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Fellaren-Krae. The name means many different things to different people.  To the humble farmers surrounding the place, the merchants selling their wares and the many varied beings within its boundaries, it is home.

To the bands of orcs, bandits and evil in the darker lands beyond, it is an interfering and meddling obstacle of a city which poses both an annoyance and a threat, and must be removed from the face of Faerun!!

This is the main page for the Fellaren-Krae project.

Project Objectives
Submission Guidelines
Discussion Forum

The overall layout and format of the pages for Fellaren-Krae are yet to be designed and these are only basic and temporary pages until the project gets in full swing.   In the meantime, if you wish to help out on this project then please contact us as soon as possible.

The City and Environment Authorities and Organizations
Introduction to Fellaren-Krae
The Districts and Wards
Trade and Commerce
Surrounding Environs
The Lord of the City
The Ruling Council
The Militia and City Watch
Guilds and Societies
Businesses and Locales Characters and Creatures
Inns and Taverns
Other Locales and miscellaneous
NPC Statistics
Creatures of Fellaren-Krae
Online Campaign PC's
Adventures Modules Miscellaneous Items
Lore of Fellaren-Krae
Fellaren-Krae Online Campaign
Adventure Scenarios
Project Index
Project Objectives
Submission Guidelines
Discussion Forum


Development Information

We are looking for the people to develop the following for Fellaren-Krae.  Please contact us if you wish to help, notifying whether you can aid by providing lore and information, AD&D stats, maps (state standard graphics format or Campaign Mapper) or anything else:

Inns, Taverns and Festhalls
Supplies Stores
Secret Societies
The City Watch
Harbormasters and dockside locations
Various Guilds
Noble NPC's and residential details
Miscellaneous Lore
Caravan masters and trading businesses
Garrison, city gaol.and the militia
Bakers, butchers and all businesses and features of daily life.

Of course, this is just for starters, there is so much more which will need to be created before Fellaren-Krae can become a city.

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