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If you wish to contact the scribes of Candlekeep, please direct your Email to one of the following depending on the subject matter: Furthermore, to give your opinions on the site and any suggestions you wish to make, please fill out the Feedback form, this will aid us in further improving the site and adding more of what visitors want to see within these pages.

You can also contact the Scribes of Candlekeep on the Candlekeep Forums. The forums are monitored constantly and there is usually a scribe on the forums at numerous points thoughout the day. IMPORTANT: Please note that email addresses to Library, Journals, Gallery have now been closed due to spamming issues. All contact relating to the Candlekeep site and forums should be directed to Alaundo (forum profile contains methods of contact).


Head Library Scribe
Forum Moderator

Alaundo is the Head Scribe of Candlekeep. Contact Alaundo for any submissions of lore, artwork and any Forgotten Realms material you would like to include at Candlekeep.

Alaundo is also the Head Moderator for the Candlekeep Forums. You can contact him though the forums or by using the contact form below.

The Sage

The Sage
Forum Moderator

The Sage is a moderator for the Candlekeep Forum. Contact this scribe through his profile via the forums.
Wooly Rupert

Wooly Rupert
Forum Moderator

Wooly Rupert is a moderator for the Candlekeep Forum. Contact this scribe through his profile via the forums.

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