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The material on the page has been collated from various official Forgotten Realms sources by Maglubiyet. The text is used here at Candlekeep with permission from the author.

Goblins of the Realms

By Maglubiyet

Goblin Names
Grodd Goblins


Sages believe that goblins are relatively recent immigrants to Toril, having arrived some time after halflings and giants.  Goblins themselves hold that they are among the original inhabitants of the world, though they are not known for having a long racial memory.

In times past, goblins have occasionally maintained kingdoms and built large fortifications in their conquests of the land.  The so-called Golden Age of the Goblins is referred to by several sources, including the sage Artur Shurtmin who penned a book by that name, and Elminster of Shadowdale.  A little over a thousand years ago, a great goblin empire stretched throughout what is now known as the Goblin Marches.  They raided and conquered far-flung lands including Suzail, Asram, and Anuria. 

Encroachment by the expanding Anauroch desert, however, slowly destroyed the goblins' lands.  Their power waned for many centuries until at last starvation and desperation facilitated the rise of the powerful goblin warlord, Izac Uthor.  Uthor's forces, two hundred thousand strong, were eventually crushed by the combined might of human, halfling, elf, and dwarven forces.  This proved to be the final blow to the goblin kingdoms and they have never risen since.

Goblins today are a scattered race that scratch out a meager existence in the territories unclaimed by other races or serve as slaves to those more powerful than themselves.  Yet still they are among the most numerous sentient beings on Toril.  In marshes and swamps, foothills and mountains, and even the Underdark their numbers are plentiful.

They tend to be wicked and petty, although not universally so.  Notable exceptions include the 27 goblins who reside in the Horseshoe Temple Oasis in the Quoya desert.  These creatures were taken in after being chased from their home in the Firepeaks by dwarves but soon learned pacifism from the priests' example.  A similar situation occurred with the goblin Sheemzher, who was shown kindness by the Lady of Weathercote Wood after fleeing the Beast Lord's creations in the Dekanter mines.

Probably most famous good goblin, however, is Nojheim.  He was a naturally mild-mannered creature who met an untimely end after confiding in Drizzt Do'Urden.


Goblins of Chult

Goblins of Chult are called the Batiri.  They live in matriarchal clans of 25 to 200 members which hunt and travel at night.  Tribes maintain totems around their settlements that raise the alarm when a village is in danger.  Batiri believe that dinosaurs or other gigantic beasts are the representatives of their gods and each tribe chooses a particular species to venerate.  Khurgorbaeyag, called 'Kuro' by the Batiri, is also worshipped heavily. 

The Batiri are relentless trackers and are skilled in the use of short bows and spears.  The more powerful Batiri generals wear crude dinosaur-hide and animal skin armor.  They eat those they capture, except other Batiri.

Batiri can have green skin as well as other more typical goblin coloration.  They speak their own language which is different from, but related to, the Goblin tongue.


Goblins of Zakhara

Goblins of Zakhara are immigrants from Shou-Lung to the east.  They live in large compounds that house large extended families and practice ancestor worship.  Most Zakhara goblins' skin is bright green, but variants with yellow, red and blue also occur.  Goblins in the Land of Fate have a great affinity for gadgets, especially explosives.  They create and use odd devices such as flame-throwers, repeating crossbows, and balloons.


Sources:  Netheril: Empire of Magic; Elminster’s Ecologies; Beyond the High Road; Cormyr; Underdark; The Horde; Nether Scroll; Dark Mirror; FRCS; Jungles of Chult; Zakhara – Al Qadim, Land of Fate

Goblin Names

This is a list of specific goblins from the Forgotten Realms campaign material (novels, game supplements, short stories, and computer games.) While the literature mentions hundreds of descriptive goblin characters, such as goblin warrior, goblin slave, goblin coachman, etc. I have only included those with a “proper” name.

I have not included any bugbears or hobgoblins. I have also excluded Dekanter goblins (abominations of a false god – someone really ought to smite that Beast Lord some day!) They are so radically different from normal goblins as to be a separate species.

You won’t find any goblins from generic game supplements or Dungeon adventures here (apologies to Bayerlet, Herpulh, and Floki Longfingers. ) And you also won’t find any goblins from other campaign settings, including wildspace and the planes (so no dhakaani , etc.)

What I have included is any goblin, on the face of Toril, which could be produced in the natural way from another goblin. This includes: goblins, blues, Batiri, and half-goblins.

Name Tribe Location Information Source
Argo   Undermountain Known as Argo Blacktooth.  Clever leader of goblin group on second level of Undermountain; figured out how to use one of Halaster's traps to target creatures from afar.  Carries purple chain that is part of a puzzle to open a door to lower levels. Neverwinter Nights: HotU (computer game)
Artemis Noble Cavaliers Spiderhaunt Woods Self-styled king of the Noble Cavaliers. Read a lot of human literary romances before deciding upon the name Artemis. Dresses in ill-fitting human-style finery: plumed hats, lacey velvet tunics, bucket boots, baldrics, etc. Speaks in stitled, pseudo-literary style.  Under the dominance of an artifact called the Dragonking's Eye that contains the essence of an evil god. (LE male goblin)  [see also:  Glixx] Marco Volo: Arrival
Asglarek Chalarstaukh Rauvin Mountains Portly king who rules the Chalarstaukh tribe along with his seven sons. Silver Marches
Balt   Chult Disciplined and feared Batiri general, consort of Queen M'Bobo.  Wore dinosaur-hide breastplate.  Killed by a swarm of locusts summoned by a paladin of Ubtao.  [see also:  M'Bobo] Ring of Winter
Bani Matruj al-Haddar   Liham, Zakhara Calls himself the Silent Sheikh.  Talkative information broker who works as a barber.  Wears a fez.  (N male goblin Rog4) Al Qadim - Assassin Mountain
Belig   Featherdale Accidentally poisoned the water for the hamlet of Thistle.  Claimed credit and demanded tribute from the humans not to do it again.  Wants to replace his current leader, Krig.  (NE male goblin Ftr2)  [see also:  Bilik, Krig, Merse] Dungeon #130
Biletooth Red Fangs Cloak Wood Forest Leader of the Red Fangs tribe (not to be confused with the orc tribe in the Silver Marches of the same name).  Rides a giant spider. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (computer game)
Bilik   Featherdale Cook for the band of goblins under Krig.  Currently in poor standing in the group. [see also:  Belig, Krig, Merse] Dungeon #130
Bruck   Underdark, near Menzoberranzan Chieftain of his tribe.  Tricked into fleeing from Drizzt during the drow's travels through the Underdark.  Later slain by the spirit-wraith Zaknafein. Exile
Byuchyuch House Baenre Menzoberranzan Slave to House Baenre for 10 years.  Polymorphed into a male drow by Matron Malice Do'Urden and ordered to fight Drizzt Do'Urden.  Died in the fight as Malice had planned, which furthered some drow scheme to destroy Drizzt.   (Such is the life of a pawn.) Homeland
Caballus   vicinity of Targos, Icewind Dale Powerful wizard and leader of his own tribe.  Likes to dance wildly while in combat.  Used fireball spells to break holes in the defensive palisades of the town of Targos.  Allied with Vghotan and Ghotrag's tribes as part of an advance force of a larger goblin army.  Wields a whispering staff.  [see also:  Ghotrag, Vghotan] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Driklret Brikklext (hamlet) Upperdark Tribal spymaster who spends most of his time manipulating Brikklext's chief, a bugbear known as Overshadow Wronsa.  (CE male blue psion 5) [see also:  Gryxt] Underdark
Dus Abd al-Dawwar Wanderers (fleet) Qudra, Zakhara Mamluk (tattoed slave warrior) who holds the rank of Admiral in the fleet called the Wanderers.  Crafty, alert commander who knows naval tactics well. (male goblin Ftr5) Corsairs of the Great Sea (Al-Qadim)
Ellisin   High Moor Part of a force of orcs and goblins exploring the ruins of Illefarn.  Led by an orc named Wartsnak Direlord. (LE male goblin Clr7)  [see also:  Emee] Under Illefarn
Elva   Dekanter mines Apparently dumb, but fertile goblin female.  Mate to Sheemzher. Taken by minions of the Beast Lord and transformed into a swordsinger.  [see also:  Sheemzher] Nether Scrolls
Emee   High Moor Part of an exploratory force led by an orc named Wartsnak Direlord in an expedition into the ruins of ancient Illefarn. (LE male goblin Clr4) [see also:  Ellisin] Under Illefarn
Ertyk Uhl Starrock tribe vicinity of Tanistan King of the Starrock tribe.  Slew the elf Rysodyl Boughstrong, husband of the Baroness of Tanistan Lands of Intrigue
Erytulk Kuro Clan Chult Shaman of the Kuro, a Batiri tribe.  Believes he is most powerful shaman in Chult.  Greedy and power hungry but must rule from behind the throne.  Wears bracers of defense and makes healing potions out of ryath root.  Younger brother of Irtana.  [see also:  Irtana] Jungles of Chult
Felkin   Shilmista Wood Sole survivor of a goblin scouting party sent into the elven wood Shilmista.  Accidentally killed by an ogrillon named Ragnor while reporting the failure of his mission.  [see also:  Rake] In Sylvan Shadows
Forgath Yellowtooth (infantry unit) Vaasa Leader of an infantry unit that threatened the humans of Bloodstone Valley as part of a larger bandit army.  [see also:  Gorbas, Horroc, Mogat, Rankhas] Bloodstone Pass
Garuk Garuk One Ears Galenas and Earthspur mountains Huge, enterprising goblin who has devised a scam to pay other goblinoids to join his tribe.  New recruits are required to cut off their own ear and give it to Garuk.  He then secretly turns it in for the bounty through his contacts in Palishchuck. Bloodstone Lands
Gar-Yak   Underdark Chief of a tribe hired by the drow mercenary Jarlaxle to flush out Drizzt Do'Urden.  Faced an angry force of dwarves. Legacy
Gedreth   Dusk Wood Prideful shaman who leads a group of worg-mounted scouts.  Wears headdress of feathers and small bones. (LE male goblin Adp4 [shaman]) Dungeon #67
Ghaur   a "ravine" in the North (near Mirabar?) Wielded Namarra, the Sword that Never Sleeps, 200 years after the goblin chieftain Nethaug captured it.  Was killed by an adventuring band, the Company of the Gryphon, who took the sword. The Magister
Ghistpok   Dekanter mines Known as Lord High Chief Ghistpok.  Ghistpok is actually a title meaning "chief".  Ruled a tribe of over 200 goblins and 30 huge wolves.  They ranged east of the Graypeak Mountains avoiding Llorkh and Loudwater.  His tribe was used as breeding stock by the Beast Lord to create the Dekanter goblins and other abominations.  Burned to death in an assault on the Beast Lord. FRCS(2ed.); Savage Frontier
Ghotrag   Icewind Dale Warrior who leads his own tribe.  Allied with other goblin tribes in an assault on the town of Targos.  Carries light crossbow +1, potion of mirror image.  [see also:  Caballus, Vghotan] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Gim   Kryptgarden Forest Was out looking for food with his brother when an earthquake collapsed his tribe's cave.   Relocated to the mines next to the dwelling of an elf wild mage.  Discovered some of the mage's treasure - a bag of tricks and ring of invisibility.  Captured and attempted to ransom a dwarf named Tjegg.  15 years old.  Brother of Rumple; killed all of his other brothers.  [see also:  Rumple] Dungeon #52
Giznat   Citadel Rashemar, Rashemen Large goblin chief of a tribe that served a human witch named Yulda (disguised as the annis hag, Chaul.)  Was turned to stone by the witch for getting too greedy.  The statue he became was given as a gift/warning to the tribe's new chief. [see also:  Hazbik, Razk] Bladesinger
Glixx   Spiderhaunt Woods Representative of four tribes: the Bloody Hands, the Broken Daggers, the Merciless Slayers, and the Small Unpleasant Ones.  The tribes are united in their hatred of the Noble Cavaliers goblin tribe.  [see also:  Artemis] Marco Volo: Arrival
Gools   Vaasa Sole survivor of a group attacked by Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle.  Was wounded by Entreri but then spared by Jarlaxle so that he might work for the pair.  Served as a scout to help Entreri and Jarlaxle locate other goblins, ogres, etc. while they were trying to establish a reputation as bounty hunters. Promise of the Witch King
Gorbas Warpaws (cavalry unit) Vaasa Leader of a unit of worg cavalry that threatened the humans of Bloodstone Valley as part of a larger bandit army.  [see also:  Forgath, Horroc, Mogat, Rankhas] Bloodstone Pass
Grock   Spine of the World Ruler of his own tribe.  Bitter rivals with Torga, leader of a nearby orc tribe.  Made a deal with a human mage named Akar Kessell to aid the wizard in his war of conquest. Crystal Shard
Grouze   Dekanter mines Kidnapped and transformed into a swordsinger by an alhoon known as the Beast Lord.  Killed by Ghistpok's goblins, including his own brother, Outhzin. [see also:  Elva, Outhzin, Sheemzher] Nether Scrolls
Grovel   Undermountain Lurks at the bottom of the well in the Yawning Portal.  Knows of Halaster's disappearance. Neverwinter Nights: HotU (computer game)
Gryxt Brikklext (hamlet) Upperdark Shares rule of a burgeoning goblinoid village with bugbears.  Most powerful psion of the tribe. (LE female blue psion 6)  [see also:  Driklret] Underdark
Guk the Hidden (drow rebel group) ruins of Maerimydra, Underdark Hid in an urn when the drow city of Maerimydra was destroyed.  Works with a rebel group called the Hidden that seeks to free the city from its occupying forces. Rarely speaks but squeaks when frightened.  Wears shadow studded leather and carries a magic short sword.  (NE female goblin Rog9) City of the Spider Queen
Hazbik   Citadel Rashemar, Rashemen Witnessed the death of his chief, Giznat, at the hands of an ex-hathran named Yulda (who was magically disguised as a hag.)  Ordered to return to his tribe and inform them of the chief's death. [see also:  Giznat, Razk] Bladesinger
Horroc Black Arrows (archer unit) Vaasa Commander of a unit of archers in the Goblin Brigade that threatened Bloodstone Valley.   [see also:  Forgath, Gorbas, Mogat, Rankhas] Bloodstone Pass
Illish   Undermountain Lost in Undermountain after seeking his fortune based on advice from someone named Garag.  Allied with a mimic.    [see also:  Mhaerg, Ulagh, Vuhrund] Ruins of Undermountain
Irtana Kuro Clan Chult Queen of the Kuro clan, a Batiri tribe.  Won her title through combat; she is a fierce fighter.  Older sister of Erytulk. [see also:  Erytulk] Jungles of Chult
Izac Uthor Thugs of Uthor Goblin Marches Brutish mid-level commander who rose to power by rallying the starving goblins of the Goblin Marches to go to war.  In 1089 formed an army of 200,000 goblins. They met a force of humans, halflings, dwarves, and elves at a place called Torgor's Triangle (now known as the Battle of Bones).  Hundreds of thousands died in a battle that lasted days.  The goblins were routed and later hunted down and wiped out in a place called Skull Gorge.  Izac Uthor is said to have escaped the final battle and goblins still talk of his return. Elminsters Ecologies: Appendix 1
Keego Keego's Swarm Underdark Rebel leader of a failed uprising of goblin slaves against a small drow city.  Spawned an archaic drow proverb, "Keego's swarm cramps the tunnels." Servant of the Shard
Kergis   Dustwall Mountains, Durpar Captain and military leader within his clan.  Was a prisoner of humans for a year.  Led an escort of goblins for the half-goblin Zeth. [see also:  Skralang, Zeth] "Visions", short story in Realms of Infamy
Krig   Featherdale Leader of an exiled warband which has taken up residence in an old depot.  Demands high levels of cleanliness (by goblin standards) from his followers.  Wields +1 short sword.  (NE male goblin Rog3)  [see also: Belig, Bilik, Merse] Dungeon #130
Kurot   Marching Mountains King of goblin hordes who fought with the King Golden Horn's janessars.  Referenced in a book known as "The Legends of Those Who Came from Mist." Star of Cursrah
M'Bobo   Chult Great Queen of the Batiri, consort of Balt.  Vain and proud, fond of wearing finery and jewelry and preening her long blonde hair.  Wore armor made of human bones.  Killed by zombies in a failed assault on Mezro.  [see also:  Balt] Jungles of Chult; Ring of Winter
Merse   Featherdale Most attentive of the matrons in Krig's little band.  Guards the goblin young with a spear coated with black adder venom.  (NE female goblin War2)  [see also:  Belig, Bilik, Krig] Dungeon #130
Mhaerg   Undermountain Lost in Undermountain after seeking his fortune based on advice from someone named Garag.  Allied with a mimic.  [see also:  Illish, Ulagh, Vuhrund] Ruins of Undermountain
Mogat Blacktooth (infantry unit) Vaasa Leader of an infantry unit that was part of the Goblin Brigade in a bandit army.  [see also:  Forgath, Gorbas, Horroc, Rankhas] Bloodstone Pass
Mokrul Mokrul Clan Icewind Dale Leads a mixed tribe of goblins and half-goblins.  Has allied his clan with a larger force of orcs and goblins.  Not averse to eating humans (may actually prefer it).  [see also:  Ogrok, Pondmuk, Vunarg] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Nanraak   High Country, Rashemen Known as King Nanraak the Fierce and the wild goblin king.  Lean and warlike ruler of the largest colony of goblins that lives in the ravines of the mountainous High Country.   Leads over one hundred fighting goblins in raids against human mining towns and lowland settlements. (LE male goblin Ftr7) Unapproachable East; Bladesinger
Nargharab Malauth Rauvin Mountains Queen of the Malauth tribe, though actually a puppet of seven powerful goblin priests who call themselves the Malauthar. Silver Marches
Nathak   Underdark Underling to two barghest whelps.  Was eaten by one of them, Ugulu, for giving him bad news. Sojourn
Nethaug   a "ravine" in the North (near Mirabar?) Chieftain during the Goblin Wars some 300 years ago.  Tribe overran and plundered Mirabar, took Namarra, the Sword that Never Sleeps, as a prize. The Magister
Nnesk   Undermountain Unfortunately entered a portal and ended up in the halls of Undermountain alone. Ruins of Undermountain
Nojheim   Village Pengallen in the Silver Marches Good-aligned goblin.  His mother murdered his father and his younger sister for not sharing their supper with her.  He nearly escaped a life of slavery to a human named Rico but was recaptured by Drizzt Do'Urden and returned to his evil master.  Drizzt realized his mistake and set out to Silverymoon to appeal the goblin's case.  On his return, however, he found that Rico had hung the poor goblin. "Dark Mirror", short story, Realms of Valor; Sea of Swords
Nok   Skullport Grows mushrooms in dungpiles beneath the Raging Bull inn.  For a copper, will tell tales about fools who have tried to free the caged minotaur who gives the inn its name.  Twin brother of Nyk.  [see also:  Nyk] Skullport
No-Nose Bloodier Teeth Orsraun Mountains Demanded tribute from the human village, Urml, but was rebuffed.  Before the villagers could prepare their defenses, No-Nose rallied nearby orc, goblin, kobold, and trolls to assist in an assault.  His forces were almost victorious when a mysterious knight in shining white armor appeared and turned the tide against the goblins.  The knight was said to be the god Torm, sent by Tyr to save the humans. Swords of the Iron Legion
Nyk   Skullport Grows mushrooms in dungpiles beneath the Raging Bull inn.  For a copper, will tell tales about fools who have tried to free the caged minotaur who gives the inn its name.  Twin brother of Nok.  [see also:  Nok] Skullport
Ogrok   Icewind Dale Leader of a handful of goblins and worgs allied with a large force of goblins and orcs.  [see also:  Mokrul, Pondmuk, Vunarg] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Omvurr   Mulsanyaar Plateau, Rashemen The Omvurr is a great goblin chieftain who rules from a sprawling citadel of crude dark stone called Omvudurth.  The citadel's towers stand on the lowering heights of Mount Omvulag on the Mulsanyaar Plateau in Rashemen.  (LE male goblin Bbn4/Ftr6) Unapproachable East
Outhzin   Dekanter mines Goblin in the Dekanter mines with the biggest rag collection. Grouze's brother.  [see also:  Elva, Ghistpok, Grouze, Sheemzher] Nether Scrolls
Pondmuk   Icewind Dale Conniving, but starving goblin who likes to eat spiders.  Apparently an outcast from a large force of orcs and goblins who has to make his own way in the caves under their fortress.  [see also:  Mokrul, Ogrok, Vunarg] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Pruj Marauders (military unit) Dragonspear Castle, High Moor Brave chieftain of great renown.  Possibly suffers from delusions of grandeur.  Commands 500 goblins in a unit called the Marauders, which is led by a cornugon devil named Vrag.  Led an assault through the Misty Forest towards Daggerford. Hordes of Dragonspear
Rake   Shilmista Wood Member of a goblin scouting party sent into the elven wood Shilmista.  Shot and killed by an arrow by an elf named Shayleigh.  [see also:  Felkin] In Sylvan Shadows
Rankhas Longpoles (infantry unit) Vaasa Leader of a unit of spearmen in the Goblin Brigade of a bandit army that threatened Bloodstone Valley.  [see also:  Forgath, Gorbas, Horroc, Mogat] Bloodstone Pass
Razk   Citadel Rashemar, Rashemen Powerful shaman who keeps the goblins of Citadel Rashemar in line.  Follows a half-orc priestess named Durakh in order to learn certain rites from her.  [see also:  Giznat, Hazbik] Bladesinger
Rhaekbog   vicinity of Targos, Icewind Dale Ally to a traitorous human wizard named Phaen.  Member of a goblin horde attempting to destroy Targos.  [see also:  Caballus, Ghotrag, Rukwurm, Vghotan] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Rukwurm   vicinity of Targos, Icewind Dale Led a team of goblin sappers to burrow under the town of Targos as part of an invading force.  Allied with a human wizard, named Phaen, who teleported Rukwurm and his sappers past the town's defenses.  [see also:  Caballus, Ghotrag, Rhaekbog, Vghotan] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Rumple   Kryptgarden Forest Was out looking for food with his brother when an earthquake collapsed his tribe's cave.  Moved into mines connecting to the home of an elf wild mage named Elistar.  Kidnapped one of dwarves who helped Elistar build his home.  Looted  a +1 short sword and potions of speed from the mage's treasure room.   Rumple is 15 years old.  Brother of Gim; killed all of his other brothers.  [see also:  Gim] Dungeon #52
Sheemzher   Graypeak Mountains Born in Dekanter mines.  Taken as a son by one of the tribe elders.  Was given the goblin woman, Elva, by Ghistpok for good service.  Had six children.  Dresses in blue breeches, fitted bright green jacket, boots.  Taken in by Wyndyfar, Lady of Weathercote Wood, after fleeing the mines.  Led the human hero Dru to Dekanter.  [see also: Elva, Ghistpok, Grouze, Outhzin] Nether Scrolls
Skralang   Dustwall Mountains, Durpar Ancient (46 years old) goblin shaman.  Grandfather of the half-human prophet, Zeth.  Sent Captain Kergis and Zeth on a mission of atonement for his tribe.  [see also: Kergis, Zeth] "Visions", short story in Realms of Infamy
Snig   High Moor Called "Snig the Axe".  Led a bugbear and a group of goblins working for Hark, a legendary wererat bandit lord.  Was surprised by Stedd Rein and the adventuring band Order of the Jade Blade.  Apparently slain by the heroes. WotC website - Legacy of the Green Regent (
Srubaash Neidlig Goblin Marches Rules the Neidlig tribe and goes by the title King Srubaash.  Claims that a mysterious spirit came to him in a vision and told him of the importance of rebuilding the strength of the goblin race.  Pursues that goal by establishing alliances with other humanoid tribes in the Goblin Marches. Elminster's Ecologies
Tuka   city of Hawa, Zakhara Merchant-rogue who works as a mason and owns his own shop.  Secretly an Elder Brother of the evil cult of Istishia.  (male goblin Rog5) Corsairs of the Great Sea (Al-Qadim)
Tynan   Undermountain (extra-dimensional space?) Can be summoned once a day by a magical item called Tynan's Top.  The Top is obtained by placing a human infant into some diabolical machine in Undermountain.  Tynan wields a +6 handaxe. (male goblin Bbn18 !) Neverwinter Nights: HotU (computer game)
Ulagh   Undermountain Lost in Undermountain after seeking his fortune based on advice from someone named Garag.  Allied with a mimic.    [see also: Illish, Mhaerg, Vuhrund] Ruins of Undermountain
Vaerluth Vaerluth Rauvin Mountains Thirty-sixth King Vaerluth, who recently murdered his predecessor in the usual local manner of succession.  The Vaerluth tribe lives with huge spiders and its members are immune to spider poison. Silver Marches
Verlmak Dwarfbanes Orsraun Mountains Verlmak Bonechopper led his tribe, the Dwarfbanes, against the dwarven mining settlement of Kallamos Var.  The Dwarfbanes (aka the Dwarfdeath) were mounted on wyverns supplied by an anonymous mage.  The dwarves learned of the planned aerial assault and enlisted dragonnes to be their own flying cavalry to fend off the goblins. Swords of the Iron Legion
Vghotan   vicinity of Targos, Icewind Dale Led his tribe in an assault on the town of Targos as part of an advance force of a larger goblin army.  Rides a worg.  The name Vghotan translates as "houndstooth."  Wears a magical collar that transforms his hands into claws (Worg Collar).  [see also:  Caballus, Ghotrag] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Vorshk   Citadel Rashemar, Rashemen Known as "Vorshk the Worm".  Most powerful goblin spellcaster trained by the annis hag, Chaul.  Works as part of a defensive force of goblins and ogres that protect the hag in her hilltop fortress. (LE male goblin Adp9) Unapproachable East
Vuhrund   Undermountain Lost in Undermountain after seeking his fortune based on advice from someone named Garag.  Allied with a mimic.  [see also:  Illish, Mhaerg, Ulagh] Ruins of Undermountain
Vunarg Vunarg Clan Icewind Dale Thoughtful chief of the Vunarg Clan.  Has allied with a larger group of orcs and goblins.  Unhappy at being kicked around by bugbears and orcs; wants to return to the plains to hunt.  Likes to kill humans.  Wields a spellward longsword.  [see also:  Mokrul, Ogrok, Pondmuk] Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Weenog   Kuldahar, Icewind Dale Assistant to a human wizard named Orrick the Gray.  Carries a magic missile scroll. Icewind Dale (computer game)
Yurz   Rashemen Was charmed by an elf druid named Marissa and forced to lead a group of adventurers through the tunnels below Citadel Rashemar.  Proved to be a competent guide.  Miraculously survived the ordeal. Bladesinger
Zeejill   Skullport Half-blind, rheumatic head cook for the Dungeons of Skullport. Skullport
Zeth   Dustwall Mountains, Durpar Half-human abomination conceived when his mother was violated by a human.  Had his eyes dug out with a spoon by his grandfather, Skralang, when he was a child.  Lived walled off from the rest of his clan with his mother. Was granted sight by the goblin gods and led a mission of atonement to remove the taint from his tribe.  [see also:  Kergis, Skralang] "Visions", short story in Realms of Infamy


Goblin Tribes

This is a list of goblin groups pulled from FR campaign sources. While many goblin tribes are mentioned, few are named. I have not included any groups referenced simply by their leader unless the leader’s name is explicitly stated as the name of the tribe. For example, the goblins with Ghistpok are called “Ghistpok’s tribe” or “Ghistpok’s goblins” so they are excluded. But the goblins under the leadership of Vunarg are specifically called the “Vunarg Clan”, so you will find them listed.

Tribe Leader Location Notes Source
Ancient Ax   Orsraun Mountains Wars with the dwarves of Ironfang and Onusclan orcs. Vilhon Reach
Big Belly   Daggerdale Largely unsuccessful raiders who prey on the weak.  Accept bribes not to attack stronger groups. Doom of Daggerdale
Black Arrows Horroc Galena Mountains Archery unit of the Goblin Brigade that threatened the humans of Bloodstone Valley as part of a larger bandit army.  [see also:  Blacktooth, Longpoles, Warpaws, Yellowtooth] Bloodstone Pass
Blacktooth Mogat Galena Mountains Sword-wielding infantry unit that was part of the Goblin Brigade in a bandit army.  [see also:  Black Arrows, Longpoles, Warpaws, Yellowtooth] Bloodstone Pass
Bloodier Teeth No-Nose Orsraun Mountains Assaulted the human village, Urml, with the aid of trolls, orcs, and kobolds.  Victory seemed assured until the arrival of a human warrior wearing shining white armor.  The goblins were routed and the humans took the appearance of their mysterious savior as a sign of divine favor of Tyr.  Attacked Urml a second time for revenge.  Tribe members ride dire wolves.  [see also:  Scab Eaters] Swords of the Iron Legion
Bloody Hands   Spiderhaunt Woods Formed an alliance with other tribes in the Spiderhaunt to put an end to the very un-goblinlike behavior of the Noble Cavaliers tribe.  [see also:  Broken Daggers, Merciless Slayers, Small Unpleasant Ones] Marco Volo Arrival
Bone Miners   Battle of Bones More than 100 scavengers that live in the area known as the Battle of Bones, digging tunnels to "mine" the refuse left behind by the clash of armies. They search for lost treasure, dodge carrion crawlers, and are generally unmolested by the undead in the area. Elminster's Ecologies: Appendix 1
Brikklext Overshadow Wronsa (bugbear) and Driklret (blue) Upper Deep Wastes (Dalelands) Population 242 (80% goblin, 11% bugbear, 5% blue, 4% worg).  Just another goblinoid tribe until two psionic blues showed up 7 years ago.  Pruet and Driklret now rule alongside the bugbears.  They have redirected a spring and now extort tribute from surrounding communities for water. [see also:  Water-Sellers] Underdark
Broken Daggers   Spiderhaunt Woods Formed an alliance with other tribes in the Spiderhaunt to put an end to the very un-goblinlike behavior of the Noble Cavaliers tribe.  [see also:  Bloody Hands, Merciless Slayers, Small Unpleasant Ones] Marco Volo Arrival
Broom Boyz Morda (human) High Forest Tribal outcasts who work for a human witch named Morda.  Have become mentally unstable from exposure to the witch's experimental magic potions.  Worship a bizarre moon god.  Call themselves "Da Broom Boyz" in honor of the broom of flying used by Morda. Dungeon #67
Chalarstaukh King Asglarek Rauvin Mountains Largest of the Rauvin Mountain goblin holds.  Called "Worm-Eaters" due to the abundant food source in their caves.  King Asglarek is aided in his rule by his seven sons. Recently found dwarven tombs and hope to use the magic they uncovered against their orc and goblin enemies. Silver Marches
Clan of the Broken Bones   near Shadowdale Small group that waylays travellers in the forest. Sword of the Dales
Dimetrodon Clan   Chult Non-nomadic Batiri tribe that lives near secret mines of the Chultan dwarves.  They act as traders between the dwarves and the outside world. Jungles of Chult
Dwarfbanes (aka Dwarfdeath) Verlmak Bonechopper Orsraun Mountains Wyvern-mounted goblins who assaulted a dwarven mining settlement in the mountain Kallamos Var.  The dwarven defenses consisted of aerial dwarven cavalry mounted on dragonnes. Swords of the Iron Legion
Fenlis   Goblin Marches, due north of the High Moor Around 400 goblins who disdain contact with other races except to enslave them.  They seek to unite the goblins. Elminster's Ecologies
Garuk One Ears Garuk Galenas and Earthspur mountains Growing tribe that requires new members to cut off their left ear and present it to Garuk as a rite of initiation.  The ears are secretly turned into the Vaasan Gate for the bounty money, of which the new recruit gets half. Bloodstone Lands
Gnomecrusher Band   Spiderhaunt Woods Group of a dozen goblins who attack travelers in the woods. Secrets of Spiderhaunt
Gouged Orbs Clan   Chult Batiri tribe whose members blind one eye when they reach adulthood. Jungles of Chult; Ring of Winter
Grodd goblins Nalavara (red dragon) demiplane of Grodd, Storm Horns Cormyr Civilized group of goblins with lime-green skin and pale blue eyes.  Eat crows and skunks and speak a corrupted ancient Elvish dialect.  Trapped in the demiplane of Grodd for over 1000 years where their city maintains the architectural style from the Golden Age of the Goblins.  Militarily organized into Legions.  Invaded Cormyr by the thousands but ultimately driven back by Azoun IV's forces. Death of the Dragon; Into the Dragon's Lair
Haffa's Flatbacks Haffa (half-ogre) Skullport Over 100 goblins who work hauling freight with primitive wheelbarrows in Skullport.  Were originally bought by Haffa from a drow slave trader and then freed and trained as porters.  Now earn decent wages by monopolizing the teamster trade. Skullport
Huzza's Goblin O' War Huzza (hill giant) Sea of Fallen Stars Longship, manned by 70 or so goblins lead by a hill giant, that sails in search of ships to plunder and crews to eat.  Huzza hurls goblins into the rigging of target ships where the goblins cuts ropes and sails to disable the vessel.  Wise goblin shaman with helm of comprehending languages acts as interpreter.   Crew recently acquired two margoyles and a human wizard who aid under duress. Pirates of the Fallen Stars; Dungeon #63
Kreeth   near Mirabar Gem miners who had burrowed into the cellars of Mirabar and traded with a few unscrupulous families within the city.  Recently destroyed by dwarves and a crystal dragon. WotC website (
Kuro Queen Irtana Chult Batiri who worship Kuro, a dinosaur-avatar aspect of Khurgorbaeyag. Located in Chult near a dwarven emerald mine. Jungles of Chult
Longpoles Rankhas Galena Mountains Spear-wielding goblins who served in the Goblin Brigade as part of a larger bandit army.  Attacked the humans of Bloodstone village.  [see also: Black Arrows, Blacktooth, Warpaws, Yellowtooth] Bloodstone Pass
Malauth Queen Nargharab Rauvin Mountains Central and most sinister goblin kingdom in the Rauvin Mountains.  Queen Nargharab is just a puppet of seven priests, called the Malauthar, who summon monsters to protect the tribe's borders.  The Malauthar invent and interpret mystical rituals to keep the masses in fear. Silver Marches
Merciless Slayers   Spiderhaunt Woods Formed an alliance with other tribes in the Spiderhaunt to put an end to the very un-goblinlike behavior of the Noble Cavaliers tribe.  [see also:  Bloody Hands, Broken Daggers, Small Unpleasant Ones] Marco Volo Arrival
Mokrul Clan Mokrul Icewind Dale Clan follows a leader named Mokrul.  Assaulted the town of Targos as part of a larger horde lead by someone named Guthma. Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Neidlig King Srubaash Goblin Marches Most powerful tribe in the Goblin Marches with around 600 goblins.  They lair in an ancient citadel and employ orc mercenaries. Elminsters Ecologies
Noble Cavaliers King Artemis Spiderhaunt Woods Strange band that lives in Spiderhaunt. Dress in foppish human clothing and speak in stilted, literary-style speech.  Under the influence of an evil artifact called the Dragonking's Eye which contains the essence of a dead god. Marco Volo Arrival
Red Fangs Biletooth Trollbark Forest Raiders who attack human caravans and villages to loot, burn, and take hostages.  Lair in a large cave complex in the Trollbark Forest.  Have wolf allies and also raise giant spiders. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (computer game)
Scab Eaters   Orsraun Mountains Tribe of spear-wielding goblins mounted on dire wolves who helped the Bloodier Teeth tribe attack the village of Urml (the second time).  [see also:  Bloodier Teeth] Swords of the Iron Legion
Sharp Fangs   Orsraun Mountains Tribe rides worgs and is armed with short swords.  Participated in the Turmish war on the side of the human Muktar in his plan to create an empire. Swords of the Iron Legion
Shining Tooth Clan   near ancient Netherese city of Targus Staged a failed siege in year 1754 of the Nether calendar.  Were forced to retreat when their weapons rusted due to the sea air. Arcane Age:  Netheril - Empire of Magic
Sithisila Fleet   Tetris island, Moonshae Goblin buccaneers who hire out as naval mercenaries as well as prey on the weak.  Their secret base is in the southern tip of the Korinn Archipelago Treasure Hunt
Small Unpleasant Ones   Spiderhaunt Woods Has formed an alliance with other tribes in the Spiderhaunt to put an end to the very un-goblinlike behavior of the Noble Cavaliers tribe.  Upset that all of the good tribe names were taken.  [see also:  Bloody Hands, Broken Daggers, Merciless Slayers, Noble Cavaliers] Marco Volo Arrival
Spearbiters Sothillis (ogre mage) Amn Part of the so-called Sothillisian Empire (also spelled Sythillisian).  Includes 24,000 goblins, which have laid siege to Amn with the goal of looting Murann's treasuries The Lands of Intrigue; For Duty and Deity
Starrock King Ertyk Uhl High Peaks and Kuldin Peaks Year 1358 attacked Erlkazar, laying siege to Duhlnarion for over 3 months.  The human Crusaders struck an alliance with the Shieldbreaker ogres of Rivenshield to repel the goblins.  By year's end, the Starrock tribe was cut to less than a third its previous number; they are only now regaining strength. The Lands of
Teerac-on-Water   between Goblin Marches and Stonelands Small tribe that makes its lair on and under an island in the middle of a crater lake.  They travel the lake in small boats and are active during daylight.  A local plant, the blood red lily, prolongs their lifespan to over 100 years and possibly boosts their intelligence.  They train giant frogs as guardians and build wooden structures. Elminster's Ecologies
Thugs of Uthor Izac Uthor Goblin Marches Army of 200,000 goblins formed in 1089 by Izac Uthor. They met a force of humans, halflings, dwarves, and elves at a place called Torgor's Triangle.  Hundreds of thousands died in a battle that lasted days.  The final goblins were routed and later hunted down and wiped out in a place called Skull Gorge. Elminster's Ecologies: Appendix 1
Twisting Spears   Spine of the World Rallied under the banner of the human wizard Akar Kessell in his war of conquest. Crystal Shard
Vaerluth King Vaerluth Rauvin Mountains Easternmost of the Rauvin Mountain goblin kingdoms.  Succession as leader is through assassination.  The goblins boil and eat the webs of Huge monstrous spiders which infest their caves and they are immune to the spiders' venom. Silver Marches
Vunarg Clan Vunarg Icewind Dale Part of a larger horde laying siege to Targos . Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Warpaws Gorbas Galena Mountains Worg cavalry that threatened the humans of Bloodstone Valley as part of a larger bandit army.  [see also: Black Arrows, Blacktooth, Longpoles, Yellowtooth] Bloodstone Pass
Water-Sellers   Brikklext About 30 goblins from Brikklext, a goblin community in the Upper Deep Wastes, who extort and intimidate weaker tribes for miles around. Underdark
Winter Wolves Ardenor Crush (hobgoblin) Lurkwood Mercenary company all mounted on winter wolves.  Led by a goblin lieutenant who reports to Ardenor Crush, a reincarnated human fighter in the body of a hobgoblin. Gold and

Yellowtooth Forgath Galena Mountains Sword-wielding infantry unit that was part of the Goblin Brigade in a bandit army.  Laid siege to the human village of Bloodstone.  [see also:  Black Arrows, Blacktooth, Longpoles, Warpaws] Bloodstone Pass


Goblin Weapons

Many goblin bane weapons have been forged throughout the centuries. Adventurers who possess such items tend to seek out goblinoid opponents, so it's inevitable that some of these weapons end up in the hands of goblins themselves. The most direct road to power for the average goblin is through conflict with others within his own tribe. It's likely, then, that goblin bane weapons are used by would-be chieftains in their bloody struggle for supremacy. Though not known for their quality equipment, goblins also manufacture many items, including enchanted ones.

Weapon Name Weapon Stats Source
Cormyrian goblinthrasher +1 goblinoid bane longsword.  Adorned with the purple dragon symbol of Cormyr.  Created by the War Wizards by Royal Magician Caladnei for distribution among the Purple Dragon knights and general sale. Magic of Faerûn
Filthy Goblin Staff Carried by the goblin sorceror, Caballus.  +3 staff, special: +5 Move Silently, Target is silenced on successful hit, cast Invisibility Sphere 1/day Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Goblin Slayer Dagger Pearl-handled dagger was crafted by the enchantress Elytharra.  +3 dagger, special:  slays goblins instantly Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)
Goblin Stick A forked and hooked pole arm used by bugbears to catch hiding goblins.  It is 6 to 9 feet long and each end is tipped with three blades.  The center blade is hooked.  It is a double weapon and can be used to make trip attacks. Races of Faerûn
Khormalashalal +4 returning distance spear, x2 damage vs undead, goblinoids and drow Elves of Evermeet
Kortan’s Skullcrusher Dire mace, Bonus vs goblinoid/orc 1d6 dg. Cold +1 Neverwinter Nights: HotU (computer game)
Lance of Nhamashal +5 goblinoid, giant and evil outsider bane lance Elves of Evermeet
Mace of the Iron One +1 unholy light mace; can be used as a divine focus by any worshipper of the Iron One or any other member of the goblin pantheon Into the Dragon's Lair
Thael +3 goblinoid bane longsword; casts prismatic spray 3/day Elves of Evermeet

Goblin Feats

The following is a compilation of feats that I think would be appropriate for goblins. This isn't based on anything in particular except my own personal opinion. Several of these originally had racial restrictions as prerequisites but I didn't include them. I don't see any reason why, for example, a goblin couldn't have the Tunnelrunner feat (normally restricted to chitines and grimlocks.) This is hardly an exhaustive list but I thought it appropriate to include in the Goblins of the Realms documentation.

Feat Summary Source
Alertness +2 Listen, +2 Spot.  (default Feat for goblins in the Monster Manual) PHB
Arachnid Rider Trained in the art of using spiders as mounts.  +2 Handle Animal and +2 Ride for huge spiders. Races of Faerûn
Batrider Skilled in the art of flying dire bats.  +2 Handle Animal and +2 Ride for dire bats. Races of Faerûn
Blooded Skilled in fighting for your life.  +2 Initiative and +2 Spot. FRCS
Caver Knowledgeable in the ways of underground survival.  +2 Survival and +2 Heal in the Underdark. Underdark
Close-Quarter Fighting Skilled at resisting grapple attacks.  Gain attack of oppurtunity against creature with improved grab ability. Races of Faerûn
Dirty Fighting +1d4 damage when making full melee attack. Sword and Fist
Dodge +1 AC vs one opponent.  (stay alive!) PHB
Drow Eyes Improved darkvision to 120ft.  (possible for goblins of the Underdark - should be called 'Dark Acclimated') Races of Faerûn
Improved Low Blow Low Blow feat does not provoke attack of opportunity. Races of Faerûn
Jungle Stamina Acclimated to disease-ridden jungles (for Batiri).  +2 Survival and +2 Fortitude save vs. disease Races of Faerûn
Knifefighter Expert at using weapons in a grapple.  Can use a light weapon in a grapple with no attack penalty. (can only be taken at 1st level) Players Guide to Faerûn
Low Blow Skilled at getting underfoot and attacking larger foes.  Prerequisites:  Dodge, Mobility, +4 attack bonus.  Larger opponent is considered flat-footed.  Provokes attack of opportunity. Races of Faerûn
Mobility +4 dodge bonus to AC vs attacks of opportunity. PHB
Mounted Archery Half penalty for firing from the saddle. PHB
Mounted Combat Ride check negates attack to mount. PHB
Point Blank Shot +1 to hit and damage on ranges under 30 feet. PHB
Primitive Caster Use screeches, wild movements, and extra components to improve power of spells.  Each extra component adds +1 to level of spell. Races of Faerûn
Resist Poison Higher immunity to poisons.  +4 Fortitude save vs. poison. (can only be taken at 1st level) Players Guide to Faerûn
Spirited Charge Double damage on charge while mounted.  (worgs…) PHB
Staggering Strike Skilled at making cruel and demoralizing sneak attacks.  Prerequisites:  +6 attack bonus, sneak attack.  Stagger opponent for one round per die of sneak attack damage reduced. Races of Faerûn
Stealthy Skilled at stealth.  +2 Hide and +2 Move Silently. FRCS
Swarmfighting Can coordinate with allies against opponent (this is a natural for goblins!)  Prerequisites:  Dex 13, +1 attack bonus.  +1 morale bonus for each ally with Swarmfighting threatening a single opponent. Races of Faerûn
Swift and Silent Skilled at stealth.  Move normal speed while using Hide or Move Silently with no penalty. (can only be taken at 1st level) Players Guide to Faerûn
Tunnel Riding Adept at maneuring mounts through tight spaces.  Prerequisites:  Mounted Combat (or Arachnid Rider or Batrider), Tunnelfighter.  Mount and rider take no penalties when moving through tight spaces. Races of Stone
Tunnelfighter Can fight more naturally in close quarters.  Prerequisites:  Dex 13 or Tunnelrunner.  Ignore penalty for fighting in a narrow space. Underdark
Tunnelrunner Can move more naturally in close quarters.  Ignore speed reduction for moving in narrow space. Underdark
Weapon Finesse Use Dex bonus instead of Str for light weapons. (a must for goblin combat types) PHB

Goblin Deities

Name Information Source
Bargrivyek** Bargrivyek is a lesser god devoted to the expansion of goblin territories.  He strives to moderate conflicts within tribes so that goblins can direct their aggression outward.  He appears as a large, calm goblin with a domed forehead and carries the unholy symbol of his faith, a white-tipped flail. Monster Mythology*; On Hallowed Ground*
Gapnagurnung** Known as the "Father of Many",  Gapnagurnung is an ancestral god worshipped only among his legions of descendants.  He is probably a weak demigod (divine rank 1 or 2) but he does grant his numerous adepts spells, even if none of them are very powerful.  His symbol is a stake decorated with polished skulls of small animals, which he occasionally rattles to warn his offspring of approaching danger. Dragon 293*
Iron One The Iron One is the semi-mythical first ruler of Grodd and is worshipped by the inhabitants of that demiplane.  He is either a minor god in the goblin pantheon (perhaps demigod level as his priesthood are all adepts) or is an aspect of one of the other goblin gods.  The wearer of the Iron Crown of Grodd is considered to be the mouthpiece for the Iron One. Death of the Dragon; Into the Dragon's Lair
Khurgorbaeyag Khurgorbaeyag is the patron god of goblins, subordinate only to Maglubiyet.  His portfolio includes slavery and oppression of other races so that goblins can focus their attention on war.  He appears as a tall, flame-red goblin with orange and yellow scales.  His symbol is a red and yellow striped whip.  He is known as Kuro to the Batiri and his manifestations on the Chultan peninsula often involve the forms of dinosaurs. Jungles of Chult; Monster Mythology*; Planes of Law*
Maglubiyet Maglubiyet is the paranoid and covetous head of the goblin pantheon.  He incites his followers to make war on other races, especially dwarves and gnomes.  As the primary deity of millions of worshippers on Toril alone, he is afforded the status of greater god.  To prevent potential usurpers from arising within his own ranks, he maintains constant watch on the other goblinoid deites and limits their power.  Due to some great service he provided to worgs in the past, he is also responsible for the close alliance between the wolves and goblins.  He appears as a huge black-skinned goblin with flaming eyes and his unholy symbol is a bloody axe. Faiths and Pantheons; Monster Mythology*; On Hallowed Ground*; Planes of Law*; Players Guide to Faerun
Stalker** Stalker is a dark, hungering primal force somehow related to the goblin races.  It was driven out of its underground home by the first goblins and has sought vengeance ever since.  It sows hate and anger amongst the goblins in order to cause war and death to feed its ravenous appetite for revenge.  Stalker is a demigod, but has no priests or worshippers. Monster Mythology*

Other notable goblinoid deities include:  Grankhul**, bugbear god of stalking; Hruggek, the main god of the bugbears who also lairs on Clangor; Nomog-Geaya**, militant god of the hobgoblins; and Skiggaret**, the bugbear god of fear.  

Goblins also occasionally worship non-goblinoid deities.  Their hatred of the light sometimes leads them to venerate Shar.  Orcus worship is still practiced by goblin warlocks amongst the remnants of the Witch King of Vaasa’s forces.

Note:  Maglubiyet is the only goblin god specifically named in Faiths and Pantheons.  But, despite the assertion that "any deity not listed...does not exist on Toril", the goblin gods are almost always referred to in the plural, including within the pages of Faiths and Pantheons itself.  Khurgorbaeyag and the Iron One are both found in other FR sources.

Sources:  Faiths and Pantheons; Forgotten Realms Adventures; Players Guide to Faerun; “Visions” short story


* non-canon source
**not listed in official FR source, but included for completeness


Goblin Mythology

Goblins believe that in the beginning, the world rebelled against the old gods.  A war ensued in which the gods killed the world.  From the blood of the gods, maggots were born who burrowed into the corpse of the world.  In the darkness, the maggots feasted and celebrated the victory of the gods.

When the forces of light arrived, a sun was born in the sky that burned the eyes of the maggots.  The maggots’ cries of pain were heard by the old gods.  Angry at the light for hurting his children, one of the old gods (maybe Maglubiyet) transformed the maggots into goblins.  He told the goblins that the forces of light owed them a debt and that they were always to remember the times of darkness when the gods of old ruled victorious.

Goblins consider themselves the first born, spawned from the very blood of the old gods.  They believe that other races owe the goblins a debt for ancient wrongs.

Goblin Cosmology

The goblin gods reside on the rusted battlefields of Clangor.  The plane is a landscape of iron under blood red skies where goblin petitioners fight to the death and then rise each sunset fully restored.  Native barghests and fiendish wolves join in the eternal wars.

The River of Blood flows across the endless plains of rust and iron, connecting Clangor with other hells.  Fiends from these planes find their way to the goblin battlefields to serve as advisors.

Grashmog, a fortress city known as the Heart of Battle, is the seat of Magluibyet’s power.  The elite winter wolf-mounted Steelbiters train here and the temples turn out many clerics who advise the goblin generals in matters of war.

Grodd Goblins

The city of Grodd is a hollowed out portion in the center of a demiplane of solid stone.  Its origins are unknown.  Grodd is difficult to travel to and from with traditional dimensional-hopping magic.  At some point over a thousand years ago, the plane became populated with goblins from the Goblin Marches area of Toril.  Their first great ruler was a mysterious being known as the Iron One.

Since that time the goblins were taught and ruled by the elf/red dragon Nalavara who elevated their culture beyond the norm for their race.  She gave them knowledge in many practices of more civilized folk as well as a pathological hatred for the kingdom of Cormyr. 

Thousands of goblins inhabit the city and they maintain shops, mines, temples, and a well-trained military.  They raise skunks, crows, and fungus as food.  The goblins have lime-green skin and speak an ancient dialect of Elvish.  Due to the demiplane’s close proximity to the Plane of Shadow, the goblins also have a strange affinity for shadow magic.

After a failed invasion on Cormyr, Nalavara was slain.  The goblins are now engaged in a power struggle after the death of the dragon as well as their High Consul.  But they have easy access to the area around the Storm Horns, so it’s likely that Toril has not seen the last of them.


(sources:  Death of the Dragon; Into the Dragon's Lair)

Name Information
Annat Grey-haired alchemist.  Runs her own apothecary shop.  (female Sor5)
Befk Former general of Grodd.  Flattened by a wall of iron summoned by the Cormyr wizard, Vangerdahast.
Bekot Runs a magic shop.  Rival of Tev.  (male Wiz6).
Dek Acid-scarred alchemist.  Runs an alchemy shop with his brother, Mev.  (male Com7)
Div Captain of the guard of one of the lesser palaces.  (Ftr9)
Fanak Sullen, middle-aged albino who runs a liquor shop.  Rumored to be a powerful sorceror.
Ghislan Commander of a Legion in Grodd.
Gof One of the generals of Grodd.  Carries +3 short sword, amulet of natural armor +4.  (male Ftr10)
Grot Runs an alchemy shop.  Looks angry and has many burns on his arms.  (male Com9)
Hardy Commander of a Legion in Grodd.
Himil General of a Legion in Grodd.  Former lover of Sana.  Flattened by a wall of iron summoned by the Cormyr wizard, Vangerdahast.
Hurk Runs a tattoo and scar parlor and casts enchantments for hire.  (Wiz3)
Jaaf Commander of a Legion in Grodd.  Carries +2 defending short sword, cloak of arachnida.  (female Ftr10)
Jeg Known as "Jeg the Dark".  Runs an herbalism shop that specializes in healing.  (Com3)
Kurn Former apprentice of Annat.  Runs an apothecary shop.  (male Sor2)
Makr Commander of a Legion in Grodd.
Mev Acid-scarred alchemist.  Runs an alchemy shop with his brother, Dek.  (male Com7)
Mul Captain of the guard of one of the lesser palaces.  (Ftr9)
Murra Ugly but friendly goblin whose father bought her a drinking establishment.
Nak One-armed proprietor of a magic charm shop.  (Ftr2)
Otka High Consul of Grodd.  Female, wears white robes.  Flattened by a wall of iron summoned by the Cormyr wizard, Vangerdahast.
Pake Commander of a Legion in Grodd.  Wears +1 breastplate, 3 javelins of lightning.  (female Ftr10)
Pepin Commander of a Legion in Grodd.  Flattened by a wall of iron summoned by the Cormyr wizard, Vangerdahast.
Pref Works as a scout and spellcaster for hire.  Helps farmers with animals.  (Rgr6)
Rof Known as "Ugly Rof".  Owns an herbalism shop.  Invented an oil that helps poison stay on a weapon longer.  (Com3)
Roka Cranky old cook and head of the kitchen staff in one of the lesser palaces.
Rord General of a Legion in Grodd.  Wears +1 silent moves breastplate and cloak of charisma.  (male Ftr10)
Roth Runs a potion store.  (Wiz4)
Sana General who has designs to become the next High Consul.  Former lover of Himil.  Fond of jewelry.  Wears +2 lightning resistant breastplate, carries black cage of Hagulrim.  (female Ftr10)
Shuya Half-mad sculptor who runs a magic charm shop.  (Sor1)
Tev Runs a magic shop.  Rival of Bekot.  (male Sor5)
Tibio High Adept of the Iron One.  (female Adp9)
Ulno Adept of the Iron One.  (female Adp5)
Urm General of a Legion in Grodd. Carries +3 icy burst short sword, ring of deflection +1.  (female Ftr10)
Vemm Owns a potion store.  (Wiz4)
Yoso Commander of a Legion in Grodd.  Carries +1 short sword, eyes of doom.  (male Ftr10)
Zera Popular entertainer and spellcaster for hire.  (female Brd4)

Goblin Language

The Goblin tongue has been described as a "guttural language of grunts and whimpers", sounding like “squeaking and croaking", and “the retching and hacking of a plague-wracked human.”  One human characterized it as a noise “like a cat getting sick."

It seems odd that such a widely scattered, illiterate, short-lived race could maintain a single coherent language.  Famed goblin hunter Drizzt Do’Urden has noted that the Goblin language’s many dialects do indeed differ vastly from one another.  But he also states that they are mutually comprehensible. 

For names, goblins tend to use a term that translates as “hey you!” unless otherwise needed.  Nearly one out of every five goblin proper names starts with the letter g.  Goblins seem to have an obsession with fangs – over 13% of the tribes listed refer to teeth.

The following is a list of words and phrases in Goblin from FR sources:






Death of the Dragon*


goblin mountain

Elminster's Ecologies; Anauroch



Death of the Dragon*


go more

Promise of the Witch King

Caballus-unt-unjtor, vazedrae

shaman named Caballus leading a tribe (to attack)

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)

getsun innk's arr

circle to his left

Promise of the Witch King



Nether Scrolls



Death of the Dragon*


heart of battle

Players Guide to Faerun

gund ha, moga moga

move aside and let me pass

Starless Night

irter-Caballus-Ghotrag-Vghotan, vazedrae-julik

just as we follow the 3-headed beast, 3 of our mightiest (Caballus, Ghotrag, and Vghotan) will strike at you

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)


as we strike at you below, so shall we strike at your walls like the closing of a hand

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)

moga gund, geek-ik moon'ga'woon'ga

? (unknown)

Starless Night

nying so, wucka

give gift and you can leave

Starless Night

olohk, (k)-olohk

place (derived from Hruggekolohk)

Players Guide to Faerun



Unapproachable East


we shall storm the walls, put your town to the sword

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)


death (to)

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)


hound's tooth or dog's tooth

Icewind Dale 2 (computer game)

(*Grodd goblins in Death of the Dragon speak an ancient dialect of Elvish, but King Alzoun recognizes the speech of the goblins he encounters as being the Goblin tongue.  It may be surmised that these goblins were from a local tribe, not from the demiplane of Grodd.)

The word “julik” appears to mean “to strike” and the word “vasedrae” (or “vaszedrae “) probably means “to lead”.  “Nying” means “gift.”


Using the above vocabulary, plus the list of goblin names, tribe names, and gods, the relative frequency of letter usage in the Goblin language can be calculated.  After removing translated and foreign words (like “No-nose” and “Warpaws”) the frequency, from most common letter to least common is:

a r e k g u h o l i n t s m v b z y d c j w p x f 

most common consonant pairs in Goblin are:  th rg gh gr

(the order of letter frequency in English is: e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z;

the most common consonant pairs in English are:  th  nt  nd  )


A few sources make reference to goblin graffiti, suggesting that Goblin can be written.  It is unknown in which of Faerun’s alphabets the language is typically penned.  Goblins also use their own runes to mark territory and to leave warnings.  The following are goblin runes:

Savros  Savaros: an elder rune used by goblins to mark their territory and welcome other goblins.

Warning Magic  Warning-magic present: an Underdark goblin symbol used to warn of dangerous magical areas or creatures.

Sources:  Bladesinger; Cleric Quintet; Dark Elf Trilogy; FRCS 2nd ed.; Nether Scrolls

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