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The work contained on the following pages is the property and copyright of Eric K. Rodriguez and is presented here with permission.

Knightly Orders of the Realms

By Eric K. Rodriguez


The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting provides the widest diversity for DM's and players alike , for establishing a fantasy campaign.  However with this much diversity DM's may find themselves spending more time disigning the world and less time actually playing in it.  Below are a variety of Religious and Knightly orders to help flesh out your campaign and to provide a greater detail for future adventures.  DM's are encouraged to change or alter these order's to fit in their campaign.  A minimum of information has been given so that it will be easy to fit them into a current campaign.  These specific orders shout not be considered as the last say on the subject, and there are a whole range of possibilities for Religious and Knightly Orders of other deities.



"The Order of the Black Sun"

Based in-  The Citadel of the Raven
Chapters in-  Zhentil Keep, Mulmaster, Melvaunt, Darkhold, and Llorkh
Membership-  Approximately 600 members
Leader-  Dark Lord Yorel (LE 13th level human Warrior)



"The Order of the Watch"

Based in-  Elturel
Chapters in-  Berdusk, secomber, Everlund, Kurth, and Elmwood
Membership-  Over 400 registered members
Leader-  Watchlord Taramis Dar (LN 18th level human Paladin)

"The Vigilant Order of the Silver Gauntlet"

Based in-  Athkatla
Chapters in-  All Amnish cities, Helmsport/Ulatos, and Helmhall in Tethyr
Membership-  There are 2,020 registered members
Leader-  High Paragon Rebarro Veliz dela Montoya (LN 15th level human Paladin)

"The Holy Order of the Northern Protectors"

Based in-  Helmsdale
Chapters in-  Heliogabalus, Valls, and Ravesburg
Membership-  At last count there were 306 members
Leader-  Lord Protector Hevarim Dragonstone (LN 16th level human Paladin)



"The Order of Blessed Suffering"

Based in-  Yhaunn
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  There are 65 registered members
Leader-  High Lord Mathros Imparail (LG 14th level human Paladin)



"The Sacred Order of the New Dawn"

Based in-  New Sessrendale (sometimes called "Dawndale")
Chapters in-  Archendale, and Featherdale
Membership-  There are 220 registered members
Leader-  Dawn Lord Justerian Whitehelm (LG 13th level human Paladin)



"The Order of the Red Whip"

Based in-  Westgate
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  Approximately 80 members
Leader-  High Scourge Kindria Vategg (LE 14th level human female Warrior)

"The Order of the Crimson Hook"

Based in-  Calaunt
Chapters in-  Mulmaster, Melvaunt, and Zhentil Keep
Membership-  Over 300 registered members
Leader-  Crimson Lady Biera Vranik (LE 16th level human female Warrior)

"The Order of the Ebony Whip"

Based in-  The Nation of Dambrath
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  At last census over 9,000 members
Leader-  Agonatrix Elythyr Emenis (LE 20th level 1/2 drow female Warrior)



"The Righteous Order of Battle"

Based in-  Hillsfar
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  There are 35 registered members
Leader-  Lord General Mintria Greldenharm 9LN 13th level human female Paladin)



"The Loyal Order of the Lion"

Based in-  Tantras
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  Approximately 240 members
Leader-  High Lord Keva Berthan (LG 21st level human Paladin)

"The Order of the Mailed Fist"

Based in-  Arabel
Chapters in-  Suzail, Marsember
Membership-  Over 600 registered members
Leader-  High Lord Barstam Wyvernspur (LG 17th level human paladin)

"The Order of the Sword"

Based in-  Nation of Ulgarth
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  Numbering in the thousands
Leader-  High Lord Ulvin Evenhand (LG 23rd level human Paladin)



"The Order of the Justicars"

Based in-  Suzail
Chapters in-  Cormyrean cities
Membership-  At the last census 445 members
Leader-  Lord Justice Harmeen Kennath (LG 16th level Paladin)



"The Order of Alturic"

Based in-  Priapurl
Chapters in-  Elversult, and Iriaebor
Membership-  There are 321 registered members
Leader-  High Protector Damno Crimtor (LG 14th level Warrior)

"The Order of the Blooded Blade"

Based in-  Mulmaster
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  There are only 46 registered members
Leader-  Red Lord Venth Brokenblade (LE 15th level Warrior)

"The Order of Dark Blades"

Based in-  Tyraturos
Chapters in-  Thayvian cities
Membership-  There are 580 registered members, and rising
Leader-  Black Blade of Death Myrkos  Drathengaub (LE 18th level Warrior)

"The Golden Order of Delhuvaan"

Based in-  Suldophor
Chapters in-  Tulmor, and Theymarsh
Membership-  Over 200 registed members
Leader-  High Lord Sorar Al'Tomash (LN 16th level Warrior)

"The Mighty Order of the Glaive"

Based in-  Fortress of Mal (Impiltur)
Chapters in-  Sarshel,and Ilmwatch
Membership-  There are 468 registered members
Leader-  High Lord Hramman Mounthammer (LN 15th level Warrior)

"The Order of the Golden Bow"

Based in-  Delthuntle (Aglarond)
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  There are 359 registered members
Leader-  High Lord Halmaris Griffonmane  (LG 13th level Warrior)

"The Order of the Goldenhammer"

Based in-  Telflamm
Chapters in-  Phent, and Phsant
Membership-  Varies regularly but is about 300 members
Leader-  High Lord Pelias Ravenmane  (LN 19th level Warrior)

"The Great Order of Raundos"

Based in-  Memnon
Chapters in-  Myratma, and Calimport
Membership-  There are 850 registered members
Leader-  High Lord Vendali Ben Horass (LN 17th level Warrior)

"The Order of the Shining Sword"

Based in-  Castle Blackmoon (Trielta Hills)
Chapters in-  None
Membership-  Currently 75 members
Leader-  High Lord Rhogan Dragonheart  (LG 16th level Warrior)

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