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17-DEC-2010 1) New product information pages for: Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep, Book 1, Shadowbane, Neverwinter Campaign Guide, Forgotten Realms Classics - Volume 1.
2) Updated cover art and novel pages for Dawnbringer, Godborn, Godbound and Godslayer.
3) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography, and 2011 FR Release Schedule.
16-DEC-2010 1) New product information pages for: Corsair, Avenger, The Best of the Realms - Book IV, City of Torment, Key of Stars, Realms of the Dead, Godborn, Godbound, Godslayer, Unbroken Chain, Dawnbringer, Fall of Highwatch, The Hand of the Hunter, Cry of the Ghost Wolves, The Restless Shore, The Edge of Chaos, Wrath of the Blue Lady, City of the Dead, The God Catcher, Circle of Skulls, Gauntlgrym, Sandstorm, The Legend of Drizzt: Collected Stories, Elminster Must Die, The Empyrean Odyssey Omnibus, The Sellswords Omnibus, The Captive Flame, Whisper of Venom, The Spectral Blaze, Return of the Archwizards Gift Set, The Year of Rogue Dragons Omnibus, The Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus, House of Serpents Gift Set, Threat from the Sea Omnibus, Elminster Ascending, Sword of the Gods, The Shadowmask and The Sentinels.
2) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography, 2010 FR Release Schedule and 2011 FR Release Schedule.
Updated A Guide to the Tomes and Tales of the Realms, by Jason Chambers. Available in Traveler's Notebooks section.

4) An additional interview with James Lowder, detailing many points on Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft - courtesy of Eyal Goren.
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