There is a huge fan-base and online community for the Forgotten Realms. You can locate many Realms fans, some with expertise knowledge on the Forgotten Realms setting that can help you find answers and give information on a variety of subjects. Below are links and instructions for subscribing to email-based mailing lists, news groups as well as the official online discussion forum message boards on the Wizards server.

Candlekeep also host a Forgotten Realms forum for discussing many topics on the Forgotten Realms campaign and products. Candlekeep site content and other issues can also be discussed here.

Message Boards

Discuss all your Realms ideas, give your reviews about Forgotten Realms products and novels and share your campaign ideas with other fans on the Candlekeep Forums. This is also the place to best contact the Scribes of Candlekeep and discuss any content of this site. All visitors to the forums are able to view the postings but in order to leave any messages, your must register (which is free!).

Enter the Candlekeep Forums


Wizards of the Coast also host and message boards discussing various topics of the Realms. Click on the link below to be taken to the official Forgotten Realms forums.

News Groups

For a very active and busy discussion on Dungeons and Dragons and the Forgotten Realms campaign, there are two Newsgroups, as listed below. The D&D Newsgroup is the main Newsgroup and has been around quite some time, many issues on D&D and various campaign worlds are discussed here.

General D&D Newsgroup:  

Locate on your news server.

Forgotten Realms Newsgroup:

Locate deja.comm.forgottenrealms on your news server.


Mailing Lists

There are numerous Mailing Lists dealing with the Forgotten Realms and Dungeons and Dragons in general. Details and instructions for subscribing to these lists are shown below. It is important to include no other information on the Email as this will cause the command interpreter to fail and your request will not be processed.

Please see the LISTSERV Reference for a full syntax of LISTSERV commands.

See also the Realms-L Mailing List FAQ for information and rules of the list..

Realms-L Mailing List
FRAtlas-L Mailing List
REICHE-L German Language Mailing List
Spanish Realms Mailing List
Creative DMing List
DM Help List
Temples of the Realms List


Realms-L Mailing List

NOTE: In March 2000, the REALMS-PROJECTS mailing list was merged into REALMS-L!

To join the regular REALMS-L mailing list, read the send an EMail to: LISTSERV@ORACLE.WIZARDS.COM with the following message (modified as desired according to your reference card):

SUB REALMS-L <Your name>

The Realms-L Digest

The Realms list offers a digest version. To change your subscription to the digest mode, send this message to LISTSERV@ORACLE.WIZARDS.COM :


It is, unfortunately, not possible to subscribe to the digest and the direct list at the same time (from the same account).


FRAtlas-L Mailing List

To join the regular FRAtlas-L mailing list, send an EMail to: LISTSERV@ORACLE.WIZARDS.COM with the following message (modified as desired according to your reference card):

SUB FRAtlas-L <Your name>


REICHE-L German Language Mailing List

Use this URL::

If your access is limited to EMail and you wish to subscribe to this list, please contact Moderator, Mark Oliva at:


Realms Mailing List (Spanish)

Use this URL to subscribe to the list::

If you have any problems with subscribing or any queries regarding this mailing list, please contact the Moderator, Dan Roler at:


Creative DMing List

The sole purpose of this list is to explore and flesh out other FR gamers' creative ideas for their FR campaign world. The results should improve one's enjoyment of FR as well as provide excellent sources of inspiration for all FR gamers. Whether something is canon or not, makes absolutely no difference.

How to subscribe:


DM Help List

The purpose of this list is to provide help for new DMs.

How to subscribe:


Temples of the Realms List

This list is intend to collate and discuss information on Temples of the Realms. The scope includes discussions as well as the submission of information.

How to subscribe:

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