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The articles below have been collated for formatted by Delwa from the Wizards of the Coast website for purpose of archiving and preservation. No challenge is made to ownership and all content is copyright Wizards of the Coast, authored by Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms. This material may not be reproduced, sold or used for commerical purposes. Any queries or questions, please contact Alaundo at Candlekeep.

Forging the Realms

By Ed Greenwood

A Dark and Stormy Knight
A Handful of Hauntings
A Statuesque Affair
After the Fall
All the News, and Then Some
And On the Way, He Lost It
Blades of the Unicorn
Bringing a City to Life
Cult Maraudings
Curse of the Dread Throne
Elkaskyn Horncastle
Ends Better Left Loose
Firebraces of Selgaunt
Flask of Dreams
Foundation Stones
Ham Acting Across the Table
Hidden Holds of the Realms
Horl, Breeder of Mules
How Many Hidden Cults is Too Many
How to Haunt a Castle
Hulther's Mimics
I Gloat in your General Direction
Imroad Gaskulyn
Jarasson, Founder of Guilds
Just a Typical Night in an Inn
Just in Time
Lord Crakehall
Lord Mantlepard's Homecoming
Lord of the Sewers
Lost Lavandril
Making the Trains Run on Time
Manshoon the Manyfaced
Masks of the Dragons
Melve's Plan
Mirt Strides out of the Mists
Monster Breeding for Fun and Profit
New Ships of the Air
Newly Fashioned Curses of the Realms
Noble Investments
Ommurk's Sly Disaster
Only My...
Outcast House
Prunchaeril's Matchless Blade
Quelzard, Patron of Adventurers
Sedition and Eskryn's Hot Bestseller
Sinister Citizens of Kormul
So Many Reaching Hands
So What do ye do for a Living
Stealing a Crown
Tales Hanging By Threads
Thaelon Morgyr's Map
Tharamalar "Blood of Beholders"
The Cargo that Bites Back
The Cauldron of Monsters
The Cleft Coin
The Dream of Empire
The Eye Tyrant's Predicament
The Eye of the Dragon, Part 1
The Eye of the Dragon, Part 2
The Eye of the Dragon, Part 3
The Feather Guilds
The Four Quests of Radiance
The Friendly Monster
The Gem in the Wall
The Halarkenblood Mystery
The Haunted Armour of Lornalar
The Horned Skull
The House of the Falling Axe
The Hunt for the Lost Spell
The Library Code
The Lone Wizard
The Lost Crown of Athalantar
The Lost Tharkul of Thar
The Lost Triarchy of Scorune
The Mistnetters of the Swamps
The Moondark Mystery
The Mushroom Man
The New Underways
The Player Pack
The Rhauligans
The Sardolphyn Gambit
The Skalantur Scandal
The Slaying Fever
The Sly Blade
The Solution
The Spellwyrm's Search
The Stench Carts
The Subterfuge of Art
The Surprise Adventure
The Talkative Tavernmaster
The Teleporting Oddity
The Thralls of Xaerogleth
The Traitors' Mill
The Vellurith, Part 1
The Vellurith, Part 2
The Wizards Did It
The Wooden Nose War
Vraunt of the Masked Princess

What's He Got in his Wagons?

When Stuff Happens, Leaving a Legacy
When Stuff Happens, What's a DM to do?
Where Bloody Knives See the Sun

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