Campaign Journals

"Come sit ye down weary traveler", the Scribe holds out his hand gesturing you to sit at the plush, red velvet chair opposite him, much more comfortable than the hard wooden stool on which the scribe is perched upon.  "Now tell me of your travels, of your companions, the wondrous things of Faerun which you have been fortunate enough to see, and lucky enough to stay alive to tell the story!".   The scribe dips his quill into the ink pot and poises his hand over the pile of parchement, anxious to start scribbling.  He obviously thinks you'll both be here for quite some time!

The Campaign Journals section is a collection of various works from Forgotten Realms home campaigns.  Within this section will be DM and player journals giving adventure plots, and campaign logs, Players character logs and descriptions, and a continually developing settlement set in the Realms, where fans can submit material for NPC's, locations, businesses, legends etc.

See the Campaign Journal area submisstion guidelines and contact us if you wish to have your work included in this section.

For those interested in running your own Play-by-Email (PbeM) game, download the PBeM Guide, written by Ben Downton (a.k.a. "Kaladorm")

Campaign Logs
Hall of Heroes
DM campaign logs and stories or journals from a campaign are to be stored in this section. This material is included to aid fellow DM's in their campaigns by providing hints, hooks and adventure information or just to provide enjoyable reading. Players may also submit journals of their characters and events of their adventures which can link to their character in the 'Hall of Heroes'.. 
Players and DM's may submit their favorite characters\NPC's to the grand Hall of Heroes. AD&D\D&D stats, character backgrounds and sketches are provided. Enter The Census Chamber to submit your characters details to the hall. You may now enter 2nd edition AD&D and 3rd edition D&D characters in the Hall of Heroes.

Fellaren-Krae Project

Adventures in Faerun
Fellaren-Krae is a project being developed by the Scribes of Candlekeep and fans of the Forgotten Realms and will be continually under construction. The aim of the project is to develop a settlement located in Sembia in the Forgotten Realms world.  Anyone may submit ideas for NPC's, locales, legends etc. and Fellaren-Krae will become larger and more detailed over time to be used by DM's in their campaigns.
Need a pre-generated non-TSR published adventure module? The 'Adventures in Faerun' section contains adventure hooksand full modules created by fans of the Forgotten Realms.
Northern Journey
Realms-L Projects
This page contains all information and downloads to PDF's and maps for the Northern Journey project. This project was a long-running collaboration to develop an epic campaign in The North of the Forgotten Realms setting. Please note that Northern Journey is not a Candlekeep project (Candlekeep is the official host of NJ) and project members are listed within this section.
This section contains information on registered projects of the Forgotten Realms REALM-L Mailing List. A full list and contact information of each project as well as submission guidelines and tips on creating your own REALMS-L project are contained in this section. Please note that this section and all projects within are not run by Candlekeep but by moderators and members of the Mailing List.

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