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You are led down a rough hewn passageway lit dimly by flickering torches held in rusty sconces along the wall. The aging scribe leads you to a small iron door inset into the rock at the end of the passage. Fumbling in his leather pouch, the scribe pulls out an ornate brass key and inserts it into the huge lock in the door then turns the key clockwise three or four times. Clicks ring loudly down the passage from which you came, and then, the door swings open.
"Here Adventurers, you will find all knowledge that has passed before you", the old scribe whispers as he sweeps out his hand and bows low, beckoning you to enter the vault.

The Parchment Vault contains news and items which have passed from the chamber known as "Whats New?", no longer new to that place, here they rest, for adventurers and travellers who wish to delve deeper into the history of the site called Candlekeep.

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