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The Art of Being Entreri

By David Pontier

The Art of Being Entreri is the property of the author, David Pontier and is used with permission by Candlekeep.  You may also download the novel in its original state.

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This novel covers the life of Artemis Entreri in the time after The Silent Blade by R.A. Salvatore. See also the sequel to The Art of Being Entreri - When Goblins Attack.

The Art of Being Entreri

Click on a chapter below to read, or start at the beginining and following the links at the bottom of each chapter.

Chapter 1 - Escape
Chapter 2 - Karenstoch
Chapter 3 - The Ranger
Chapter 4 - Garrilport
Chapter 5 - The Plot Thickens
Chapter 6 - The Truth
Chapter 7 - Fine Art

A Word from the Author

Any and all comments are welcome, and I reply to all emails. Though I do not have any plans on writing stories to fill in the 20 year gap I have created, that is not to say that some day I won't. I do, however, have two more stories in the works including RAS characters, that I hope to complete within the next six months, while I continue to write in the SW universe. Hey, I might not be able to please everyone, but that doesn't mean I can't try. I hope this story has helped to fill the long wait between RAS novels, and I thank you for reading it.


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