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Well, if you must leave, here are a few ways we suggest you travel. There is much knowledge out there, so go from this place, follow these paths and journey to new places, far beyond Candlekeep, far beyond Tethyr, Anauroch and even Cormyr, to lands untold and treasures to be found.  But be sure to come to Candlekeep soon, you never know who else may have stopped by to tell us of more stories, legends and Realmslore...maybe Volo, or maybe even Elminster himself......


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Below are links to Forgotten Realms, AD&D and WotC sites.  Click on the button to go to that site. If you would like your web site included on this page then please contact the webmaster.

Wizards of the Coast
The Official Wizards of the Coast Website
FR Home
The Official WotC Forgotten Realms Home Page
FR Features
The Official WotC Forgotten Realms Features Page
FR Features
The Official WotC Forgotten Realms Books Page
The Official 'Baldur's Gate' Website
The Official 'Tales of the Sword Coast' Website
The Official 'Baldur's Gate II' Website
The Official 'Icewind Dale' Website
The Official
'Neverwinter Nights'
The Official
'NWN:Shadows of Undrentide'
The Official
'NWN:Hordes of the Underdark'
'Neverwinter Nights'
Premium Modules
Neverwinter Nights 2
Mask of the Betrayer
The Official 'Pool of Radiance' Website

Visit Profantasy

Profantasy Software (Campaign Mapper\FR Atlas)

Sorcerer's Place

Master Ao - A DM's Resource

Fantasy Bookspot

Geeked on Dungeons and Dragons

Other World Portals

The Forgotten Realms isnt the only D&D\AD&D campaign setting out there. Just incase you fancy a change of scenery (how do vampire-infested dark forests and burnt parched deserts sound to you?) then this linked page provides brief descriptions of other (mostly discontinued) campaign settings as well as links to their official web sites and a fan site, should you wish to go further and find more information. Some of the information on this page may not be 100% accurate, if you notice any errors or have any alterations then please email the webmaster.

Click on the door below to enter the Other World your own risk!

Other World Portals
Other World Portals

Awards & Reviews

The Candlekeep web site is proud to have been given with the following awards and reviews:

The RPG Finder - Site of Excellence Award
Knights of the Dinner Table
Site Award
Magazine Review
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Novel Dedication in The City of Splendors novel,
by Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham.
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