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1) Product information pages for: Cutter, Rise of the King, and Forgotten Realms IDW hardcover.
2) A seasonal tale from Heath Harper in the Campaign Logs section: A Midwinter's Mercy.


1) Product information page additions and updates for: Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle, Murder in Baldur's Gate, Legacy of the Crystal Shard, Scoundrels of Skullport, The Companions, The Godborn, The Adversary, The Reaver, The Sentinel, The Herald, The Last Threshold, Prophet of the Dead, Night of the Hunter, Stone of Tymora, Arena of War, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Isteval the Paladin, Drizzt Do'Urden and Guenhwyvar and Scoundrels of Skullport miniatures.
2) Erik Scott de Bie's write-up summary of the Candlekeep Seminar at GenCon 2012, on The Sundering and the future of the Forgotten Realms. Located in the Realms Lore section.
New (unofficial) items in merchandise, to celebrate GenCon:Candlekeep Seminar badge by Brian Cortijo & Erik Scott de Bie , Candlekeep Countdown to GenCon collector's card by Pierre Van Rooden.
4) Updated FR Novel Checklist by SirUrza and the Candlekeep Forgotten Realms Bibliography.
5) New articles from Chris Jameson, using the concepts from Eberron Warforged, for the Realms: Living Golems, Elfbane Golems and Eidelar; located in Traveler's Notebooks.
6) Article by Zireael, About Demonic Children, located in Traveler's Notebooks.
7) Updated list to contain all modules for The Legacy of the Green Regent.
8) Two new characters enter the Hall of Heroes: Verimus Brensworth II by Justin Lopp, and Victus Carrington by Craig Young.

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