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Magic the Gathering

A new series of Magic: The Gathering card game covering various game systems and publications has been produced by Wizards of the Coast. The Forgotten Realms,amongst others (e.g. Warhammer 40,000) falls under the Commander Legends sub-product line. For more information, go to https://magic.wizards.com/en.

Commander Legends Series

The following text is taken from the Wizards of the Coast website for Magic the Gathering: Commander Legends:

"Welcome, adventurer! Have you travelled with your party—companions to share and create stories with—in Faerûn? Perhaps you've made friends and foes in a faraway land, with challenges and rewards to follow? Maybe you're hungry to discover something new, both familiar and fresh on a journey you least expected?
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate brings the style and flavor of Dungeons & Dragons to the original and best strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering—and we're ready to share this adventure with you.


Magic: The Gathering is a strategy card game with thousands of unique and collectible cards. You build a deck to play with friends in a variety of formats and player totals, from head-to-head, team, and cooperative play to however else you can imagine. Each game plays out wildly different from the last! The unexpected should be expected, and every time you play, you can change your cards and plans, reacting to what you learn and plotting how to take down your next adversary.
Magic reaches across the tabletop into your computer and phone too with the digital platform MTG Arena available anywhere, anytime you want to play.


Similar to Dungeons & Dragons, there are multiple settings and locations—planes—available to explore through Magic sets. The core rules remain the same between sets, but the flavor, style, mechanics available on cards, and more can vary wildly. Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate is our next Magic release—available at your local game store, online retailers such as Amazon, and more—and uses the setting of Baldur's Gate, one of the most famous locations in Faerûn. It's designed for group play with the Commander and Commander Draft formats, but its cards and mechanics will work with other Magic formats as well—just like mixing and matching your favorite elements from Dungeons & Dragons supplements.


Commander is an incredibly popular way to play Magic that typically starts with four players, each building a deck around a legendary creature—their "commander"—and battling in a turn-based, free-for-all showdown. You might think of building a commander deck a little like building your D&D character, with your commander as your hero and the spells and creatures you choose representing all the little choices that make up that character."


Commander Legends Products

'Fun for new and old players alike. Prerelease packs let you see the new sets for the first time and get you playing at your local gaming store events'

Release Date: June 2022


'This is the ultimate fan kit. Celebrate your crossover adventures with exclusive items, including a foil promo card and an oversized d20'

Release Date: June 2022


'Get ready with an adventure with one of Magic's most popular formats. These decks can be played as-is or used to build decks. Now available with a special Collector Booster sample pack'

Release Date: June 2022


'Get that tear-into-the-pack feeling with set boosters featuring a foil-etched legendary creature or background in each pack'

Release Date: June 2022


'Grab enhanced boosters with tons of exciting cards in collectable treatments, including foil-etched, extended art, rulebook and borderless. One double-faced premium-foil token included'

Release Date: June 2022


'A favorite for playing L:imited. Draft with your friends and build your deck straight out of the pack. Find at least one rare or mythic card in each of these packs'

Release Date: June 2022



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