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Old Candlekeep Site Changes

19-DEC-1999 1) Updated product information page for the Beyond the High Road novel.
2) A review by Carl Reyes of 'Beyond the High Road' - See the Reviews Index page.
3) Excellent new artwork submitted by Master Leco to the Gallery, 'Imp in the Armory', 'Orcs and Faeries', 'Swamp' and 'VS Beholder'.
4) New characters in the Hall of Heroes: Cathoes, Thanatos and Kelemvor II Lyonsbane.
Updated numerous details for Leodin and new detailed history for Mandor in the Hall of Heroes.
Added 'Gamer Outpost' button link to the Links page and details of the new 'Forgotten Realms Atlas Mailing List'.
7) Another system announcement regarding the move to a new Web Server.
14-DEC-1999 1) Important system message detailing problems over the past few days.  Please read if you access the site regularly and\or have submitted anything. 
08-DEC-1999 1) New Search function to enable you to quickly locate and link to pages on the Candlekeep site for a particular subject\word\phrase.  Accessable from the 'Home page', 'Menu bar' and 'Site Map'.
2) Added new characters to the Hall of Heroes: Lanis, Maevius Lorr, Mandor and  Sir Krystallos Doisan.
3) Updated character page for Leodin to contain minor amendments and weapon change, at the request of the owner.
4) Minor update to the Traveling Minstrel page to provide a 'Subscribe\Unsubscribe' option button.
21-NOV-1999 1) The results of the Forgotten Realms Top 10 are here!!!  See which RPG products and novels produced by TSR made it to the top!  As voted by visitors to the Candlekeep site.
2) Updated product page for an old rarity - City of Waterdeep Trail Map.
3) New characters in the Hall of Heroes: Dirken, Arykard Kilbourne Talonscar and Lord Anson Madrox.
See the Upcoming Features page for our new area planned for the site. 
14-NOV-1999 1) Many new characters for the Hall of Heroes: Credus E'pan, Razir Zen'helif, Xeraro Z'aerth, Elygad Moonbeam, Kazin Elvenarrow, Slade Elvenarrow, Raven Storm, Elamien Andrammar, Leodin Umanyar, Sir Louis De Lory and Velathar Dunsire.
Another locale for the 'Fellaren-Krae' project.  Fenton House by Robert V.Droz, a hospitality house for female adventurers.
3) Updated the product information page for Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark.
A review of the Forgotten Realms Atlas CD-ROM. See the Reviews Index page.
See the Rumors section for information on the new AD&D 3rd Edition 'Forgotten Realms Hardcover' core product by TSR and the link to the site for 'Baldur's Gate 2 computer game'.
27-OCT-1999 1) New entries for the 'Fellaren-Krae' project submitted by Darren Dare: The Orc's Demise Inn, The Tower of Braydon Greybeard and The Wave Dancer.
Four new characters enter the Hall of Heroes: Galac MacHamantor, Onygian, Demor and Ordric Zen'Helif.
Updated the product page for the Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas and Under Fallen Stars
Thankyou message from the Scribes for helping us break the 10,000 visitor barrier.
5) See the rumors section for info and a link to the new computer RPG by Black Isle Studios....'Icewind Dale' and of the Forgotten Realms OOP CD.
17-OCT-1999 1) Four new characters to the Hall of Heroes: Aslan, Drab, Ged and Parsifal Blackspear.
A review by Justin Tooker of the Spellfire novel.  See the Reviews Index page.
10-OCT-1999 1) Forgotten Realms TSR catalog for Q1 2000 - Only three entries in the first quarter release, rumor has it that all AD&D lines will be pretty sparse on releases next year until the release of AD&D 3rd Edition. See also the Rumors section for news on the Ravenloft campaign setting.
2) Added new character artwork by Jim Griffith for Ambrosia of the Riders of Elvenflow.
3) Included note on the Baldur's Gate game product page informing of the DVD-ROM version of the game and the twin-pack containing Tales of the Sword Coast.
03-OCT-1999 1) New character in the 'Hall of Heroes': Nithanul by David Dufour..
2) Updated AD&D statistics on character page for Fenrys Andrea.
3) Moved all demipower information on Fenrys to The Rise of Fenrys Andrea page in the Campaign Logs section and linked new page in the Riders of Elvenflow area. Also included extra tale regarding Fenrys.
4) New character for Fellaren-Krae: Kaishalinne Firevine, leader of the Fellaren-Krae Mages Guild, submitted by Kimberly Warthman.
5) Minor tidy-up\correction to the map for The Singing Nightingale Inn.
27-SEP-1999 1) Added new Demipower information (Faiths and Avatars format) to the character page for Fenrys Andrea in the Hall of Heroes - submitted by Jim Griffith.
2) Updated main page and slight restructure for the Fellaren-Krae project, added 'Credits' page and new submissions: The Singing Nightingale Inn, a very high quality and detailed piece of work submitted by Darren Dare, includes maps of the inn and numerous NPC's.  Also, The Cat's Eye Curiosity Shoppe, a shop which buys and sells minor magical items.   Check out this property and the strange (and very useful!) items for sale within, submitted by Robert V. Droz.
3) There is now another section within the 'What's New' area - Messages from the Scribes - This is to allow ease of access and will contain all messages about the sites operations and any system announcements.
4) Updated the Forgotten Realms Dragons Bestiary document for download from the Realmslore section of 'Alaundo's Library'.
5) Added link banner for 'B-WARE' on the Links page.
6) The closing date for the Forgotten Realms Top 10 has been extended by one month.  So far, just over 100 votes have been entered, please vote if you havent already.
20-SEP-1999 1) Added new characters to the Hall of Heroes:   Ristaun, Lord Samuel Silverblade and Idrin Thirag.
and Idrin Thirag.
2) Included character image for Tjacion Oakleaf.
12-SEP-1999 1) The Forgotten Realms Top 10 - Enter your vote now for your favorite RPG product and novel.  Closing date 17 October 1999.
2) New characters in the 'Hall of Heroes':
Tjacion Oakleaf, Celane Windevryl (also part of the (also part of the Fellaren-Krae project), Angelantasia Hailow Angelantasia Hailow and Dessdinova Yntarsil.
FR adventure module for download in the FR adventure module for download in the Traveler's Notebook section of 'Alaundo's Library', set in Waterdeep and the Sword Coast - Family Secrets by Bill Sweeney.
Note that yet another problem on the server has caused the Hit Counter to loose around 1,000 hits.  The reason for this is unknown.
09-SEP-1999 1) Updated product pages for Storm Riders, Blood Charge, Jungles of Chult, Port of Ravens Bluff, Kara-Tur Trail Map, The Spine of the World and and The Wyrmskull Throne.
Added reviews for Horselords, The Veiled Dragon and In Sylvan Shadows, by Jason L Redfern.  See the Reviews Index page.
3) Two new characters in the 'Hall of Heroes':
Gimloin and Slanti Uth Malain.
New material for the New material for the Fellaren-Krae project: The Jade Dragon Tavern and two NPC's for the location: and two NPC's for the location: Orrin the Quick Blade and and JaniseSubmitted by Rick.Submitted by Rick.
22-AUG-1999 1) Updated product pages for Silverfall and Sea of Fallen Stars.
2) Four more characters enter the 'Hall of Heroes':
Kerik Harranan, Delen Grothar, Luithiantinileanon Thanggoradimeadreladron(!) and Kaetonarius avan Cielle Elorfindar.
Another review of the Spellfire novel submitted by Duniya.
4) The final two entries for the long-running
Jade Letters (dates 27th March 1999).
5) Included character sketch for
Sir Din Nilmorne in the 'Hall of Heroes'.
08-AUG-1999 1) Added review of 'Pirates of the Fallen Stars' by Duniya. See the Reviews Index page.
2) More characters in the 'Hall of Heroes':
Darkon Chaosbane, Grebeir Marendais, Fletcher Avornin and Sir Din Nilmorne.
3) Added Link for 'Darkholme Keep' on the
Links page.
4) Minor site changes, extra field for the
Guestbook and to correct a few broken links.
01-AUG-1999 1) Added review of the Spellfire novel by T.D. Paulat. See the Reviews Index page.
2) Added product page for the
Tales of the Sword Coast official strategy guide on the Miscellaneous Products page of 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf'.
3) New character in the 'Hall of Heroes',
Elenril Ranmir, the half-elf fighter, submitted by Eva Creyghton.
25-JUL-1999 1) Added review of The Ruins of Myth Drannor and Elves of Evermeet, by Duniya. See the Reviews Index page.
2) Updated product page for
Desert of Desolation adventure module.
3) New character in the 'Hall of Heroes',
Keltrich, the human necromancer, submitted by Kevin.
19-JUL-1999 1) Added review of Menzoberranzan by Duniya.
2) Updated pages for
Baldur's Gate novel and The Mines of Bloodstone.
3) New character in the 'Hall of Heroes',
Anton the drow psionic by Anthony.
Link to site containing an interview with Jim Bishop or WotC regarding the future of AD&D and the 'Pool of Radiance II' computer game.
12-JUL-1999 1) Added 9 reviews by Brett Franklin on Forgotten Realms novels (Spellfire, Darkwalker on Moonshae, Azure Bonds, The Avatar Trilogy and The Icewind Dale Trilogy).  See the Reviews Index page.
2) Updated image for
Escrima Rusteen with new art from the characters creator - Jim Griffith.
06-JUL-1999 1) Added Tamsar Trollbane to the Hall of Heroes and updated Magnus Xavier's page to include his image.
2) Updated the URL for the AD&D Top 100 Voting graphic on the home page.
23-JUN-1999 Added Norrin Axeswinger to the Hall of Heroes.  Two more members of the Riders of Elvenflow added: Zolkiir Khashen and Nadan Primevaren.
19-JUN-1999 Important message regarding this web site.
17-JUN-1999 1) Updated character history for Fenrys Andrea.
2) Updated product pages for
The Dream Spheres and Skullport.
3) Added new characters to the 'Hall of Heroes' -
Kale Stormrunner and Dagnar Flameslayer.
13-JUN-1999 1) Added a page in the Hall of Heroes for a whole adventuring party - The Riders of Elvenflow, an extensive collection of characters which have been part of an ongoing 20 year old campaign!  This includes more character pages for Cassius Vaughn, Ambrosia, Dennis Windervyl, Fenrys Andrea, Janson Bedfellows, Baish Canterbury, Epsilon VanDiemen, Marnie Drake-Quevic, Escrima Rusteen, Angelo Mikalis and Faceous Tyrannus. Check out each character from the main 'Riders of Elvenflow' page. All characters supplied thanks to Johnathan Detrick, Jim Griffith and Damon Kline.
The Trials of Unther - a ballad,   and The Tale of Escrima Rusteen are new items within the 'Campaign Logs' section relating to the Riders of Elvenflow.  Read this excellent work, submitted by Jim Griffith.
3) Another entry for the 'Campaign Logs',
The Jade Letters submitted by Beth Gaynor and Jim Leitzel are a very extensive collection of campaign logs. This work has been extremely well written and describes every adventure and experience of the party from the eyes of a character named Jade.
More for the Hall of Heroes: Added a new character - 
Landallestarfinia Leafsleeper.
5) Product information pages for two new Forgotten Realms products from TSR in October and December: Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark and
Beyond the High Road.
Updated the Gallery with larger images of Mountain Keep, Magical Tomes and The Summoning by Jennifer Buck.
7) Candlekeep now has a presence on the ICQ online notification\chat system.  If you wish to talk to a scribe online then we are on ICQ# 41250358, this information is also on the
Contact page.
8) Added 'The Dreamers Realm' to the
Links page.
06-JUN-1999 Added Wybaar to the Hall of Heroes.  Reorganized characters in the Hall of Heroes which were incorrectly placed in the Riders of Elvenflow.  A new page is under construction for the Riders of Elvenflow.
04-JUN-1999 1) Updated information for Varden Erin Kenzei and added new characters: Slade, Maysrill, Corleone and Braxis Montar in the Hall of Heroes.
2) The description of Corleone is in the form of a travelers personal diary in the 'Campaign Logs' area, check out the excellent
Personal Diary of Harlyn Harrigan.
3) Yet more excellent work, this time in the form of very high quality fantasy artwork submitted by Jennifer J. Buck to the
Gallery of Faerun.
30-MAY-1999 Added The Census Chamber where visitors may submit their characters information by filling out the form.  This information will be used to build a character sheet and enter the 'Hall of Heroes'.
29-MAY-1999 Moved Varden Erin Kenzei out of the Riders of Elvenflow in the Hall of Heroes and into the section above listing single characters, at the authors request as it was placed in there in error.
27-MAY-1999 1)  Received the RPG Finder Site of Excellence Award, up on display on the Links page.
2) Added two more members of the Rivers of Elvenflow adventuring band,
Thargos Dalebane and Jeiroth Ulondarr are now available in the 'Hall of Heroes'.
3) Along the same lines, the
Chronicles of Jeiroth Ulondarr is the first entry within the 'Campaign Logs' section, check out this well written account of the character in the Elven Court.
4) Added the Mystic Etchings (Forgotten Realms logo font), Espruar elvish runes, Thorass runes, Sherwood, Calligrapher and Exocet fonts to the
Wondrous Treasures section of the 'Alaundo's Library'.
26-MAY-1999 1)  Added Oswald Thanatos, a half elf Stalker\Speciality Priest to the Riders of Elvenflow in the Hall of Heroes.
2) Updated the
Fellaren-Krae main page to include a development plan and current status and an brief  introduction page and location map for the city.
24-MAY-1999 1) Updated the product page for 'The Glass Prison' novel in  Tethtoril's Bookshelf'.
2) Updated the
'Hall of Heroes' section with new characters.  Added Dane Smallshadow, Tyrion Red, Nantlakeen Mirafey and a few members of an adventuring group called The Riders of Elvenflow (Aradorf Silverblade, Coren, Mefisto the Magnificent, Khrel, Magnus Xavier and Varden Erin Kenzei).
3) New Forgotten Realms novel due out in December (see the
Rumors section).
4) Added map of Sembia in JPEG and Campaign Mapper format in the
Map Room.  These maps have been developed by the Journal Scribe of Candlekeep as a basis to develop the Fellaren-Krae location (map to be issued shortly), these maps are hastily constructed and not to scale.
18-MAY-1999 Added a review of the 'Rising Tide' novel. See the Reviews Index page or the Rising Tide product information page.
17-MAY-1999 1) Added Tales of the Sword Coast page in 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf'.
2) Included Word Document for download containing list and details on Forgotten Realms Spellfire cards in Tethtoril's Bookshelf' (Miscellaneous).
3) New page listing the range of Ral Partha Forgotten Realms 
minatures also in 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf' (Miscellaneous).
3) Joined the Forgotten Realms Webring.
06-MAY-1999 1) New Section: Opened the doors to the Campaign Journals section of Candlekeep.  This area is still mainly under construction but a few elements are available, but mainly this is where you, the Realms fans and visitors to this site contribute your own material.  The Campaign Logs area is under construction, the Hall of Heroes contains two characters at this time, please enter your own character here and stand proudly among the great unsung heroes of the Realms.  Also, just starting development is the Fellarean-Krae project, a Forgotten Realms city built and developed by the Scribes of Candlekeep in conjunction with visitors to this site.  Please visit the main Fellaren-Krae page for more details.
2) Added the Candlekeep
Site Map.
04-MAY-1999 New Section: Fantasy Fonts area included with 18 True-Type Fonts in the Wondrous Treasures section.
Windows Icons of the Zhentarim, Harpers, Mielikki and Mystra also available to download in the Wondrous Treasures section.
Added a Forgotten Realms Net Logo on the
Gallery page.
Updated minor details and included cover images for Eye of the Beholder I, II and III.
23-APR-1999 Added map from the Baldur's Gate game showing the Sword Coast region in the Maps Chamber of Alaundo's Library.
19-APR-1999 The Candlekeep Site now has a facility to enable visitors to review a Forgotten Realms product!  Now you can review any Forgotten Realms RPG product, novel, computer game etc. by filling out a review form at The Scribe's Desk.  Tell us all what you think to a particular product, and have your review displayed on the products page and on a 'quick locate' index page.
17-APR-1999 Pages included for Forgotten Realms DC comics annual and issues 1-4,18,20-23 in the comics section of 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf'.
15-APR-1999 Add link button the the AD&D Internet Index on the Links page.
11-APR-1999 Added link banner to The Realmslore Webring and Sniper's Realm on the Links page.
07-APR-1999 A message from the scribes of Candlekeep. The site reaches 1000 visitors within three weeks of the launch!
06-APR-1999 Added the Traveling Minstrel of Candlekeep email notification function.  Visitors can now sign up with the Minstrel and receive emails to inform of changes and additions to the Candlekeep site.
30-MAR-1999 Updated DM and Player record sheets to MS-Word 95/6.0 format from Word 97 format.
Added link banner to the Karanblade site on the
Links page.
27-MAR-1999 Updated product pages in 'Tethtoril's Bookshelf' with new information and images for Cities of Mystery, Murder in Halruaa and Nightwatch in the Living City.
25-MAR-1999 Added link banner to '' on the Links page.
24-MAR-1999 Added links to 'The Laboratory' and 'Lord Hannibal's Realm of Chaos' on the Links  page.
Joined the 'WebRing of the Archmagi' (see the
Links page).
Entered the
AD&D Top 100 Sites competition.
The Guestbook View function is now working!
23-MAR-1999 Changed link for Sword Coast map to go to the Profantasy Campaign Mapper home page at their request.
21-MAR-1999 Added TSR Copyright notice on 'Home Page' to reflect that in the 'About Page'.
Included copyright and description origin notification on the 'product' and 'novel' pages of Tethtoril's Bookshelf.
Joined the
Arcane Exchange.
20-MAR-1999 Removed map and link for the Fields of the Dead in the Library section at the request of Erskine Fincher.
18-MAR-1999 Official launch of the Candlekeep website!. 
Added Vistor Hit Counter.
Added new product information on the exclusive
Kidnapped adventure module in Tethtoril's Bookshelf and the Forgotten Realms Bibliography.
15-MAR-1999 Added link banner for "The Page" web site on the Links page.
13-MAR-1999 Updated the pages for The Accursed Tower and TSR JAM 1999.
09-MAR-1999 The Candlekeep website is activated!
A welcome message from the scribes of Candlekeep and a taste of work in progress and coming soon.

Old Rumours

14-NOV-1999 1) Research is currently underway by TSR to produce a new Forgotten Realms Hardcover book to become the core base product of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.  This product will be released after the new AD&D 3rd Edition Rulebooks in Q3 2000.  Much core material will be included in much the same way as the previous FR Hardcover and the main books of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting boxed sets, detailing the geography, main NPC's, deities, magic etc.
2)  Interplay now have a new area on their site providing information and screen shots on the upcoming sequel to 'Baldur's Gate':  Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn Computer Role-Plauying Game.
27-OCT-1999 1) TSR and Black Isle Studio's (creators of 'Baldurs Gate') are currently developing a new Forgotten Realms Computer RPG called Icewind Dale, if you thought Baldurs Gate was good, check out the information and screen shots of this new game on the official Icewind Dale website.   Icewind Dale is due for release in the part quarter of 2000.
2) TSR plan to release  a CD-ROM containing out-of-print material from the Forgotten Realms.  The following is taken from the AD&D 3rd Edition FAQ by TSR:  
"A CD-ROM product featuring most of the out of print material published for the Realms will be released in either 2000 or 2001, depending on how fast the material can be scanned and prepared for distribution. That product will become the cornerstone of the setting, allowing future designers to reference even the most obscure part of Realmslore safe in the knowledge that locating more detailed information is only a mouseclick away for the DM".
10-OCT-1999 The Ravenloft campaign setting is to be no more! Instead horror-related products will become part of core AD&D, in much the way that Planescape ceased and planer-related products became part of coreAD&D.
10-AUG-1999 News from GEN CON 1999 for the Forgotten Realms:

TSR have issued a few sneak words about forthcoming Forgotten Realms products to be released in the year 2000.  Of course, these are mere ramblings of the TSR FR Productive Staff and some projects may never surface (although we hope they all will!)

1) A project is currently underway  to detail the city of Hillsfar.  Not much is known about this as to whether it is to be an adventure or sourcebook.
2) A novel trilogy detailing the Harpstars War.
3) Ed Greenwood is producing yet another "Volo's Guide", with a (hopefully) working title of 'Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate 2'.   Which is probably based on the Baldur's Gate 2 computer RPG.
4) Another product planned for Ed Greenwood is entitled 'Secrets of the Magisters'  which will detail the mysterious dealings and activities of the magisters of Toril.
5) Steven Schend, Eric Boyd and Sean Reynolds are working on a sourcebook   entitled something like 'Secret Societies of the Realms' which will reveal 13 secret societies of the Realms and their activities.
6) 'Death of the Dragon' is to be a traditional 'dungeon-crawl' adventure module set in the North and will be due for release in August 2000.
7) There is still mention of the Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia being produced (a mammoth task which we will believe when its standing on our shelves!)
8) Julia Martin mentioned the possibility of producing Forgotten Realms Spell Compendiums, in much the same format as the A&D Wizards and Priests Spell Compendiums but obviously detailing just the spells of the Realms.
9) Last but not least, there are plans to release all Forgotten Realms material (including Out-of-print work) on CD-ROM). ::drool::

08-AUG-1999 Bioware with TSR\WotC are in the process of redesigning and bringing back to life the old online RPG once hosted on AOL called Neverwinter Nights, set along the Sword Coast from Luskan to Neverwinter.  Check out the Neverwinter Nights website.
19-JUNE-1999 The future of AD&D and the Forgotten Realms in an interview with Jim Bishop of Wizards of the Coast can be viewed on the Gamespot website.
A new Forgotten Realms computer game due for release in autumn 2000....
Pool of Radiance II.
23-MAY-1999 A new Forgotten Realms novel mentioned in "The Glass Prison" novel is due to be released in December - "Beyond the High Road" by Troy Denning.  The novel appears to be a stand-along novel and not part of a trilogy.
27-MAR-1999 "Tales of the Sword Coast": News and information on the forthcoming expansion pack for Baldur's Gate. Click Here to jump to the TSR site to see the latest game information, features and screen shots.
30-OCT-1998 TSR Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia update
News on the predicted format of the Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia.
07-AUG-1997 Salvatore Continues Story Lines For TSR's Forgotten Realms.

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