms utilities & screensavers in 'Wondrous Treasures'
Ron Pearsall
Farm Expenses sheet in 'Wondrous Treasures'
Michael Hill
'The Art of Being Artemis', 'A Rainbow in the Dark', 'When Goblins Attack'
and 'The Reality of Fear' in 'Campaign Logs'
David Pontier
'A Stubborn Hand' in 'Campaign Logs'
Mark Dunstan
'Telvor's Vampiric Bone Armor' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'Scribe of Kellindil' in 'Campaign Logs'
'Mogarim-Nob' artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Damon Kilgo
'Avariel' article in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Colin Chapman
'The Guide to Plants' article in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Michael Long
'Rooms of Undermountain' document in 'Travelers Notebooks' ,
'To Find a Gate', 'Grandfather Tree' adventures, 'Holy Water Powers',
'The Farrier' 'Gems of the Realms'
Steve Allen
'Kings Reach' document in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Phillip Wallace
'Erevis Cale 3rd edition stats' in 'Realmslore'
Paul S Kemp
'Barbarian', 'Dwarven Warrior' and 'Knight' artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Julius Petilla
Songs and poems in the 'Shrine of Milil'
Michael L Morris
Songs and poems in the 'Shrine of Milil'
Interview with Paul on his novels in the 'Interview' section or 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf'
Paul S Kemp
Interview with James Lowder on 'Prince of Lies'
Jim Sowter
'Twilight Dawn' and 'Silver Marches' Journals in 'Campaign Logs'
'Calendar of Harptos' in 'Wondrous Treasures'
Jaap-Peter Hazelhoff
'The End of an Age' poem in the 'Shrine of Milil'
Calumn Hamilton
'FR Dragons Database' document in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Erik Thornton
'Church of Bahamut' & 'Underdark Cities' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'Temples of the Realms' document in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Adam Blanchard
'The Seven Lost Rings of Mhzentul' PDF in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'Icemaiden of Auril' document in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Christian Connolly
'The Candlekeep Magic Shop', 'Skills and Feats of the Realms' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'The Sage' & forum contributors
'Book List of Tomes in Candlekeep','Songs of the Realms'
'Plays of the Realms'
in 'Travelers Notebooks'
George Krashos \ Steven Schend
'A Comprehensive Look at Avariels' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'Mithras: Tale of the Cold Lands' in 'Campaign Logs'
'A Guide to the Hillsfar Red Plumes' & 'A Guide to the Zhent Army Troops' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'The Code of Torm' & 'Evereska: An Overview' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Various maps in 'The Map Room'
'Phlan', 'Nine Hells' and 'Yellow Rose' documents in 'Travelers Notebooks'
'The Journal of Dreygar Magdasson' in 'Campaign Logs'
Will Johnson
'The Imaskar Empire' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Daniel Rosenquist
'Monk Orders of the Realms' in 'Travelers Notebooks'
Lee Nelson
'The Shards of Bloodstone' in 'Campaign Logs'
Bob Grant
Maps of Faerûn in 'The Map Room', 'Calendar of Harptos' in ''Traveler's Notebooks'
Yack Tundra
'The Xullrae Logs' in 'Campaign Logs'
'Etherberan' in 'Campaign Logs'
'The Tale of Kelly Alexander' in 'Campaign Logs'
'The Memoires of an Aging Dwarf' in 'Campaign Logs'
'Dalabrac Shadowfoot' in 'Campaign Logs'
'The Shadows of War: Tales of a Mercenary' in 'Campaign Logs'
Cap'n Charlie
'Military Forces of Cormyr' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Jerry Davis
'Orbs of Dragonkind' & 'The Origins of Sammaster the Prophet' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'And Dragons Shall Rule...' in 'Campaign Logs'
Jamey Martin
''Sacrifice' in the 'Campaign Logs' section
'Companions of the Hall' stats' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Mon Yao
'FR Prestige Class List' & 'Feats of the Realms' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Pierre Godbout
'The Genasi' in 'Campaign Logs'
Dave Scoles
'Goblins of the Realms' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'Feats of the Realms' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Lee Nelson
'Feats of the Realms' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Kevin Liss
'Espruar'font in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Reed "Celebithron" Williams
'Gynack's Fen' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'Terrail' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'A Grand History of the Realms' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Brian R James
'The Complete Drow Dictionary' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Gregory Stoker
'FR Novel Checklist' in 'Novels' section
Sir Urza
'The Talisman' in 'Campaign Logs'
Tim Turner
'D&D v3.5 Feats List' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'A Year for Shadows' in 'Campaign Logs'
Beth Oldman
'Happiness Comes in Small Packages' in 'Campaign Logs'
Brent Alan Evans
'History Has a Way of Repeating Itself' in 'Campaign Logs'
Michael McClanathan
Dalelands map in 'The Map Room'
'A Hymn to Waterdeep' in ''The Shrine of Milil'
Dustin Naegel
'Orcs of the Vast' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Jim Chadwick
'Nautical Terms' and 'Ship's Stats' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Gordon Mannen
'Roll of Years' Spreadsheet in 'Realmslore'
Chris Jameson
'Table of Human Names' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Fabian Vega
'Purple Dragon Knights code' in ''Traveler's Notebooks'
Rick Snider
'Elminster's Tower fold-up model' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Michael Mueller
'Upon this Fateful Day' in 'Campaign Logs'
Deverien Valandil
For maintaining 'So saith Ed' posts from the forums
'Companions of the Silver Wyrm' in 'Campaign Logs'
Scott Kujawa
'The Forbidden Enclave', 'Legend of Iakhovas',
'Legends of the Magus-Progenetor', 'Region of Dreams',
'Tensions Rising conversion', 'Guardians of the Lost Tyrant'
'Cult of the Broken Prophesy' , 'Races of..'
'Anatomy of an apocalypse' in 'Traveler's Notebooks',
'Mistledale Campaign' in 'Campaign Logs'
Jared Rascher
'Dhedluk' and 'Stone Magic', 'Eveningstar, 'Damage' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Nicholas Burke
'Valdale' in 'Traveler's Notebooks' and art in the 'Gallery of Faerûn'
'Guide to Tomes and Tales of the Realms' fiction guide,
DM's Campaign sheet and character sheet
Miniatures Inventory in 'Wondrous Treasures'
FR Reading List in 'Novels'
Jason Chambers
'Moonshine's Journals' in 'Campaign Logs'
Bryant Alexander
'Three Gems of the Realms', 'Excelsior', 'Equipment of Divine' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Damian Naïlo
'Demon's Blood Compendium' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Casper Gronemann
'The Dagger of Deliverance' in 'Wondrous Treasures'
Various MP3's in 'The Shrine of Milil'
Dustin Naegel
'Arcane Prestige Classes' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Phillip Wallace
'Yawning Portal' maps in 'The Map Room'
Brian Schutte
'Targus' in 'Campaign Logs'
Marcos Santiago
'Journals of Whren Kehrsyn' in 'Campaign Logs'
'Ales, Spirits and Wines of the Realms', 'The Magic of Mantles', 'History of Impiltur',
'Sacred Sisters of the Crying God', 'The Lalya Maurshanta' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
George Krashos
Micro art gallery artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Ken Jackson
'Elven Dictionary' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Steven Spya
'High Old Ones' , 'The Blade' PrC's and Hini'a'hinue in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'Menzoberranzan' handouts in 'Adventures in Faerûn'
Andrew Hart
'Birds of Faerûn', 'Town of Priapurl' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'Temple Guardian of Eilistraee' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Danyel Woods (A.K.A. “Trace Coburn”)
'The Nameless Knights' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
C Fox
'Gnomes of Trielta Hills' & 'Boats of Ashaba' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
'Starmantle', 'Stoneroot' & 'Evermoor' maps in 'The Map Room'
Adventures in 'Adventures in Faerûn' , articles in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Erik K. Rodriguez
'PBeM Guide' in 'Campaign Journals' section
'Kaladorm's Campaign Logs' in 'Campaign Logs'
Ben Downton
'Battlerise' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Tres Poe
Artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Randell Cinnamon
'The Tortured Lands' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Jay Johnson
'Heartlands Weather' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Chris Boor
Artwork in the 'Gallery' section.
Arik Witchson
'The Jeweled Edge' in 'Campaign Logs'
Walker Perkins
'Northern Journey' in 'Campaign Journals'
Trevor Cooke
Carl Nielsen
Mark Oliva
Joan I. Guardiet
'Forgotten Realms Index' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Keith Mingus
'Legendary Monsters (Centaur)' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
David E
'The Pamphlet' in 'Campaign Logs'
'Alchemist and Improved Alchemy' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Alex Paul
'Combat Wizard' and 'Spellbook' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Christopher Villinger
Maps in 'The Map Room'
Mark Taylor
'Alorin Dawn' in the 'Gallery' section.
Andrew Hou
Art work in the 'Gallery' section.
David Hart
'Thieves Cant Translator' in 'Wondrous Treasures' section
'The Chronicles of Grace Faylne' in 'Campaign Logs'
Kevin Vastavel & Cathy Naulaerts
Art work in the 'Gallery' section.
Kharis Schneider
'The Fogs of Myth Drannor' in 'The Shrine of Milil'
Christof Naegel
'The People of the Ride' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Jay Johnson
'Wyvernspur Family Lineage' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Garen Thal
'On Harpies' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
J.L. Cordell
'Villains' and 'Debts Repaid' in 'Campaign Logs'
Heath Harper
Waterdeep map in 'The Map Room'
Elliott Zastrow
Various maps in 'The Map Room'
James Bluff
'Game Master Battle Planner' utility
Idan Mor
'Faerûnian Firearms 3.5' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Alex Putnam
'Draconic Hybrids' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Andrew Frey
'Realm of Eaerlann, parts 1-4', 'Rystalmyth', 'Glaurachyndaar', 'Aryvandaar' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Paul Simpson
'Monsters of the True World', 'The Great Skyhome' in 'FR Netbooks'
The Maztica Alive Team
'Myth Drannor Sites' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Randy Neighbors
'Ed Greenwood Seminar recordings' in 'Realmslore'
Paul Jordan
'Writings on Sharess' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
John Rick
'Language fonts' in 'Wondrous Treasures'
Neale Davidson, Phillip Wallace, Reed Williams
'Alternative Dimensions' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Gary Dallison
'The Moonrise Mythal' in 'Netbooks'
Kevin Connolly
'Chronological Reading Order' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Jason Hamilton
'Candlekeep Presents..." GenCon Seminar and pins
Brian Cortijo
'Eclipsed Empire' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Valerie Erzahlerin
'Steven Schend Realmslore' & 'So Saith Ed (2010-2016) in 'Realms Lore'
Ross Cody
'Under Illefarn Anew', 'Bestiary of the Realms, Vol 1 & 2' in 'Bard's Rumours'
Eric L. Boyd
'Prestige in the Realms', 'Bestiary of the Realms, Vol 1 & 2' in 'Bard's Rumours'
Thomas M. Costa
'Magic of Gemstones' in 'Traveler's Notebooks'
Masked Mage
'Forging the Realms' in 'Bard's Rumours'
Ed Greenwood (formatted by Josh Chaffin)


And a BIG THANKS to everyone who has ever visited the site, submitted articles and generally supported us here at Candlekeep. Special thanks go also to all the great Realms Scribes who have provided us with the interviews on their novels and discussions in the Candlekeep Forum. Its a pleasure to offer a seat in the library.

It's you that make it all worthwhile and truly keep this site running.  Thank you all!

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