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1) New product information pages for: Halls of Undermountain, Lords of Waterdeep (Board game), War of the Spider Queen, Volume 1, Venom in her Veins, Cold Steel and Secrets, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4, Untold Adventures novels. Computer game pages for Heroes of Neverwinter, Neverwinter Complete and Daggerdale. Promotional items page updated for Neverwinter faction badges.
2) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography, and added a new 2012 FR Release Schedule.
3) The third netbook from the Maztica Alive! project, submitted by T J Hild: Book III: Lopango - Land of the Sacred Sun. Located in Forgotten Realms Netbooks.
4) At last, the collated answers and Realmslore from Ed Greenwood for 2008 and 2009 are now available within the So Saith Ed section. These are available to view on the website or as PDF downloads.
The FR Novel Checklist produced by Sir Urza has been updated by Joshua Smith. Available to download from the Novels page.



1) New product information pages for: Eye of Justice, The Masked Witches, Neverwinter (novel), Neverwinter Fortune Cards, The Spectral Blaze, Brimstone Angels, Transitions Gift Set, The Last Mythal Omnibus, The Haunted Lands Omnibus, Bury Elminster Deep, Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road, Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep, Book 2, The Legend of Drizzt Board Game, Neverwinter (PC game).
2) Updated the Forgotten Realms Bibliography, and 2011 FR Release Schedule.
3) An article by George Krashos on the alternative magic researched by the Netherese; The Magic of Mantles. Located in Traveler's Notebooks.
An extensive document of historical information on the ancient land of Aryvandaar, by Paul Simpson. Located in Traveler's Notebooks.
5) A wonderful collection of lore and information on the elven Realm of Eaerlann, by Paul Simpson. Additional tomes of lore for Eaerlann locations also by Paul Simpson are: the elven port of Teu'tel'Alu, Mhilamniir and Ascalhorn, The Secrets of Aryvandaar.
6) More wonderful elven lore by Paul Simpson; Glaurachyndaar, City of Scrolls and The City of Rystalmyth. Located in Traveler's Notebooks.
7) Two netbooks for the Maztica Alive! project, submitted by T J Hild for the 'Maztica Alive team': Book I: Monsters of the True World (Maztica and Lopango) and Book II: The Great Skyhome (Maztica and Spelljammer). Located in Forgotten Realms Netbooks.
8) Details on various areas of the ancient elven city, by Randy Neighbors: Myth Drannor's sites: Past, Present and Future. Located in Traveler's Notebooks.
Prayers, blessings and religious lore, by John Rick in Writings on Sharess. Located in Traveler's Notebooks.
10) Laerakond (Returned Abeir) beautifully mapped, (artist unknown) in the Map Room. Also in the Map Room, a keyed map of Harrowdale.
11) Recordings by Paul Jordan of Ed Greenwood seminars in 2006. Recordings are spread over numerous parts and can be downloaded from the Realmslore section.
New artwork in the
Gallery of Faerûn; a mixture of pencil sketches and digital art by Laerrigan (J.L. Cordell), and 'Velenor', by Gustav Nieto.


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