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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Eric K. Rodriguez and is presented here with permission.

Dwarven Strongholds

By Eric K. Rodriguez


DM's and Gamemasters should be aware that the supplements FR11 Dwarves Deep, and The Complete Book of Dwarves supplements will be helpful, but not necessary, when using this information in your current Forgotten Realms Campaign.



Dalthar-Lode is located in the Oarsman Mountains, bordering on the land of Turmish.  Dalthar-Lode is on the verge of a war that is sure to be their downfall.  Almost six years ago miners broke into a series of the Underdark that was claimed by the Drow of Belbauluth.  Belbauluth is a small Drow city, about 7,000 strong.  However, the dark elves are very dedicated to Lolth, and to defending their borders.  In the past six years the skirmishes with the Drow have escalated to all out battles in the dark recesses of the Underdark.  The surprising factor in this confrontation is that the Dwarves of Dalthar-Lode want the battle.  They have, recently, been worked into a frenzy by Sobryn Bloodletter, a very powerful Battlerager that has been imbued with the power of his god, GORM  "Fire-Eyes".  Sobryn has been able to convert almost 100 dwarves into fanatic warriors, who for all intents and purposes are Battleragers.  The only thing keeping the dwarves from committing to an all out assault on Belbauluth is the stern leadership of Daggan Rockface, and Nor "The High Old One".  The equally fanatical devotion of Nor has stopped Sobryn from leading the dwarven  warriors to their doom.  The dwarves of Dalthar-Lode have had dealings with merchants from Turmish before, but with the recent war going on , no train of goods has come from the Oarsman Mountains, and merchants fear that if the dwarves lose their war in the Underdark, valuable mithral and gems could be lost to the Drow. 

Dalthar-Lode was founder over five generations ago by Uldred "Headcleaver".  Over 400 dwarves call Dalthar-Lode their home.  The dwarves have a abundant resource supply of Mithral and gems.  The current war with he Drow of Belbauluth has been going on for six years and is escalating. 

Dalthar-Lode's militia numbers 280 and consists of 40 spearmen, 60 hammer, 60 short sword, 20 battleaxe, and 100 Battleragers led by Sobryn, know as the "Bloody Axe Legion".  Militia leaders are, Daggan Rockface (13th level warrior) Arn Tallhelm (7th level Battlerager), Nor "The High Old One" (10th level Priest of Moradin), Tuir Blunthammer (6/7 th level Warrior/Rogue), and Sobryn Bloodletter (10th level Vindicator).



Dalbof-Tek was one of the great trade cities that existed during the Delzoun Empire.  It was founded by Balfour "Pick-swinger", a great warrior of that time.  Dalbof-Tek never grew to the tens of thousands as other Dwarven communities did, but was a major supplier of gold and steel to the Delzoun Empire.  When the great empire fell, many clans and Dwarven cities were lost to the annuals of time.  Dalbof-Tek has been at war for the last 17 years with three tribes of Hobgoblins inhabiting the Nether Mountains.  The names of the three tribes are not known but the dwarves call them, the Claw, Fang, and Horn.  Dalbof-Tek was once a thriving community of over 8,000 dwarves, but now numbers only 178 individuals.  The city of Dalbof-Tek has been completely overrun, leaving only the inner-citadel held by the dwindling dwarves.  Only the presence of Citadel Adbar to the north, and Citadel Sundabar to the west prevent the Hobgoblin tribes from bringing their full might down upon Dalbof-Tek.  However, neither of these citadels knows of the existence of the dwarves of Dalbof-Tek, or help would be forthcoming.

Background:  The city of Dalbof-Tek was founded over 700 years ago by Dalbof "Pick-swinger".  Only 178 dwarves call Dalbof-Tek their home.  The dwarves have a wealthy resource of gold, but have not way to profit by it.  The war with the Hobgoblins of the Nether Mountains has been going on for 17 years, and is now almost a complete invasion. 

Dalbof-Tek's militia numbers 145 and consists of 55 battleaxe, 40 hammer, and 50 pick-miners.  There is also a group of 10 female Hearthguards that venerate Haela Brightaxe.  Militia leaders are, Balor "Pickswinger' (9th level Warrior), Faern Hammerhand (8th level Priest of Clanggedin Silverbeard), and Mith silver-eater (5/5th level Warrior/Rogue).



Bolfost-Tor is located in the Graypeak Mountains.  It is surrounded by the Fallen Lands to the east, and Llorkh to the west.  This clan, known as Stonehelm, is one of the many dwarven clans that have fled from the north to find a better home.  Bolfost-Tor is a new hold, only three hundred years old, and the founder still leads his clan.  Bran Stonehelm founded  Bolfost-Tor and has been faithful to his original promise not to get involved with any outsiders, and to this very day his clan is unknown to anyone in the outside world.  Bran believes that if they were to start trade with anyone, it would not be long before the creatures of the Fallen Lands, or worse, would find their hold and destroy them.  The main reason the clan is in decline, is the lack of faithful worshippers and healing.  The Stonehelm clan has never had a large number of religious worshippers, and because of this the ranking priest is of low level.  Without godly influence or outside intervention, this clan will eventually cease to be through attrition.

Bolfost-Tor was founded over three hundred years ago, and is still led by it's founder Bran Stonehelm. 

There are 65 dwarves that call Bolfost-Tor their home.  There is no type of conflict with any race, currently, but simple attrition is taking it's toll.  The clan's resources are comfortable, with iron and copper being in abundance.  Bolfost-Tor's militia numbers 36 and consists of 20 sword/shield, and 16 sword/heavy crossbow.  Militia leaders are Bran Stonehelm (14th level Warrior), Tol Bloodhammer (7th level Warrior), and Jangarak (3/3rd level Priest/Warrior of Dumathoin).



The southernmost peaks of the Desertsmouth Mountains holds a clan of dwarves that's name has existed since the time of Myth Drannor.  The clan of "DeepDelvers" was a common name during the reign of the Delzoun Empire, but now is forgotten in legend.  This clan has probably been ousted from their home more than any other clan in history.  They have left no less than 12 holds before settling in the Desertmouth Mountains, but they are going no further.  This clan has, for the last two years, been fighting a losing battle with a large band of Orcs that inhabit that region, however this was not always so.  It was, in fact, two years ago when the evil Zhentarim sent agents to the Bloody Foot tribe of Orcs and made plans to ally themselves with them.  The Zhentarim agents promised wealth and magical assistance in exchange for free passage through the dwarven tunnel complexes once they were taken.  The Zhentarim is always looking for shorter routes to bypass the Cormyrean air patrols that frequent the area.  After the alliance was cemented the battle began.  The Orcs and the Zhentarim have found out that this campaign will not be as quick as others.  The clan of DeepDelvers has declared that every single dwarf will die before they give up their hold.  They have the determination and war machines to back this threat up.  The dwarves have  Darth Blackaxe and Tarse Rockglow to lead them on the road to glory.  And a road to glory it has been, with only 23 dwarven losses, and over 300 Orcs slain.  However, powerful Zhentarim magic is at work and it will not be long before the dwarves fall. 

Dwathor-Kek was founded over four generations ago by Rehgar DeepDelver.  Currently their resources have been reduced drastically leaving just enough to live comfortably.  Dwathor-Kek has been at war for the last two years with Orcs backed by Zhentarim agents, resulting in the current siege. 

Dwathor-Kek's militia consists of 15 axe/shield, 15 hammer/shield, and 15 short sword/shield.  The dwarven hold also has four heavy, multi-firing ballistas.  Militia leaders are Darth Blackaxe (11th level Warrior), Whelm (7th level Warrior), and Tarse Rockglow (9th level Priest of Moradin).


The Svirfneblin of Dark Grotto

In the year 1367DR, a dwarf named Fargim "Groundbreaker" entered the Silent Sword Inn located in Procampur, a city on the Dragon Reach.  Fargim stated that he was a well traveled explorer and adventurer above and below ground.  Fargim said that for the price of an ale he would regale the assembled patrons with stories never before heard.  So saying he began to tell stories of magic and adventure not heard of ever before.  However, the interesting story he had to tell was not about Demons or Dragons, Elves or Dwarves, but about Gnomes.  Not your average surface Gnomes, but the rarely seen Deep Gnomes, or Svirfneblin as they are better known.  Fargim told of a underground grotto of huge size and proportions never before seen on or under Toril.  he told of large groups of Svirfneblin inhabiting the grotto living a peaceful life, and mining large amounts of gems from its depths.  While this is not unheard of, the amount of Svirfnebli was.  Fargim stated, swearing his most sacred oath, that the Svirfneblin of Dark Grotto numbered well over a thousand and that they had defeated a number of competitors for the grotto, including a large Cloaker colony.  Fargim said that the Svirfneblin had also defeated no less than a family of Deep Dragons, that had called the grotto their home.  Fargim said that their attitude toward life was not much different from other Svirfneblin he had met, however he did state that they, unlike other Deep Gnomes, were not going to be driven from their home by anything or anyone.   Fargim would lay good coin down to anyone who would take that bet.  It just so happened that two day's later the great Sage Proterius, requested the presence of Fargim so that he could learn more about these mysterious Svirfneblin.  However when the time came for their meeting Fargim never showed up, and in fact no one has seen him since the day before.  It is summarized that Fargim's Svirfneblin city, if it existed, lay's somewhere south under the Akanapeaks, located in the far removed country of Chessenta.  Suffice it to say, Fargim is greatly sought after right now.

The Svirfneblin of Dark Grotto are in fact not one city, but a group of small colonies so close in proximity that they are considered one.  Fargims estimations on populations, however, were quite correct.  It is estimated that some 1,400 to 1,600 Svirfneblin inhabit the Dark Grotto region.  The Svirfneblin have in fact destroyed a Cloaker colony and driven off a family of Deep Dragons.  It is also said that the Svirfneblin have had conflict's with Drow, Illithids, and even Derro.  It should be mentioned that they did not destroy the Deep Dragons, but merely drove them away.  The Deep Dragons did not, however, move that far away and are slowly bidding their time until they can exact their revenge upon the Svirfneblin.  The recognized King of Dark Grotto is Grendam "Jewel-Finder", a Svirfneblin of great skill and wisdom. 

There are over 800 members of the Svirfneblin militia, and most conform to using Pick/Dagger and Darts.  Militia leaders are King Grendam "Jewel-Finder" (8th level Warrior), Dohger Smoothstone (9th level Priest of Calladuran), Erilis (7th level Illusionist), Dwomit Twinkle-eyes (7th level Warrior), Callan "High Hand" (7th level Priest of Calladuran).



The Derro outpost of Kildalmalk was founded a mere three generations ago when the combined forces of the Dwarves of Dorbalgak and the Svirfneblin  of the Crystal Caves joined forces and destroyed the Derro city of Norgim-Rak.  A large group of Derro survived the destruction of that city and fled far to the south under the leadership of Chund "The Evil".  This group of Derro eventually founded the outpost of Kildalmalk and started building a new life.  For three generations the Derro enjoyed success after success.  A small Dwarven clan soon fell to the Derro, and then a clan of Gnomes also fell.  The derro even raided the surface and captured humans to add to their slave population.  It wasn't until 12 months ago that Chund, now a Savant of Diirinka, gained the power and knowledge to summon and bind three Gargoyles to do his bidding.  Unfortunately he now realizes he has abused this power.  Immediately after gaining the ability to summon the Gargoyles, he began sending them on raiding parties to the nearby human settlements.  After the first few raids locals hired a group of  adventurers to take care of the problem.  After a long chase the group followed the Gargoyles to the Mountains of Copper, in the country of Murghom, north of Mulhorand.  Once it was determined who was responsible for the attacks, the local lord,  Narren Thataman, raised an army of 600 warriors, which also included the help of a clan of Dwarves.  In the last month the battles between the army of Morten and the Derro of Kildalmalk has been escalating into an all out war.  Every week brings a new battle and another tunnel closed.  At this rate every surface exit will have to be sealed or the Derro of Kildalmalk will find warriors at their very doors.

Kildalmalk was founded three generations ago by Chund "The Evil".  Over 300 Derro call Kildalmalk their home.  The Derro of Kildalmalk have been at war for the last 13 months with an army of human and Dwarves from the city of Morten. 

Kildalmalk's militia numbers 250 and consists of 80 light repeating crossbow, 120 hook fauchard, and 50 dagger/buckler.  Militia leaders are Chund "The Evil" (9th level Savant of Diirinka), Yoth (7th level Warrior), Zond Darkeyes (5/6th level Warrior/Rogue), and Inder Redcrest (6th level Savant of Diirinka).



The Duergar city of Beldordaukr is located in the Desertsmouth Mountains bordering the great desert of Anauroch.  The Duergar of Beldordaukr have existed for over ten generations and have developed an advance society and culture.  In that period of time, the Duergar have had very few conflicts with anyone, however six years ago that all changed.  The leaders of the city are Boront "Dwarfslayer", and Miira Graydeath.  Boront is a direct descendant of Maergar "Dwarfslayer", and a great Duergar  warrior.  Miira Graydeath is the spiritual leader of Beldordaukr and a cunning diplomat.  Six years ago Boront and Miira devised a way to bring great wealth and expansion to their people.  After a series of lies and deceptions, coupled with magic, both leaders convinced the Duergar that Laduguer, the god of the Duergar, wanted them to be his chosen people on Toril.  Since that time the Duergar have been making war on whoever gets in their way.  To this date the Duergar have conquered one Dwarf hold, a Svirfneblin city, an Orc hold, and an Drow outpost.  This last conquest was thought by many to be a great mistake, but Boront and Miira think of it as just another cavern.  The Drow outpost belonged to the Drow of Derinlithmor, who are at this time much too busy to deal with the Duergar of Beldordaukr.  Speculative Duergar state that once the Drow deal with their current problem, they will definitely be looking for revenge.  The Duergar are currently campaigning against the Shattered Hooves tribe, a tribe of goblins inhabiting the Desertsmouth Mountains.   It is said that the war will soon be over leaving the Duergar of Beldordaukr victorious once again.

Laduguer, the god of the Duergar, is not happy with the Duergar of Beldordaukr.  For  ten generations he has protected and provided for them and is very upset at the current expansionist attitude of its leaders.  Laduguer is a evil god, but prefers his people to learn and to protect their kind, not openly make war.  Laduguer definitely does not promote expansion and war, and does not send omens to his priests.  It is said that soon the Duergar of Beldordaukr will be punished for their transgressions, and most likely cease to be a flourishing community. 

Almost 900 Duergar call Beldordaukr their home.  Beldordaukr's militia numbers 580 and consists of pick, hammer, shortsword, spear, and light crossbow, all organized into "Arms" of 100 dwarves each.  There is also a special force of 80 Steeders known as the "Creeping Doom Legion".  Militia leaders are Boront "Dwarfslayer" (10th level Warrior), Miira Graydeath (9th level Priest of Laduguer), Rachne (6th level Priest of Laduguer), Haeil "Doomfist" (6/6th level Warrior/Rogue), and Obar Stoneshaft (4/5th level Priest/Rogue). 


The Golden Enclave

The Golden Enclave was formed barely six months ago by a secret enclave of representatives of Silverymoon, Adbarrum, Sundabar, and Longsaddle.  Recently a group of adventures out of Silverymoon had traveled deep into the Spine of the World Mountains looking for a lost artifact that was said to have been in that area.  After weeks of searching, and avoiding the hordes of humanoids that inhabit that region, the group found nothing.  On their return trip they ran into a force of Orog's that they could not avoid.  after a heated battle it was determined that their only chance for survival was to head into the Underdark and try to lose their pursuers.  After a long chase the Orog's were evaded. 

After getting their bearings from Idrin "Foehammer", a dwarf from Adbarrum, they began their trek south gradually moving toward the surface.  That is when the most amazing discovery in five generations happened.  By pure chance a side cavern that was being used as a rest stop produced a treasure that has not been seen in the realms in a thousand years.  What the group had discovered was none other than the precious and magical metal known as Hizagkuur.  This precious metal is said to have been deposited on Toril by Moradin himself.  The metal Hizagkuur has the innate properties of providing powerful protections against magical fire and lightning.  It was said that only the ruling family of the Delzoun Empire wore armor made of this metal.  Realizing their discovery, the group made all haste to return back to civilization.  After it was decided that this find could not be left there for anyone or anything to find and a group of 100 special individuals was assembled and established a hidden outpost in the Spine of the World Mountains.  The enclave determined that a group of 100 individuals could be more easily hidden than an army.  

So far the secret outpost has been able to prevent anyone above or below ground from finding out there presence.  Idrin "Foehammer" has said that no more than one ton  of the precious metal exists in the cavern and that three more months should be sufficient to bring it all out.  They have been using powerful teleportation magic to move the metal directly to Silverymoon where the metal is being distributed among the various enclave members.  It is said that if the Orcs of the Spine Mountains ever found out about the intrusion into their territory, another Orc Horde would be forthcoming. 

The main races of the Golden Enclave consists of Human, Gnome, Dwarf, and Elf.  The five main leaders of the Hidden Outpost are, Jhordyn (10th level Human Paladin of Azuth), Lithal (7/6th level Elf Warrior/Mage), Idrin "Foehammer" (12th level Dwarf Warrior), Gibber (7/6th level Gnome Rogue/Illusionist), and Lareth (13th level Human Alterer).



DM's are encouraged to change or alter these Dwarvish holds to suit the needs of their individual campaigns.  Although designed for the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting, each Dwarf hold could be easily modified to fit  into any fantasy world setting.  DM's and players hold obtain or purchase copies of TSR's AD&D 2nd Edition Monster Mythology, TSR Forgotten Realms Supplement FR11 Dwarves Deep, and especially TSR's Complete Book of Dwarves.  This last handbook will provide DM's and players with a quick and easy way of creating or developing new or current Dwarven Strongholds.

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