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21-NOV-2004 1) Added product information pages for new 2005 FR products: City of Splendors: Waterdeep, Champions of Ruin and Lost Empires of Faerûn.
2) Updated 2005 FR Release Schedule and FR Bibliography.
3) Added additional information by James Lowder to the Shores of Dusk rumor page.
09-NOV-2004 1) More artwork from Michael Mueller, this time we have the eerie image of 'Szith Morcane'.
2) Also another artistic work from Brian Hoskins: 'The Magister's Sigil'.
3) Updated the Shards of Bloodstone campaign journals, by Brother Ezra. (See date marker on the journal page for new installment).
4) A very detailed collection of information on a fan-created city of the Realms: Terrail, by Sourcemaster2, located in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
Details on a small woodland and its inhabitants, north of the Moonwood: Gynack's Fen, by Sarelle, located in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
A little Realms humor by Bookwyrm: A Day at Sune's Beauty Salon, located in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
7) Updated product information pages for The Ruby Guardian and Black Wizards (2004 edition).

1) The latest Zulkir of Thay, by Michael Mueller: 'Mythrellaa, Zulkir of Illusion'.
2) Following the previous collation of Prestige Classes, we now have a complete list and summary of all Feats of the Realms, many thanks to the efforts of Pierre Godbout, Kevin Liss and Lee Nelson, located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
More Rooms of Undermountain material, by Steve Allen - new NPC's: 'Nollythis', 'Nesmoden Cartahagenal', 'Karlsefni Hord Dark-Eye', 'Jhaniloth Dhree', 'Daskelian Oberoantel', 'Colstan Rhuul' and 'Avaereene'.
4) Also by Steve Allen, two Adventures in Faerûn: 'Grandfather Tree' and 'To Find a Gate' (for 4-6 characters). Both adventures contain adventure documents and maps.
5) An extensive collection regarding the Goblins of the Realms, by Maglubiyet, giving goblins, tribes, weapons and feats from Forgotten Realms sources. Located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
6) Details on the powers and effects of holy water for each of the deities of the Faerûnian Pantheon, by Steve Allen. Located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
7) Updated stats for the Companions of the Hall and added stats for Cattie-Brie, by Mon Yao.
8) Updated the Prestige Classes of the Realms summary document for 'Shining South'. Thanks to Lee Nelson for the update.
9) The new 'Espruar' elvish script has been produced as a Windows font by Reed "Celebithron" Williams, available for download in the Fonts section.
Added the latest installment to the Xull'rae Logs, 'Chapter 27' is now avWailable in the Campaign Logs section.
Added the ' Chapters 29 - 36' of And Dragons Shall Rule. Now available in the Campaign Logs section.
An old article of Realmslore by Ed Greenwood: One Comes, Unheralded, To Zirta, kept in the Realmslore section.
Updated product informtion pages for Shining South, Realms of the Dragons, The Two Swords and Bloodstone Pass.
14) Added 'Shining South Art Gallery' link to Gallery of Faerûn page and ' Wemic Camp' link to Web Enhancements page.
15) Added link to the 'Two Swords screensaver', in the promotional material section.
16) Added new functionality to the Candlekeep Forum: Members now have a facility for 'Private Messaging'. In addition, users may now also see all members who have replied to a thread, at the click of the mouse.


1) Another two Zulkir's of Thay, by Michael Mueller: 'Lallara, the Zulkir of Adjuration' and 'Druxus Rhym, the Zulkir of Transmutation.
2) Update by Jerry Davis to the Military Forces of Cormyr resource, this time for the Cormyrean Navy - ' The Blue Dragons'.
3) An excellent resource for players of the Forgotten Realms: A complete list of all 3.0 and 3.5 Prestige Classes specific to the Realms, compiled by Pierre Godbout.
4) Updated D&D v3.5 stats for The Companions of the Hall - by Mon Yao, located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
5) An extensive campaign journals and a short story enter the Campaign Logs section: And Dragons Shall Rule..., by Jamey Martin, and The Genasi by Dave Scoles.
Updated the product information page for Darkwalker on Moonshae.
7) Added links for 'Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons' and 'Realm of Infamy' on the Links page.

06-SEP-2004 1) More amazing art of the Forgotten Realms, by Michael Mueller: 'The Yawning Portal', 'Lauzoril, Zulkir of Enchantment' and 'Nevron, the Zulkir of Conjuration'.
2) Another new artist hangs up his wares in the Gallery of Faerun - Brian Hoskins: 'Mystra's Magic'.
3) Steve Allen has yet another update to the Rooms of Undermountain - the main document has been updated along with the CC2 map of level 1.
4) An extensive chart of all the Realms holy days and their associated deities, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
5) A new five-chapter campaign journal by Curtis entitled Randell added to the Campaign Logs section.
24-AUG-2004 1) A very special scroll, penned by none other than Ed Greenwood especially for! An Introduction to Candlekeep is a prized scroll here in the library and we have great honor in accepting this from the Great Sage to share with you all. An absolutely stunning piece of Realmslore!
2) Updated product information pages to contain new cover art and info for Forsaken House, The Rite, Ancient Empires, The Crystal Shard, Viper's Kiss, Resurrection and City of Splendors: A Novel on Waterdeep.
3) Added product pages for Farthest Reach and Final Gate - books two and three of 'The Last Mythal', to the Novels page.
4) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography and added the new 2005 Forgotten Realms Catalog.
5) A poem of a new bard enters the Shrine of Milil - Nat Wyler's Belle by Arravis.
6) A new tale penned by Dodger, entitled Sacrifice, enters the Campaign Logs section.
7) New characters enter the Hall of Heroes: Aragrym Ravenmane, Christian, Delen Grothar, Deregond Tyrsfist, Drisinil Gaun, Elrothian O'Faron, Emile Giliath, Grovik Straga, Haiko, Isaac Frotello, Khan, Mezreal Blue, Morwen'cartel Da'Na'Draiken, Rhaethiir Iliphar Vytheryl N'Vyn, Szordin Coloara Despana, Veronica "Ghost" Sil'derune and Waylan Rowenmantle.
8) Review by Julian Matson of The Nether Scroll novel.
9) Added download link for Serpent Kingdoms Desktop Wallpaper in the Promotional Material section.
10) Candlekeep has a new Guestbook. Older entries can still be viewed in the guestbook archives.
Added forty-seven new avatars to the Candlekeep Forum. These can be viewed from within your member profile.
22-JULY-2004 1) More artwork from Michael Mueller, this time we see the 'Warlock's Crypt'.
2) A stunning collection of maps of Faerun by Yack Tundra, in beautiful detail are now in the Map Room: Calimshan, The Moonshae Isles, Moonshae North, Moonshae South, Ten Towns, Cormyr, Alambar Sea, Sword Coast South and The Black Jungles.
3) The Sage's Magic Shop has been updated with the latest items taken from the forum. The shop has also been categorised for ease of use.
4) A fantastic piece of Realmslore from Ed Greenwood and The Hooded One, further expanding on the city of Marsember from Dungeon Magazine 113, detailing locales and the islands which make up this unique place in Cormyr - Marsember, mended! - located in the Realmslore section.
5) Steve Allen has further updated his Rooms of Undermountain resources with an updated RoUm rooms document and also a LARGE amount of NPC character sheets!
6) Updated 'The Crown of Mystra' adventure, by Michael P Brock in the Adventures in Faerun section of Campaign Journals.
7) Updated the campaign journal for The Shards of Bloodstone, by Bob Grant, in the Campaign Logs section.
A large new collection of Campaign Logs and tales arrive at Candlekeep: The Xullrae Logs by Lisa, Etherberan by Yoshimo, The Tale of Kelly Alexander by Artalis, Mithras: Tale of the Cold Lands by Arravis, Dalabrac Shadowfoot by Cherrn and The Shadows of War: Tales of a Mercenary by Cap'n Charlie.
9) A very extensive and detailed article giving information on the various aspects of The Military Forces of Cormyr, by Jerry Davis - located in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
10) Still on the theme of the military, a comprehensive Guide to the Hillsfar Red Plumes and Guide to Zhent Army Troops , by Arravis, giving details and statistics on these two famous forces.
11) Extensive update for The Imaskar Empire article by Daniel Rosenquist in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
12) Details and history on the Orb's of Dragonkind and of Sammaster the Prophet, by Jamey Martin. Both can be found in the Traveler's Notebooks section.
13) Added pages for new 'Watercourse Trilogy' by Philip Athans to the Novels page and FR Catalog: Whisper of Waves, Lies of Light and Scream of Stone.
14) Updated product information page for Dawn of Night, Serpent Kingdoms, Annihilation and Lady of Poison.
15) Review by Ron Fernandes of Homeland and of The Fallen Fortress, by Aaron.
16) Added link to the 'Annihilation Screensaver' download at WotC to the Promotional Material section.
17) Added link to the 'Saurials: More Lizardkin' download for Serpent Kingdoms on the Web Enhanements page.

1) Two more excellent pieces of art from Michael Mueller, of 'Drizzt' and 'The Twisted Tower '.
2) From the quill of The Sage comes a marvelous collection of Realmslore - The Sage's Travelogue, Book 1, details a few lesser-known locations of the Realms. Located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
3) Yet another very fine piece of work from The Sage, Books, Tomes and Scrolls of Faerun - being details of a number of tomes of the Forgotten Realms.
4) Another valuable collection of information by the forum members - Skill and Feats of the Realms, located in the Travelers Notebooks section.
5) A new campaign journal for The Shards of Bloodstone, set in Damara, by Bob Grant in the Campaign Logs section.
Updated Steve Allen's Rooms of Undermountain page with the latest download for updated notes and also including a map in Campaign Mapper format.
7) Updated The Sage's Magic Shop with yet more magical items, contribued by members of the Candlekeep Forum.
8) More 3rd edition characters in the Hall of Heroes: Anthor Del'Niera, Jaspar Eaglemane, Quarios Valderan and Vhabner Hardhead.


1) Updated product information pages with cover art for: Shining South, The Two Swords, The Ruby Guardian, Sojourn, Realms of Dragons, Paths of Darkness Gift Set and Mistress of the Night.
2) New novel releases featuring new cover art for Darkwalker on Moonshae, Black Wizards and Darkwell. Updated 2004 FR Catalog.
3) Yet more excellent artwork from Michael Mueller of Shadowdale: Two more pictures of a different view over Shadowdale, day and night.
4) A collection of articles listing all tomes, songs and plays from Forgotten Realms sources, collated by George Krashos, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
A list of Underdark Cities, collated by Dargoth, listing Realms Underdark locations, their inhabitant races and FR sources.
6) A detailed article on the winged elves of the Realms, by Arravis - A Comprehensive Look at Avariels.
7) An article of lore containing information on The Imaskar Empire, by Daniel Rosenquist.
8) A list of Monk Orders of the Realms - giving their titles, benefits and other details, by Lee Nelson.
9) Review by Rob ZumBrunnen of Cormyr: A Novel, and NewDle reviews Homeland.
10) A very entertaining campaign log by Will Johnson - The Journals of Dreygar Magdasson, a 'drunken master' monk of the Order of Sun Soul Monks.
11) More heroes enter the Hall of Heroes: The Arcadian, Jarek of Waterdeep, Kilinthanos SerpentHelm, Talwyn DragonFriend, Tarim Ravenmane and Welfran.
12) Added link for the 'Temple of the Dark Moon' miniatures Forgotten Realms adventure to the Adventures in Faerun section.


1) Added new product information pages for Demon Stone computer game, Neverwinter Nights: Community Expansion Pack, Bladesinger, Ghostwalker, Bloodwalk, Realms of Dragons 2, Sojourn (The Legend of Drizzt), Paths of Darkness Gift Set and The Shining South sourcebook.
Updated product page for Players Guide to Faerun to include links to web articles and Web Enhancements and updates to The Rage and Windwalker novel pages.
3) Updated Forgotten Realms Bibliography and 2004 FR Product Catalog.
4) Updated Michael Mueller's Gallery page with a new 'Elminster's Tower' image. Also added his new beautiful pieces of work - 'Shadowdale' and Forgotten Realms 'logo'.
5) More excellent and very detailed sketches from Julius Petila - 'Barbarian 2' and 'Demon Huntress'.
6) A collated knowledge base from Ed Greenwood giving information on Tantras and The Vast, in the Realms Lore section.
7) Novel reviews by Jeremy Daw of Faces of Deception and Heirs of Prophecy. See also the Reviews Index page for a complete list of reviews.
8) The Sage's Magic Shop is an extensive collection of magic items and spells from The Sage and other contributors of the Candlekeep Forum. This catalog is within the Travelers Notebooks section.
9) Excellent resource for Cormyrian lore: A list of Cormyian Noble Houses, their locations and rankings within Cormyr, by Kris Metz.
10) More information on Cormyr by Kris Metz: A list of Cormyr settlements, lords, trades and noble mercant operations entitled Landed Lords, Nobles and Fiefdoms.
11) Added a s3rd edition D&D Prestige Class to the Traveler's Notebooks section - Icemaiden of Auril, by Christian Connelly.
New 2nd edition characters enter the Hall of Heroes: Jerock Theldarn, Jestarius Calantrian, Kasnar Drenor, Komlenin Henderbreck and Valhadrion Roth.
13) Major update for the Twilight Dawn PbeM Campaign Journals by JP Hazelhoff. Various updates for all journals and also new chapters 58-73 included.
14) More chapters for The Company of the Silver Claws PbeM Campaign by Brian K Flood. Chapters 55-62 and player handsouts are included for this latest update in the Campaign Logs section.
15) New member joins the Candlekeep Head Scribe circle. Welcome to the new face behind our resident 'Journals Scribe' - Tethtoril. Much of the material in this update was collated and formatted by Tethtoril, and our thanks and appreciation go out to our newest scribe here at Candlekeep.


1) Updated product pages with new cover art and details for Extinction, Paths of Darkness Collectors Edition, The Yellow Silk, Venom's Taste, NWN: Hordes of the Underdark Official Strategy Guide, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Strategy Guide and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II computer game.
2) Included two novels from the 'House of Serpents Trilogy' on the Novels page: Viper's Kiss and Vanity's Brood.
Selected Questions and Answers collated into one location, from Ed Greenwood, taken from the Candlekeep Forums.
4) Unique detailed information on the location of Firefall Vale (from the Stormlight novel), as told by Ed Greenwood, in the Realmslore section.
Interview between Candlekeep and James Lowder, author of 'Prince of Lies'.
6) Included download of the radio interview with Ed Greenwood at
7) More material by Steve Allen for 'Ruins of Undermountain'. A new Rooms of Undermountain page created in Travelers Notebooks, containing new NPC downloads and the ongoing room description document.
Updated the extensive War Wizards or Cormyr article by Kris Metz, in the Travelers Notebooks section, for 3rd edition D&D rules.
9) New article by Dargoth detailing the Church of Bahamut in Cormyr, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
10) New article by Adam Blanchard listing all named temples of the Realms, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
11) Excellent detailed PDF of the Seven Lost Rings of Mhzentul, by Kez'ghan, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
Amazing new artwork of 'Elminster's Tower' from Michael Mueller in the Gallery of Faerun.
Review by Dale Bettridge for The Shadow Stone novel and of Black Wolf, by Jeremy Daw.
14) Included list of Forgotten Realms specific miniatures within the D&D Archfiends Miniatures expansion, in the Miscellaneous section.
Added links for Screensaver and Desktop Wallpaper downloads for 'Players Guide to Faerun' in the Promotional Material section.
16) Added link to the official WotC art gallery for 'Players Guide to Faerun' in the Gallery section.
17) A message from the Head Scribes of Candlekeep - Candlekeep is five years old today, Happy Birthday!! and new Head Scribe recruitment!

29-JAN-2004 1) Updated product pages with new cover art and details for Exile, Forsaken House, Extinction, Annihilation, Dawn of Night, Elminsters Daughter, Lady of Poison, Venom's Taste, Resurrection and Serpent Kingdoms.
2) Included two novels from the 'Fighter's Series' on the Novels page: Master of Chains and Son of Thunder.
Excellent new artwork by Julius Petilla in the Gallery of Faerun.
4) Yet another excellent resource of Forgotten Realms artifacts and magic items, by Erik Thornton, in the Travelers Notebooks section.
5) The next installment of Twisted Heritage, by Devan Smith is now available in the Campaign Logs section.
6) Review by Juan Basso for the 'Realms of Shadow' Anthology.
7) The head scribes of Candlekeep have issued a request for Realmslore, encouraging visitors to Candlekeep to submit their works to the library.

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