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The work contained on this page is the property and copyright of The Sage and is used with permission.  It has been formatted for viewing on the web by the Scribes of Candlekeep. The original document is available for download in its original state.

Books, Tomes, and Scrolls of Faerun

By The Sage

For some wizards and loremasters, knowledge is power. This is especially true for the magic-users and sages of Realmslore who visit the halls of knowledge that is Candlekeep. Since this is a library, it is only fitting that the books and tomes held within the library concern subjects as various and myriad as the geography and population of Faerun. This scroll attempts to assemble a listing of some of the books, tomes, and scrolls that are found throughout Faerun (all fan-created of course). It is my hope that these entries create and/or provide rumors and stories which both DM's and players alike can use to enrich their campaigns. I also intend for some of these librams to provide information (whether true or false, is for the PC's to determine), about creature habits, tales of forgotten lore, mysterious or forbidden knowledge, and other arcane matters. Some of the tomes presented here may also grant skill or ability bonuses to PC's who read and utilise the knowledge contained within.


Observations on Faerunian Dragons - A Study of their Breeding Habits, Social Hierarchy, and Anatomical Structure
By Olivar Krelin, Bard of Shadowdale


Written several years ago, after the Time of Troubles, this entrancing 200 page manuscript details the observations of Olivar Krelin, on several types of chromatic Dragons, and his extrapolations. It details his studies on observed social habits, mating rituals and bone structure. Any PC who has read the notes and material contained within the tome is granted a +2 circumstance bonus to all Wilderness Lore checks made by a PC when following or tracking a chromatic dragon that has been detailed within. The type of Dragon, and the amount of information written is left to the DM to decide.

A Short Study on Luck
By Brevis Quickfingers


This is a short 50-page treatise on the forms of luck represented in tavern games of skill, sleight-of-hand tricks, and other forms of entertainment which can sometimes be associated with amazing feats of luck. It was composed by a Halfling from Waterdeep by the name of Brevis, a petty thief who claims to have made so much money fooling people with his tricks (based on his amazing aptitude for luck), that he finally decided to set down his thoughts on luck in a published treatise for sale (which generated for him, even more profit). PC's who have spent some time studying this treatise can expect to enjoy a +2 competence bonus on all Bluff checks, while gaming in a tavern, using minor parlor tricks to impress a crowd, or quick sleight-of-hand techniques. To expand the useage of the bonus is left to the DM to determine.

The Measure of War
By High Priest Alizaar of Tempus


This is a series of five short articles of 20 pages each bound together into a book detailing several important aspects on the conduction of warfare. Several of the articles make detailed studies on the nature of battlefield tactics, and the importance of strategy. Others describe the evolution of martial tactics in successfully employing small units of elite troops in the field, massed melee combat, and structured troop formations. A PC who has possession of this book, and has spent time studying it's works receives a +2 competence bonus on all Knowledge (warfare) checks which involve massed melee combat tactics.

Mastery of Shadows
By Unknown


This is a series of two guides that teaches the reader about the finer points of stealth, and roguish techniques. The unknown author though, clearly states in the preface, that these guides in no way replace the actual hands-on experience a rogue can gain in the field practicing these abilities.

The first tome details in 300 pages the basics of stealth and then expands on this with advanced techniques the reader can use to employ greater feats of hiding and silent movement. The Rogue PC who utilises the techniques described in this book receives a +1 bonus each to all Hide and Move Silently checks.

The second tome in the series describes in 400 pages the physical practices of the Rogue. It details the proper techniques on pick pocketing, lock picking and other abilities associated with the Rogue. The Rogue PC who makes use of the knowledge contained with this book can expect a +1 bonus each on all Pick Pocket and Open Lock checks.

The Five Hymns of the Purple Dragons
By Brolard Kazamanias


This is a small ancient handbook that records the five original songs/ballads written by Brolard Kazamanias, a Cormyrian Bard who lived 300 years ago in the city of Suzail. The five songs are separated into five categories dedicated to very important aspects of the Knighthood that bears the same name. The songs, Devotion , Training , Loyalty , Integrity , and Bravery each concern the five main disciplines aspiring Purple Knights are expected to adhere to while members of the Knighthood.

The Ultimate Guide to the Weather of Faerun
By Kevis Fargjo


This is perhaps the most complete and centralised resource on weather patterns over the land of Faerun. It is a detailed study of some 300 pages on how weather and climate affect nearly all the geographical regions of the Realms over the entirety of one twelve month year on Toril. It was penned by Kevis Fargjo, a wizard of some minor renown based out of Silverymoon. He conducted the study over a two year period (Hammer 1370-Nightal 1371/Hammer 1372DR), not long after he became so frustrated that several of his outdoor magical experiments had been interrupted or completely ruined by bad weather. Any character who spends at least 1-to-2 hours of study can make use of the lore contained within this tome and is then automatically granted a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (weather) checks.

The Elven Society of Cormanythr
By Rastromo Meradoc, the Sage of Perth


This 5,000 page tome only briefly touches on the depth of cultural idiosyncrasies, societal nature, habits and beliefs of the ancient Elven people of the Kingdom of Cormanthyr. It was written 2,572 years ago by the Sage of Perth, Rastromo Meradoc after visiting the elven Kingdom at the behest of then Coronal Miirphys, shortly after the subduing by the Coronal and his High Magi of the supposed Netherese nycaloths. The text makes accurate observations of many aspects of elven culture, as well as detailing many aspects considered to be mysterious by non-elven peoples. It also includes specific studies and accounts of elven funeral practices, ritualistic behaviour, education, dietiary habits, elven clothing and fashion trends, language, interpersonal relationships, and finally religion. Although the Sage also made a highly detailed study and analysis of the power behind Elven High Magic, the Coronal politely asked the Sage if he would kindly remove that part of the text from the tome, if he ever wished to publish the work. In fact the work was only allowed to be taken from Cormanthyr after the Sage made the promise of keeping the only written copy hidden among his personal possessions, and to never allow access to anyone unless deemed so by the Elven Court itself.

The only copy of this work that is know to exist is in the possession of the Sage himself. Rumors suggest that the Sage has had the tome removed from the Material Plane and secreted away in his Astral Plane magic-hold. However, information that has been summarised from the tome (which was allowed, under the terms of the promise with the Coronal), lay within the libraries of Candlekeep, Elminster's personal library, and the libraries of Szass Tam.

Characters who are granted access to this tome must first, have knowledge of the existence of the tome, and it's exact title and author, and second, granted permission by either a High/Noble Elf (preferably one whose relations reach back to the days of Cormanthyr), Sage of Perth, or maybe Elminster. They must also spend the requisite amount of time studying (uninterrupted) the work contained within, to be granted a +4 circumstance bonus to all of these following checks - Diplomacy, Knowledge (history - Elven), a +2 circumstance bonus on all Bluff checks, and finally, the character is also granted Speak Language (elven) automatically. This is not counted towards the PC's language ranks in this skill, as it is free. These bonuses are effective only when dealing with any subrace of the Elven race (excluding Drow).

The Complete Guide to Item Enchantment
By Bovare Melkoss


This tome was written centuries ago by an Enchanter from Waterdeep by the name of Bovare Melkoss. He spent most of his life learning and perfecting the fine art of item enchantment, and become very wealthly when the exquisite items he had crafted endeared him to many a city across the Realms. He recorded most of his studies in this 1000 page tome, each page detailing a specific incantation, verbal component, and other information necessary in perfecting enchantment magics. The tome now resides in Candlekeep under the watchful eye of many dutiful scribes. The enchanter Bovares' final whereabouts have never been revealed. Although there is an rumor that he had once became so enamored with a female customer (who was really a disguised Erinyes) that he was eventually lured into the Nine Hells of Baator.

The reader of this tome requires any four item creation feats and 12 ranks in Knowledge (arcana) to accurately utilise the very select information on enchanting items, contained within this tome.

By following the exact instructions in the tome the caster can decrease the costs of magic item creation by 25%. However due to the amount of concentration and mental discipline involved, the caster must expend 1% more in terms of XP, for any item created.

The Complete Guide to the Flora and Fauna of Faerun
By Willsie Delanthas and Margord of Mielikki


The Druid and Ranger adventuring duo, Willsie and Margord composed this 500 page manuscript while trekking across the Realms as caravans guards with the Aravis Trading Coster out of Marsember. During their 10 year journeys the duo spent many a day collecting samples, and specimens of a variety of plant and animal life from the Sword Coast to the woods of the Great Dale. After retiring from service with the coster the two nature-walkers settled down in their favorite former trading stop, Deepingdale. They acquired a plot of available land near the east side of the Tower of Rhauntides, and set up a small herbalist's shop, which the Sage of Deepingdale regularly visits. The decided to compose a lengthy manuscript based on their findings as a gift to the Sage, who had generously allowed the two adventurers to build near his tower by paying a quarter of the land-price himself.

This manuscript provides characters with a +2 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge (nature) and all Wilderness Lore checks that deal with the many types of flora and fauna that have been detailed in this manuscript (DM's choice).

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