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The Census Chamber

"Halt, stop right there and identify yourself", belowed the gruff voiced guard at the gates of Candlekeep. Quite a contrast to the softly spoken and polite manner of the scribes you'd met in Candlekeep before.  After giving the guard your name, another guard then approaches bearing a scroll which he then hands to you.  "You must fill this in so that you may be recognized with the Hall of Heroes".  He then walks off and leaves you to enter your details without so much as handling you a quill with which to write.  A helpful lot, these hired guards!

Entry Guidelines

The Census Chamber has two seperate areas for entering characters: The first chamber is for characters who are generated with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules, the second area is for Dungeons and Dreagons 3rd Edition. Please see the guidelines and requirements below before entering your character. Your character MUST follow these points else the entry will be rejected.

Characters will appear in the Hall of Heroes usually within 1-2 weeks, upon when you will be notified via email. If you have a character portrait to accompany your details, please email the file seperately to the Journal Scribe. Due to the high number of entries to the Hall of Heroes, those which do not comply with the above requirements WILL BE REJECTED. We apologize if this appears harsh, but due to the time involved in creating character pages, we have to select those who appeal to other visitors to the site, and those will an interesting and extensive background make interesting reading.

If you have any queries regarding submitting a character, please contact us.

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