Gallery of Faerun

Ah, Welcome to the Gallery of Faerûn. Here you will find work from some of the greatest craftsmen and artists of all of Toril. Feast your eyes on these masterpieces, observe their beauty, from the many wondrous sights of the land to the most feared nightmares, all of which are found within the Forgotten Realms world.

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Official TSR Artwork

The artwork contained in this section is copyright Wizards of the Coast. For more official Forgotten Realms artwork, see the links below to the Forgotten Realms Galleries on the WotC web site.

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The Savage Frontier
The Crystal Shard
Dreams of the Red Wizards
Red Magic
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orcus.jpg (82448 bytes)
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Waterdeep and the North
Orcus's Doorman
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Finders-Bane.jpg (70891 bytes)
streams.jpg (82772 bytes)
darkwalker.jpg (139984 bytes)
empires.jpg (127229 bytes)
blackwiz.jpg (131107 bytes)
Crown of Fire
Finder's Bane
Streams of Silver
Darkwalker on Moonshae
Empires of the Sands
Black Wizards
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azure.jpg (133468 bytes)
2forroad.jpg (130801 bytes)
duel.jpg (81682 bytes)
Bloodstone-Mines.jpg (37260 bytes)
Cities of Mystery
Azure Bonds
Two for the Road
The Mines of Bloodstone

Official Realms Galleries

Click on the cover image below to be taken to the official art gallery for the product on the Wizards of the Coast Forgotten Realms site. Each gallery contains all the interior artwork from the product available to download for personal use.

FR Campaign SettingFaiths and PantheonsCloak and DaggerCity of the Spider Queen

Unapproachable EastRaces of FaerûnUnderdarkPlayers Guide to Faerûn

Shining SouthLost Empires of FaerûnChampions of Ruin

City of Splendors: WaterdeepSons of GruumshPower of FaerûnDragons of Faerūn

Mysteries of the MoonseaChampions of ValorThe Twilight TombCormyr

Expedition to Undermountain

Forgotten Realms Logo's

The following logo's are copyright and property of TSR Inc.\Wizards of the Coast and are provided here for documentative and archive purposes only, no contest is made to their ownership by Candlekeep. These are the OFFICIAL Forgotten Realms campaign logos:

1987 - 2001 (1st & 2nd edition)
2001 (3rd edition)


The logo's below are not official TSR logo's. The logo in the middle is the "Net Logo" submitted to TSR which may be used freely for fan web sites.

Fan Artwork

The images in the Fan Artwork section have been created and submitted by fan's of the Realms and the fantasy genre. Click on an artists name below to view their gallery.

All images have been submitted to Candlekeep by the artist and are used with permission. All images remain the property of their respective artist and Candlekeep claims no copyrights or privilages of their ownership.

If you have any artwork you wish to submit please contact us.

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