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The work contained on this page is the property of Lee Nelson and his used here with permission. It has been formatted for viewing on the web by the Scribes of Candlekeep.


Monk Orders of the Realms

By Lee Nelson

Note: New spells gained from PrC, only use those levels as cleric levels (unless otherwise noted) to determine how many spells per day/spells known, although you still add half your monk levels to determine the strength of the spell. (this goes for all PrC's that increase divine spellcasting abilities). Unless of course they can multiclass as another class with divine spells then normal rules apply.

Deity Order Name (Alignment(s))
- Background
- Multiclass options, bonus abilities


Akadi Light Winds (LN)

No one knows for sure that this order of monks really exists. Only rumors have been heard about these monks building a flying city somewhere in Faerun.
May multiclass as Elemental Archon without restrictions. These monks feel a strong kinship with the winds around them, at first level their unarmored speed increases by 10ft and +10ft every time a normal monks speed would increase. At second level instead of a bonus feat they acquire the ability to cast protection from elements as a divine spell using monk levels as caster level for this spell. Every 5 levels no matter what class they lose 1 point of Constitution as they become lighter and thinner like the air, connot go below 1.

Anhur Falcon Warriors (LG)

These monks are vigilant fighters for good. They have the distinction of being the only order to worship a chaotic deity. Their group is highly structured and always prepared for war.
May multiclass as Divine Champion and or Fighter as long as monk level is higher than either one. Gain Endurance feat at 4th level for free.

Auril Cold Frost (LE)

This group of monks is based in a monastery made completely from ice upon the Great Glacier. As far as anyone knows they are only concerned with testing their bodies endurance to cold and studying other creatures abilities to do so.
May not multiclass. All monks of this order are proficient with handaxes and can use them as monk weapons. At 11th level monks gain Frost Diamond Body, which adds cold damage immunity to the regular poison immunity but also adds 25% to all fire damage.

Azuth Magimonks (LG, LN, LE)

- Seekers of all things magic, wise sages of lore, you can find them in charge of Azuthan libraries.
- May multiclass as Wizard and or Arcane Devotee as long as monk level is within 2 levels of either class. Receives +5 circumstance bonus to all Knowledge (Arcana) checks.

Bane Strifehands (LN, LE)

- These Monks often hold high positions in Banes hierarchy using their wits as well as their brute strength to climb their way to those positions.
- May multiclass as Blackguard and or Dreadmaster. Monk level must always be at least 4 levels higher than either single class. Receives masterwork spiked gauntlets at first level for free and can use these with all Monk abilities.

Brandobaris Lucky Tricks (LN)

- This is a very new halfling order of monks. They usually keep to themselves in big cities or sometimes join a lucky group of adventurers.
- May take only 1 Cleric level and must choose Luck domain, afterwards they may multiclass as an Auspician without restrictions.

Callarduran Smoothhands Deep Stone (LN)

- A very loosely organized group of deep gnome monks. They mainly train in stealth and trickery to lead the drow away from their homes.
- May multiclass as Illusionist without restrictions

Chauntea Gardeners of Life (LG)

- These monks have the largest and most well tended gardens in all of Faerun. Many grow produce that townspeople cannot find anywhere else. They often sell their goods at very low prices to promote Chauntea's generosity.
- Cannot multiclass. Receives +5 circumstance bonus to all knowledge (plant) and craft (gardening) checks. Can use fruits and vegetables as weapons. Most common are carrots (treat as Kamas), and tomatoes (treat as Shurikens). These weapons can only do lethal damage to evil beings or those who somehow hurt the earth. Fruit and vegetable weapons obtain the Ki Strike ability as the monk levels.

Clangeddin Silverbeard Silver Monks (LG)

- This is a wholly dwarven order of monks. Many believe that their bodies are perfect weapons and eschew weapons altogether.
- May multiclass as Divine Champion, and or Dwarven Defender without restrictions.

Deep Duerra Mind Monks (LE, LN)

- This is a specific fighting order of gray drawf monks. They specialize in sneaking and in the mind infiltrating without notice.
- May multiclass as Psion without restrictions.

Eldath Pools of Peace (LG)

- These monks usually live a very basic life. They tend to make their homes near waterfalls of pools of water and spend their time contemplating life and enjoying the contemplation itself.
- May not multiclass. For each monk bonus feat they must take Sarced Vow, Vow of Nonviolence, and Vow of Peace; respectively. They are encouraged to take the other vows for their regular feats as well. Are proficient with the net and gain it as a monk weapon, preferring to subdue their opponents and trying to make them see the wrong in their actions.

Gaerdal Ironhand Protectors of the Golden Hill (LG)

- Unlike most followers of Gaerdal these monks enjoy some trickery. Though they try to be very sly about it and keep straight faces, knowing they won't be suspected. They have fierce loyalty to their god and to their home protecting it at all cost.
- May multiclass as Divine Champion and or Breachgnome without restrictions.

Grumbar Rock Hold (LN)

- Monks of this order usually build their monasteries inside mountains. They usually preach against change and try to stop things from changing. Many become miners.
- May multiclass as Elemental Archon without restrictions. At second level instead of a bonus feat they acquire the ability to cast protection from elements as a divine spell using monk levels as caster level for this spell. At 3rd level and every 3 levels after they gain a +1 natural AC bonus as their skin starts to harden like rock. Because of this they lose 1 point of Charisma every 5 levels no matter what class, cannot go below 1.

Gond Monkanicle (LN)

- This order not only keeps records of all new inventions but designs and builds mechanical marvels of their own as well.
- Can multiclass as Gnome Artificer (can be human or dwarf as well just change the name), and or Techsmith. Monk levels must always be higher. Can use Monk levels as caster level to create mechanical items. For example taking the Craft Wondrous Item feat you can craft wondrous mechanical items.

Helm - Everwatchers (LG, LN)

- This is a small order of monks and rangers whose main purpose is scouting. There is at least one of this order in every contingent of the Companions of the One True Vision.
- Ability to multiclass as Ranger. Neither class level can be more than 2 levels behind the other. Must choose followers of an evil god as Favored Enemies. For example you could choose followers of Bane and receive the Favored Enemy bonus against all followers of Bane no matter what race.

Ilmater The Broken Flowers (LG, LN)

- This order has a reputation for setting up monasteries in the most inhospitable of places. You can find them in the middle of a very long and dangerous path between two cities, or near cities that can barely tolerate them and continually harass them.
- May multiclass as Divine Champion, Divine Disciple, Divine Seeker, and or Martyred Champion of Ilmater as long as monk level is higher than any other class level. Takes Endurance as 1st level bonus feat, Die Hard as 2nd level bonus feat. At 6th level instead of another bonus feat Monks of this order receive Damage Reduction 4/--. If they become Martyred Champion of Ilmater they must choose a Sacred Vow feat at first level of this class instead of the Die Hard feat which they received earlier.

Ilneval Horde Makers (LE)

- A small group of Orc, Half-Orc, Orog, and Tanarukk fighting monks.
- May multiclass as Barbarian as long as monk level is higher.

Istishia Water Wanderers (LN)

- Monks of this order wander along the shores between temples of Istishia. They try to bring peace between land and sea dwellers. A select few become adventures but never stray from the sea.
- May multiclass as Elemental Archon without restrictions. At second level instead of a bonus feat they acquire the ability to cast protection from elements as a divine spell using monk levels as caster level for this spell. Gains +5 circumstance bonus to swim skill checks. Swim speed increases same as monks unarmored speed. They lose 1 point of intelligence every 5 levels no matter what class as they become more intuned to the ebb and flow of the ocean, cannot go below 1.

Jergal Short Death (LN)

- This is basically a training order training monks to join the Long Death order.
- May multiclass as Monk of the Long Death without restrictions.

Kelemvor - Peace Bringers (LN)

- This order is somewhat similar to the Long Death but they share Kelemvor's views on death. They keep records of the dead and fight the undead.
- Can multiclass as Doogiude and or Ranger but can take no mare than 4 levels of Ranger and Monk level must always be higher than level of either. Must take Undead as favored enemy, all Favored Enemy bonuses work to full effect against undead. Can use Quivering Palm against skeletal undead to shatter their bones. At second Monk level instead of a bonus feat they gain the ability to cast the divine spell speak with dead . Due to strictures of their faith they may not use Quivering Palm against living creatures and cannot use any weapons other than unarmed strike.

Kossuth Everflame (LN, LE)

- This is a very new order of monks. They are opposite of most monks of other orders burning books and records instead of keeping and organizing them. They are considered pyromaniacs and wear robes that look like flames.
- LN may multiclass as Elemental Archon as long as Monk class stays within one level. At second level instead of an extra feat they receive the ability to cast protection from elements as a divine spell using monk level as caster level. Ki Strike also does +1 fire damage and increases +1 each time the monks Ki Strike ability increases. Each time they recieve Ki Strike bonuses they take 5% more cold damage.

Lathlander Morning Monks (LG)

- This is an offshoot of the Sun Soul order. These monks do not really form an order in and of itself but more of an ideal. They travel and adventure with other like-minded people. Most are very young but can be of any race.
- Can multiclass as Morninglord of Lathlander without restrictions. At second level instead of an extra feat these monks can cast daylight as a divine spell, use monk levels as caster level for this one spell.

Loviatar Shock and Pain (LE)

- Monks of this order immerse themselves in the study of pain on themselves and on others.
- May multiclass as Monk of the Long Death without restrictions. (If anyone has the Book of Vile Darkness and has any more ideas for this order that would be welcome)

Mask - Order of Shadows (LE)

- These monks are excellent at sneaking as well as making business deals. There are not many in this order and they are very reluctant to train new recruits especially those that hold a very high place in other guild ranks.
- Can multiclass as Rogue, Shadowdancer, and or Guild Thief. Monk level must be at least 2 levels higher than both combined. Can use Sneak Attack with the Flurry of Blows ability but takes a -1 penalty to AC during the next round.

Mielikki - Thoughts of the Forest (LG)

- Another branch of forest followers. Most of these monks are hermits living alone deep in the forests. They study the forests and the animals within and will protect them when needed. Some of the oldest of this group are allowed within the druidic circles.
- May multiclass as druid. Must keep class levels within 1 level of each other. All monk bonuses and abilities still count while in wildshape. Ki Strike ability works with wildshape natural weapons. May not use any other weapons besides unarmed strike and natural weapons.

Milil Sacred Performers (LG)

- This is more of a status quo than an order. These are joyful traveling monks that will sing or more commonly perform stage plays of their adventures.
- May multiclass as Bard as long as monk level is higher. They gain +5 circumstance bonus on perform (stage plays) checks.

Mystra Weave Tenders (LG)

- Small monasteries of these monks can be found on the outskirts of wild or dead magic zones where they tirelessly study, pray, and ponder how to fix the weave in these places. A few take to adventuring feeling that they will find the answer somewhere else.
- May multiclass as Sorcerer, Incantatrix, Arcane Devotee, and Dweomerkeeper as long as Monk level is higher than any other class level. At first level these monks receive 7 returning Shuriken. Instead of the Ki Strike ability these Shuriken gain acid, cold, electricity, fire, sonic, and magic damage bonuses equal to what Ki Strike would be. The seventh star gains spell storing capabilities.

Oghma - Wrestlers of Knowledge (LN)

- A very specific odrer within Candlekeep these monks couple their love of lore with love of wrestling. They keep the library in order and up-to-date and have wresting matches to decide who gets the best jobs. Sometimes as a prank on newcomers they challenge them to a match before they let them peruse lore within the library.
- May multiclass as Cleric and or Loremaster, as long as Monk level is at least 2 levels higher than those combined. Must take Knowledge and Strength cleric domains. Upon second level they receive the Dirty Fighting feat as their extra feat but perform a wrestling move instead of a dirty fighting move. For example the ever popular Alaundo's Knowledge Knocker move (bangs heads together)

Red Knight Pawns (LG, LN, LE)

- These monks fancy themselves as pawns in the Red Knights Lanceboard of life. They know pawns are important and always get to make the first move. They enjoy strategy of politics, games, and of course fighting as well.
- May multiclass as Divine Champion and or Fighter as long as monk level is equal or higher than those combined. These monks receive the Abundant Step ability at 6th level instead of 12th. At 12th they gain an extra use per day and use all monk levels for caster level instead of half.

Shar Darkness (LE)

- This is a very small offshoot of Shars Dark Moon monks. There is little difference except she shares different secrets with them and encourages a rivalry competitive view between the two orders.
- May multiclass as Sorcerer, Shadowdancer, and or Nightcloak as long as monk levels are equal to or one level above the Sorcerer class. Chakram is considered a monk weapon and monks of this order receive proficiency with it at first level.

Silvanus Balanced Oak (LN)

- These monks live in the woods and wilds living almost as animals themselves. Their main goal is to keep the Balance of nature. They almost always make their home near an oak tree.
- May multiclass as Forest Master without restrictions. At 1st level instead of an extra feat monks of this order can cast entangle . Losing the extra feat at second level then upon reaching 5th level they can cast plant growth . Also losing the extra feat at 6th level they can cast control plants at 10th level. This will allow them to become Forest Masters after 10th level. The abilities normally granted to a Forest Masters maul weapon, apply to the monks unarmed attacks instead. Bonus Forest Master spell levels count as druid spell levels starting at one only adding half of monk levels to determine the strength of the spell.

Torm True Fury (LG)

- This is a contingent or fighting monks and paladins. They oppose every evil gods worshipers and try to thwart their plans at every opportunity.
- May multiclass as Paladin without restriction, and or Divine Champion as long as monk level is higher than Divine Champion level. Monks of this order can use gauntlets as monk weapons and receive all monk bonuses, such as Ki Strike, with them.

Tyr Even Handed Order (LG)

- Monks of this order are usually found keeping records for city authorities. Some even serve as police or judges. A very few go on quests to avenge wrong doings.
- May multiclass as Paladin, and or Justiciar of Tyr as long as monk level is equal or higher than Paladin level. For all monk bonus feats they must take Sacred Vow feats (from the Book of Exalted Deeds). At 4th level they receive the Blind Fighting feat for free.

Velsharoon Undead Monks (LE)

- This is a very secretive order of monks not much is known about them and they do not seem to have much in common besides worshiping Velsharoon.
- May multiclass as Necromancer, Monk of the Long Death, and Pale Master without restrictions. (Again Book of Vile Darkness would help for bonus ideas here as well.)

Waukeen Merchant Monk Guild (LN)

- This order is much more like a guild. They have huge richly designed monasteries that also double as warehouses and shop fronts. Many of the monks make their own good but a lot just make money from buying cheap and selling at a higher price. They are becoming more popular in big cities. Many favor the nunchaku weapon and carry very artistically crafted and magically enhanced versions.
- May multiclass as Goldeye as long as monk level is higher. Receives 300gp bonus at first level. Monks of this order receive an extra Flurry of Blows attack every 4 levels but only used with nunchaku.

Yurtus The Rotting Ones (LE)

- A very evil group of monks they spread diseas and decay wherever they go. This group started with Orcs, and Half-Orcs but has spread like a disease to many other races.
- May multiclass as Assassin, Divine Disciple, and or Monk of the Long Death as long as monk level is higher than any other class level. At 5th level monks gain Diseased Body which acts like Purity of Body, since these monks are introduced to so many diseases, but also they inflict disease upon their enemies when using unarmed attacks. May choose disease of their choice when they gain this ability and lose 2 points of Charisma.

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